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Top Medical Courses Without NEET Exam

Every year there are 15-20 lakh students who appear in the NEET exam to study MBBS. Through qualifying NEET, more than half of the Indian students dream about becoming a doctor and pursue their career in the health department of the government or private sector. However due to less number of seats and extreme competition, there is more and more need for Medical Courses Without NEET. These alternate course options in India offer equal career opportunities.

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Some of the medical courses without NEET in India that help the students to pursue lucrative career options are:

  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Science
  • Biomedics
  • Physiotherapy and others.

They can secure their future after studying the above courses as mentioned here. Our discussion here will be on the medical courses without NEET score, what degrees to pursue, duration of courses etc.

With such courses, students can possibly earn their bread and butter for generations. There is an abundance of demand for certain non-MBBS professions in India and abroad. A student can do wonders by studying them and they can secure a good future.

Who can apply for Medical Courses Without NEET?

There are some criteria followed by the colleges for admission in the medical courses without NEET qualification which are discussed below. All the students must fulfil these basic criteria in order to get admission to the top-tier courses.

  • A student must clear their secondary examination from the recognised board or equivalent. Colleges specify these requirements in their own admission criteria.
  • A good score of 80% in the higher secondary examination is a must in order to get the admission in a well-established college with exceptional and professional faculty.
  • Courses do have huge scope in future but it also depends on the college. For example, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from a top-tier DU College requires 90+ aggregate!
  • It would be beneficial for the student if they belong to the medical stream and pursue their higher secondary education in the Biology stream. This would be helpful for the students to understand the concepts related to the medical sciences in the future as well.
  • Medical colleges / medical courses without NEET often require Biology as the main subject in class 12th.

If a student has these qualifications then this article would be very beneficial to read. It would help them to plan for a good and productive future. Several medical courses without NEET are proving to be beneficial career options to students.

In almost every sector the graduate students of these courses are being hired by the government, private and corporate sectors. Did you know that the Armed Forces of India hire psychologists in order to conduct SSB interviews? So, every student should open and welcome the doors to such medical courses without NEET which are very useful for making their future good and secure.

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Various Medical Courses without NEET Scores

Now, let’s discuss the courses that are in demand within the industry. The medical courses without NEET are useful in providing a good career opportunity. A student also enjoys these courses and they would find them indulgent when they come to learn about the further broad areas in these medical courses other than MBBS.

Psychologist (B.A/B.Sc in Psychology)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (Humanities stream preferred)

Colleges: University of Delhi, Amity University, Christ University

It is a very vast field in which a student will have to basically study for the human mind and its working and impact on the societal and the individual level as the whole. A student must find it a very interesting course if they are interested in reading medical studies. Psychology is the mixture of every kind of field and is the area of interest.

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It is the combination of psychology from

  • Society
  • Behaviour
  • Mind
  • brain working
  • Health
  • cognitive development
  • positive psyche etc.

Scope & Career

Nowadays, there are many fields in which there is a huge demand for psychologists. Such as:

  • Big industries where psychologists would tell about the possible outcome of the particular product in the public by calculating the statistics and doing the evaluation after conducting the research.
  • A sports psychologist, who maintains the health of the player by keeping them positive under the performance pressure and tells them about the techniques to keep good mental health to enhance their performance.
  • School counsellors, positive psychologists, researchers, teachers, professors etc.
  • There are so many fields out of which a student can opt easily and pursue their dreams through that.

This is one of the most sought after medical courses without NEET. Some good universities and colleges demand the clearance of the test conducted by them and some select the students on the basis of the marks they have got from the 10+2 examination.

Biomedical Engineer (B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc)

Duration: 4 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB/M)

Colleges: Amity University, VIT Vellore, Karunya Institute of Technology and Science

This is one of the Medical courses without NEET where a student gets to know medical engineering. That means it is a combination of engineering and medicine. A student needs to learn the apparatus making, their usage, the physiology of the human body, its working and much more. It is a very vast field where the students get to learn so much of the human body and its applications.

The known areas in this field are artificial organs, pharmaceutical drugs, kidney dialysis, surgical robots etc.

Scope & Career

  • It is the technical field and due to the increase in medical science, almost every field related to medical science required the expert.
  • This is one of the lucrative medical courses without NEET where the student gets the chance to earn a good salary when being placed at a good firm.

A student needs to score the good marks in the secondary examination and after that many good universities require a student to clear the test conducted by them other than the NEET 2021 examination. Biomedical engineering is one of the popular medical courses without NEET other than MBBS.

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Biotechnologist (B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB/M)

Colleges: Christ University, Jamia Millia Islamia, VIT Vellore, SRM Institute, Loyola College

This is a very good, budding and never-ending profession. In this profession, a person gets to know about medicinal drug making, gene studies of plants and animals, forensic science and technology, mapping and much more. In this field, a person gets involved with the vast area of research and its application. From making new drugs in medicine to growing the productivity of the crops, this field has proven its importance in this phase.

Scope & Career

  • A biotechnologist is always in demand due to the expansion of the new technical medicinal world.
  • A biotechnologist can earn a good package and many government and medicinal sectors demand a good biotechnologist.

A student can take admission as many known institutions provide these medical courses without NEET, after 10+2 examination for the medical stream students.

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Nutritionist (B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (Biology stream preferred)

Colleges: LPU, Manav Rachna University, Manipal University, Mount Carmel College

Nowadays people can see the change in the life schedule, their routine and the continuous pressure of hectic life. The changing environment also impacts our life so much and our body and mind both need good nutrition in a proper way to make ourselves stay healthy, sound and energetic.

A good diet is much needed knowing our BMI and calculating it and a human should consume the type of food which suits their body so that they can lead a happy life. For this thing, a person has to gain so much knowledge about food, nutrition and the types of food and their impact on the body.

A nutritionist is one who tells you about your health, body and diet. A good and elaborated study is required for this field and nutritionists can do that. It is another growing career option. Colleges take admission for such medical courses without NEET scores.

Scope & Career

  • A successful nutritionist can open their private clinic as well as they can practice with the government and the private firms.
  • Many schools and hospitals hire such nutritionists to maintain the diet.
  • Every government & private hospital must require a nutritionist.
  • A nutritionist after pursuing one of these popular medical courses without NEET can get a good salary package and they can establish their own business as well.

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Microbiologist (B.Sc. in Microbiology)

Duration: 4 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB)

Colleges: University of Delhi, Panjab University, Amity University, Oxford College of Science

This is one of the very ancient professions in medical science. A student gets to learn about the microbes and their working and impact on the vast fields. Continuous demand for microbiologists is increasing across the world.

They also develop the strategies to make the unfriendly microbes away and continuously improve crops, food, medicine etc. Even though MBBS courses include this subject in their curriculums, not much study revolves around this.

Scope & Career

  • In a food factory, beverage factory, etc. microbiologists are necessary.
  • They can make a good balance and use microbes for our own good. Hence, Microbiology is one of the important medical courses without NEET.
  • A microbiologist can earn in lakhs and they are in huge demand and many professional combines hire them to develop good microbe friendly strategies to make the productivity of any human use item.

A student needs to obtain good marks in medical secondary examination in order to study this profession. Hence, many institutes take admissions in these medical courses without NEET for core study only on this subject.

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Cardiovascular Technologist (B.Sc in Cardiac Technology)

Duration: 4 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB)

Colleges: Christian Medical College, Manipal University

This is one of the critical medical courses without NEET which is related to the heart and its working. In this profession, a student will study all the working of heart-related issues. A student will learn about the cath lab and all complex procedures like stent implants, defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers etc. It has further broad categories and the students can pursue different streams:-

  • cardiac sonography
  • vascular technology
  • invasive cardiology

Scope & Career

  • A student can hope for the bright future in terms of getting the scope and financial security.
  • The demand for cardiovascular technologists is really high in India and across the world.

A student can pursue this profession after opting for the medical stream having Biology, Physics and Chemistry as their major subjects. This popular medical course without NEET can be completed in 3 to 4 years and many good and prestigious colleges offer these types of courses.

A student can be selected directly on the basis of the percentage that they’ve obtained in their secondary examination or either they need to crack some eligibility test conducted by the particular authority to study.

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Cytogeneticist (B.Sc. in Genetics/Biotech)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB/M)

Colleges: Bangalore City College, Institute of Genetic Engineering, AIMS Institute Bangalore

It is the stream in medical science which makes the students study about the cells and their chromosomal structure and makeup. It is a very elaborated stream which includes the study of chromosomal behaviour, their importance in the particular location, the detection of any default gene in order to maintain the healthy gene working and to avoid any kind of deformity.

It plays a really important part and this is quite the latest field which includes new technologies. The cytogenetic professional can maintain a good gene makeup and their structure in order to get a healthy life.

This technology is very useful in increasing the productivity of the plant in order to produce disease-free crops and in the human body as well to eliminate any kind of defaulted gene to avoid further deformity and dysfunctioning of any part of the body.

Scope & Career

  • Cytogeneticist hire for Research work by various firms
  • They are required in the hospital laboratory for multiple works.

Occupational Therapist (B.Sc in Occupational Therapy, Diploma in Rehabilitation)

Duration: 4.5 years (or 1 year)

Admission: 10+2 (PCB)

Colleges: CMC Vellore, Manipal University, All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mumbai

This type of field includes the people who are indulging into the treatment of a physical, sensory and cognitive problem that happened to the people. The main work of the therapist is to treat the dysfunctioning of the people by implying the different techniques physically.

The people engaged in these medical courses without NEET help to tackle the emotional, physical and psychological needs and the kind of problems they are facing in dealing with the social and the psychological aspects. These professionals help people to lead a healthy and sound life.

The basic work involved in this field is to study the techniques and imply them for human good. Good financial security is provided to the students and it is the 4.5-year course which can be pursued by the student and many good educational institutes in India offer these types of courses. A student needs to have physics, chemistry and biology as their major subjects.

Scope & Career

  • Occupational Therapists can work in a school where they have to evaluate children’s abilities, recommend and provide therapy.
  • Along with this, Occupational Therapists are also required in Hospitals, Private Clinics and Health Centres, Rehabilitation Centres (Govt and Private) and NGOs.
  • Moreover, almost one-third of occupational therapists work part-time while earning a good amount of money.

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Few Other Medical Courses Without NEET in India

There are few other medical courses without NEET scores for students to pursue in the future. These types of courses can do wonders in student life and they can provide a good stable and prosperous future. None of the courses requires a student to take NEET 2021 exam. Given below are the professions, and medical courses other than MBBS:

S.No Profession Course Required
1. Dairy Farming 3 years bachelors programme in veterinary and animal husbandry
2. Clinical Research B.Sc or Diploma and certification courses.
3. Yoga Science Bachelors in yogic science and naturopathy
4. Toxicology BSc and MSc in toxicology
5. Nursing BSc in nursing
6. Agricultural Science BSc in agriculture science
7. Criminology and Forensics Bachelors in Science
8. Fisheries and AquaCulture Bachelors in Science
9. Food Technology B.Tech in Food Technology
10. Pharmacist Bachelors in Pharmacy

As we can conclude there are many professions that a student other than MBBS. They can surely get success by pursuing some of the popular medical courses without NEET.

A good self-evaluation and self-realisation are important before pursuing any profession. Always, one will not be lucky to crack NEET and get admitted to AIIMS or PGIMER. So, why not opt for alternative medical courses without NEET scores? These courses offer similar career options to that of a MBBS degree.

Just strive hard for achieving the good marks in the secondary examination and then plan for some alternate courses and exams to pursue the courses mentioned above. We suggest students to explore the different professions and studies and opt whichever suits their interest.

Scholarship for NEET: Eligibility, Seats, Amounts Awarded and more

Getting admission to top medical colleges is the dream of many science students. But sometimes sponsoring the education to get an MBBS degree can become a challenging task for the aspirants. To help deserving students achieve their dream of becoming a doctor, many government and private institutes offer scholarships for NEET. The scholarships for NEET are aimed at helping students sponsor their education, so it doesn’t get affected due to a lack of funds. The scholarships for the medical students in India are granted according to their NEET scores, scores in class 10th or 12th, and the yearly income of their families. We have prepared the list of the most famous NEET scholarships that can be opted by the medical aspirants in India.

Know how to Prepare for NEET 2021 Exam

Why are MBBS Scholarships important for Indian Students?

The cost of studying medicine is higher in India, especially in case you plan to pursue a medical course from a private college. In comparison to the private colleges, the tuition fee is on a lower side in government colleges, but getting admission in these colleges is not an easy task. Each year more than 10 lakh students appear for the NEET so the chances of getting admission to the government medical colleges are very low. Out of the total 66,771 medical seats, less than half (almost 30,455 seats) are offered by the government institutions while the remaining seats are offered to the students in private medical colleges and universities. Solve NEET 2021 Sample Papers The cost to pursue a medical course from a private college is almost INR 6-8 lakh per annum. Thus, to help all the medical students lower their financial burden, lots of organizations (private and government) offer financial aid scholarships or scholarships for NEET 2021 to the deserving medical aspirants.

Top Scholarships for NEET 2021

The medical field is one of the most popular career options among science stream students. However, a lack of funds acts as a barrier to getting a medical degree. Currently, MBBS from a private medical institute costs a bare minimum of 30 lacs. Therefore, many organizations come forward and help students by financially supporting them. Some of the NEET scholarships include:

Some of the scholarships for the medical students in India who have completed their higher secondary education are:

  • College Admission Scholarship Application (CASA)
  • Schindler Igniting Minds Scholarships
  • INSPIRE Scholarship
  • AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls
  • Foundation For Excellence (FFE) Scholarship
  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Awards
  • National Scholarship Test (NST)
  • Combined Counselling Board (CCB) Scholarship
  • Indian Oil Academics Scholarship


Important Topics of NEET 2021

College Admission Scholarship Application (CASA)

College Admission Scholarship Admission (CASA) is one of the most liked scholarships among 12th graduate students. Students looking for scholarships for NEET can get quality higher education without worrying about the finances as, under this scholarship, a 100% tuition fee waiver is offered to the students. The process to apply to this scholarship starts in June and there is no application fee to apply.

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Eligibility for CASA

  • Students must have completed Class12th examination from CBSE, ICSE or any other well-known and recognized state board.
  • Students who have completed graduation are also allowed to apply, in case they want to do post-graduation courses. However, this scholarship is mainly suggested for the students who have completed their class 12th want funding for the UG course in medicine.

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Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Awards

The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Awards is offered by the National Innovation Foundation to motivate young minds and allow them to showcase their talent and innovations to the world. Ignite Awards are national competition awards organized to promote the creative and innovative minds of children.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students up to Class 12th are allowed to take part in these awards.
  • They can send their ideas for the Ignite Awards.
  • The candidates must not be more than 17-18 years, in case applying for these awards.
  • If you recently completed your schooling, then also you are allowed to apply.

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

The Human Resources Development Ministry’s Department of Higher Education grants their scholarship as the Central Sector Scheme for Top Colleges and Universities Students. This scholarship for NEET qualified candidates and other students is granted directly by the Government of India for low-income families. It also covers general category students with reservation as per government policies.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate must have obtained above 80th percentile in 10+2 or Boards or equivalent
  • Family income must be lesser than INR 8 lakh per annum
  • Scholarship Amount – INR 10,000 for each academic year (graduate level)
  • Scholarship Amount – INR 20,000 for each academic year (postgraduate level)
  • Total Seats – 82,000 (50% earmarked for girls)
  • Official website – https://scholarships.gov.in/

Combined Counselling Board Scholarship for Professional Courses

Combined Counselling Board also offers medical scholarship by the name Combined Counselling Board Scholarship to the qualifying students. The aspiring candidates can apply online by visiting the official website; the scholarship opens July month (tentatively). Under NEET scholarships, hostel fee is also included.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum – Minimum 40-50% (based on the medical course) in class 12 or an equivalent.
  • The candidates must hold the required degree according to their courses.
  • Amount – Up to INR 4 Lakh.
  • Total Seat – CCB holds almost 10% -20% of seats in numerous courses and branches of India’s leading institutes.


NEET 2020 Cut Off

BHEL-FAEA Scholarships

This scholarship for NEET is offered by the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) to the MBBS aspirants who belong to socially and economically weaker backgrounds and want to pursue graduation in medicine. This scholarship covers tuition fees, maintenance fees, books allowance, travel allowance, clothing allowance, and miscellaneous allowance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who have passed Class XII from a recognized board in India
  • 1st-year undergraduate students.
  • Students whose Class XII result have not declared the need to apply after the declaration of result.
  • Students who belong to socially and economically weaker sections of society (SC/ST/BPL Category)

Vahani Scholarship

Vahani is a non-profit organization that offers the Vahini Scholarship to the students planning to do undergraduate medical courses. The candidates belonging to the economically weaker backgrounds are entitled to apply for it. The candidates are shortlisted based on academic excellence, consistency & application quality, and economic hardships.

  • Amount – It includes complete tuition fee, accommodation, a tablet is also provided to the students.
  • Total Seats – 20 per year


NEET 2021 Counselling Process

The All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (AIPMST)

Students who want to pursue medical courses can opt for this scholarship by giving All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (AIPMST). The test is provided by Brainztorm Technical Excellence. The aspiring candidates need to apply online in March (tentatively) to get NEET scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria:

The minimum eligibility to apply for this test include:

  • At least 60% in 12th class
  • The applicants who are less than 26 years in age are allowed to apply.
  • Amount – complete tuition fee waiver (depending on the score)

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (NEST Senior)

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test, a test jointly conducted by the SEMCI India and Students’ Unity Foundation of India, is taken to offer scholarships to the medical students. This scholarship is provided in 65 major cities across India.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a student of MBBS/BAMS/BHMS/BDS and have completed class 12 with minimum qualifying percentage.
  • 3rd and 4th-year students for the ‘Senior II’ category can apply.
  • Students are allowed to apply online for the NEST Senior scholarship.
  • Amount – Tuition fee with the maximum amount worth INR 50,000
  • Candidates scoring Rank 1 in this exam get scholarships for NEET worth INR 1 lac.


NEET Cut off for Govt. Medical Colleges

Bharati Scheme for Education (BSE) Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation offers this scholarship to encourage Brahmin students to pursue higher education. This scheme provides financial assistance to poor Brahmin students. It covers the education of the students from 1st standard to post-graduation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates’ parents belonging to the Brahmin community living in Andhra Pradesh will be considered.
  • The candidates must have cleared all the subjects.
  • Candidates with family income less than INR 3 lakh per annum will be considered.
  • No other scholarship benefit can be used by the receiver, excluding the benefits of the Archaka Welfare Trust.
  • The aspirants can apply online for the BSE scheme by visiting the website of Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation.
  • Amount – Up to INR 20,000.

Dr Shamanur Shivashankarappa Janakalyan Trust’s Scholarship Program

This fellowship is granted by Dr Shamanur Shivashankarappa Janakalyana Trust. The scholarship is awarded as a pure scholarship and not as a load/sponsorship to be paid back. It is awarded to financially assist students in various fields such as Engineering, Management, Law, Nursing, Medicine and Dental sciences.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate needs to be a resident of Karnataka
  • His/her family income must not be more than INR 1 lakh per annum.
  • The candidates must have studied as regular students at renowned institutes.
  • 10th/SSLC score needs to be higher than 85 percentile for BDS courses, where more than 90 percentile for MBBS courses

All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination (AIYSEE)

AIYSEE is one of the renowned and prestigious scholarships for NEET programs available in India. The scholarship is offered by the organization which is registered under the Ministry of finance. The medical aspirants can apply online in February to get considered for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have cleared or giving class 12 exams
  • Students planning to give medical or technical examinations can apply.
  • Amount – Financial Assistance

Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship

This scholarship for NEET is provided by the Government of West Bengal; the aspirants can apply online by visiting West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation’s application page. The scholarship opens in January.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a West Bengal’s resident, and have completed schooling from West Bengal only.
  • Must have obtained at least 75% in 12th class (including two language subjects on five subjects).
  • Family income must be less than INR 2.5 lakh per annum.
  • Amount -Up to INR 8000 per month.

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Swami Dayanand Education Foundation Merit-cum-Means Scholarships

This scholarship is offered by Swami Dayanand Education Foundation; the students looking for a scholarship for NEET can apply for this scholarship in August. The students can apply in any of the ways, including online and offline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The aspirants pursuing MBBS, Pharmacy, Engineering, IT or Architecture from the government or private institutions in India can apply.
  • The applicants must have taken admission to the required course post-qualifying exam organized by the Central / State board.
  • Must have obtained at least 75% in 12th class or 7.5 average grade points in 10 point scale system.
  • Yearly income of the family needs to be less than or equal INR 6 Lakh per annum.
  • The candidates must not receive any other fellowship.
  • Amount – Up to INR 50,000 per annum.


NEET 2020 Cut off of Private Colleges

Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) Scholarships

Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council, New Delhi along with Sikh Human Development Foundation, U.S.A. jointly offers the SHDF scholarships. The aspirants need to apply offline in August, the application form can be downloaded from the Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council website.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicants must be passed 12th or graduate.
  • Must have obtained at least 60% in the previous two examinations.
  • Family income must not be more than INR 1.8 lakhs per annum.
  • Amount – Up to INR 30,000.

Bigyani Kanya Medhabruti Scholarship (JBNSTS)

JBNSTS fellowship is offered by the Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS), Kolkata. Candidates seeking a scholarship for NEET can apply in any of the ways, including online or offline by visiting the official website in July. Other than the Bigyani Kanya Medhabritti, JBNSTS also provides Senior and Junior scholarships schemes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is offered to girls only.
  • Applicants need to clear class 12 or equivalent exams and want to do a degree program such as medical / engineering / B.Sc. (Hons).
  • The institute from where the candidate plans to do the course must be located enrolled in West Bengal.
  • Amount – INR 3000 per month apart from DST-INSPIRE scholarship of worth 80,000 per annum and annual book grant of INR 2000.

Besides the above-mentioned scholarships for NEET, many other options can be considered to get additional financial support. Getting scholarships is a great way to lower the mental pressure of paying hefty tuition fees at renowned medical colleges and universities. Awareness about these scholarships will help the medical aspirants in utilizing the available resources to the fullest. The NEET eligibility criteria, entrance exam, selection method, etc. of these scholarships differ from each other, so keep on referring to these sites to gather detailed understanding regarding the same.

NEET 2021 Merit List, All India Ranks (AIR) and State Wise Merit List

The National Testing Authority (NTA) will declare both the NEET 2021 Cut off and the state-wise merit list in the month of September-October 2021 (tentatively). Revised NEET 2021 exam date has already been announced by NTA. NEET 2021 merit list by NTA will be released and provided to the counselling body, i.e., DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to provide the same to the admitting authorities.

  • This NEET 2021 merit list will be taken as the base for the counselling. It is always prepared on the basis of the result and the scores of the candidates appearing in the NEET examination.
  • NTA always releases two types of ranks, i.e., All India Rank (AIR) and All India Quota (AIQ) rank. Separate merit lists are prepared for 15% All India Quota seats and 85% state quota seats.
  • NEET Merit List 2021 by NTA will provide the names of the candidates in order of merit.
  • Students can access the NEET 2021 merit list by visiting the official website of NTA NEET 2021.
  • The state counselling committees will release the state-wise NEET 2021 rank list for admission to 85% state quota seats and all seats in private medical and dental colleges.
  • Apart from MBBS and BDS, admission to AYUSH courses and 525 BVSc & AH courses will be done on the basis of NEET 2021 Merit List.

Latest Updates:

  • NEET 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on September 12, 2021 in pen and paper mode. Check Exam dates
  • NTA has increased the number of exam centres for NEET 2021. Candidates can also select upto 4 preferences now.
  • NEET 2021 admit cards will be released 3 days prior to the scheduled exam date.

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NEET 2021 Merit List

NTA will release two NEET 2020 merits lists (probably at the end of June), one for All India Rankers and the other one for Quota candidates.

  • The All India Merit List will include the rank numbers of the candidates who appeared for NEET 2021 along with their marks, the cut off score and cut off percentile. It will also show the total number of candidates appearing for the examination. However, It will not take into accord the candidate’s category or their stance towards the AIQ reservation.
  • NTA prepares different types of merit lists including All India NEET 2021 Rank list, All India 50% Quota Rank Merit list, All India 50% Category rank list, State/ Union Territories NEET Merit List.
  • State medical councils will prepare their own NEET Merit List 2021s for counselling on the basis of the applicant’s eligibility on the basis of their domicile requirement. It will depict the state rank of candidates on a comparative scale with applicants from the same state.

Types of NEET 2021 Merit List

NEET Merit List Rank
All India Merit List
  • The All India Merit List clearly indicates the All India Rank of the candidate.
  • The ranks will be allotted to the candidates as per their qualifying status.
All India Quota Merit List
  • The All India Quota Merit List clearly indicates the All India Quota Rank of the candidate.
  • This Merit List will be valid for only those candidates who are eligible for All India Quota Seats.
States’ Merit List
  • The States’ Merit List clearly indicates the States Rank of the candidate.
  • This merit list will be used for admission to the state quota seats and all seats in private colleges.

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NEET 2021 Expected Cut off

To be eligible for the NEET 2021 counselling process candidates must obtain minimum qualifying marks. NTA declares NEET Cut off along with the NEET 2021 results. Candidates can check the table mentioned below for the NEET 2021 expected cut off marks:-

Category Cut off Score Cut Off Percentile
Unreserved 720-147 50th
OBC/ SC/ ST 146-113 40th
Unreserved- PH 146-129 45th
OBC/ SC/ ST- PH 128-113 40th

NEET 2021 Cut Off Expected


Eligibility For NEET Merit List 2021

To be eligible to give the NEET 2021 entrance examination and to qualify to appear in the Merit List, Candidates must ensure that they clear the following criteria:

  1. Education Qualification: The candidate should have a Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Biotechnology as the compulsory subject in +2 level or the qualifying examination.
  2. Qualifying Marks: For the General category students, the candidates must have obtained at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination. While the candidates belonging to OBC, SC, ST should obtain 40% marks in order to qualify. For the General category- Physically Handicapped candidates, they must score 45% marks in qualifying examination in order to be eligible to appear in NEET 2021 Merit List.
  3. Candidates who will be giving Class XII examination are also eligible to give the NEET 2021 examination. They will be given the admission on the provisional basis.
  4. Age: The candidate should be 17 years of age by December 31, 2020. There is no upper age limit for NEET 2021 as per an interim order of the supreme court. However, the candidature of aspirants more than 25 years of age is subject to the final orders of the Supreme Court.
  5. Number of Attempts: Candidates can appear in the examination as many times as they want. There is no limit on the number of attempts.
  6. The candidates who have biology as their optional subject can also appear for the NEET 2021 entrance examination.

Check | NEET 2021 Eligibility Criteria

Tie Breaker

Students will get admission in the various UG courses like MBBS and BDS in the top medical colleges of the country through NEET 2021 exam. If students obtain the same marks in the exam then the tie-breaking formula will be applied. Following method will be used for tie-breaking:

  • Marks in Biology: The student securing higher marks in Biology will be given the top rank.
  • Marks in Chemistry: If tie still persists, the student securing higher marks in Chemistry will be given the top rank.
  • Incorrect Answers: Candidates with less number of attempted incorrect answers in all the three subjects in the NEET 2021 exam will be ranked high.
  • Age: If the tie still persists, students older in age will be considered.

Merit List For 15% All India Quota Seats

National Testing Agency declares three types of merit list for the NEET aspirants. One of them is All India Quota seats which ensures 15% reservation to reserved category candidates. Candidates clearing the NEET 2021 cut off marks and coming under this reservation category are eligible to come under this Merit list.

Highlights of the NEET 2021 Merit List:

  • The NEET 2021 counselling for the candidates appearing in the All India Quota Merit list will be done on the basis of their All India Quota rank only.
  • NTA will forward the AIQ merit list to the Directorate General of Health Services (Medical Examination Cell), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India for further admission procedure.
  • Candidates from Jammu and Kashmir will need to submit a self- declaration form to participate in this counselling procedure.
  • Also, the candidates from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana do not need to submit a self- declaration form to participate in this counselling procedure.


Merit List For 85% Seats Other Than All India Quota Seats

Candidates clearing the cut off marks are eligible to come under the NEET Merit List 2021. For the remaining 85% seats, NTA will provide the result to DGHS for further evaluation:-

  • In the merit list, Candidates are provided with their All India Rank.
  • All the admitting authorities release their own NEET 2021 cut off and merit list on the basis of All India Ranks and the seats available in colleges after the NEET 2021 Merit list is declared and admissions are provided.
  • Also, State Counselling will be conducted by the respective state counselling authorities. Candidates must check their websites to stay updated.
  • Deemed universities will conduct their own counselling procedure.

Read About

NEET 2021 Counselling

NTA will issue a call letter for NEET 2021 counselling and the candidates will get the information associated with the schedule, procedure and fee structure etc. There are numerous authorities who conduct the NEET 2021 counselling. Find the following content for getting information on the same:

NEET 2021 Counselling by MCC

The counselling for the 15% All India Quota seats will be organized by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). The counselling process will be conducted online and candidates can fill the choice of the colleges according to their rank list. The categories required for MCC counselling process are described in the following:

  • 15% AIQ seats both in the dental colleges and governmental medical colleges across the states (Except Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Seats in Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) in Pune
  • 100% seats are reserved in Deemed and Central Universities.
  • Seats reserved for Wards in IP Quota in the ESIC Medical colleges.

NEET 2021 Counselling By State Authorities

Counselling for another 85% state quota seats is regulated by the respective authority. After the NEET 2021 result declaration, candidates can register themselves for the counselling round. They can participate in the NEET counselling process according to the rank they score in the NEET 2021.

  • NEET 2021 Counselling for state quota seats will be conducted by the different state counselling authorities during this same period.
  • The counselling for filling up the remaining seats in various state and private medical colleges will be conducted by the state authorities.

Documents required at the time of Counselling:

  • Class 10th and 12th Mark sheets and Passing certificate.
  • ID Proof of the candidates along with the passport size photographs
  • Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • NEET 2021 Admit Card
  • NEET All India Rank certificate

Check Out


Q: Who will release the NEET 2021 merit list?

Answer: NTA will release the NEET 2021 merit list.


Q: When will be the merit list released?

Answer: The merit list will be released in September or October (tentatively).

Q: Has NTA released the NEET 2021 admit card?

Answer: No, NTA will release admit cards 3 days prior to the exam date.


Q: How many preferences for exam centres can I choose while filling the application form?

Answer: You can choose 4 preferences for exam centres.


NEET 2020 Toppers List, State Wise List of Qualified Candidates

NTA has published the official press release concerning announcement of NEET 2019 Result. The press release contains salient highlights of results, list of NEET 2019 Toppers and state wise result statistics along with other details. In total, 15.94 lakhs candidates appeared for the exam out of which 7,95,031 candidates qualified. CBSE has already prepared the All India Merit List based on the percentile determined through the highest score obtained in NEET 2019. NEET Counselling is set to start in after the announcement of results.

MCC (Medical Counselling Committee) is set to conduct seat allotment and counselling for 15% All India Quota Seats. State Counseling authorities manage seat allotment for state quota seats based on the All India ranks for NEET forwarded by MCI (Medical Council of India). This article covers all the major details about NEET 2019 Toppers, total number of qualified candidates from each state and other significant statistics.

NEET 2019 Result Highlights

Any Questions? Send Us Your Queries!

The important highlights from NEET 2019 Result are tabulated below:

No. of candidates registered 15,94,725 16.49% increase from NEET, 2017
No of Candidates Present 12,69,922 95.71%
No of Candidates Absent 56,803 (4.28% Absentees)
Indian Nationals 13,23,673 99.78%
NRIs 1842 00.13%
OCIs 529 00.04%
PIO 60 9 candidate less from 2017
Foreigners 621 00.04%
Male 5,80,649 43.76%
Female 7,46,075 56.23%
Transgender 1 7 less from 2017
Un Reserved 4,84,480 36.51%
SC 1,81,217 13.66%
ST 80,868 6.09%
OBC 5,80,160 43.73%
Number of Cities 136 32% more from 2017
Number of Languages 11
Number of centres 2255 17.38 %(334 more)
Number of rooms 5,60,000+
Number of invigilators 1,50,000+
Number of Observers 4500+
No of City Coordinators 153 23.38%

List of NEET 2019 Toppers

Kalpana Kumari from Bihar has topper NEET 2019 with an astonishing score of 691. Here is the top 10 list of NEET 2019 Toppers.

All India Rank Candidate Name Gender Marks Secured Percentile Score State
1 Nalin Khandelwal Male 701 99.99992 Rajasthan
2 Bhavik Bansal Male 700 99.99976 Delhi
3 Akshat Kaushik Male 700 99.99976 Uttar Pradesh
4 Swastik Bhatia Male 696 99.99961 Haryana
5 Anant Jain Male 695 99.99961 Uttar Pradesh
6 Bhat Sarthak Raghvendra Male 695 99.99945 Maharashtra
7 Madhuri Reddy G Female 695 99.99945 Telangana
8 Dhruv Kushwaha Male 695 99.99936 Uttar Pradesh
9 Mihir Rai Male 695 99.99913 Delhi
10 Raghav Dubey Female 691 99.99913 Madhya Pradesh

NEET 2018 Toppers List

State Wise List of Qualified Candidates in NEET

State Name Registered Appeared Qualified
Jammu and Kashmir 24103 23085 12515
Himachal Pradesh 12954 12295 7528
Punjab 15606 14825 9774
Chandigarh 1344 1309 940
Uttarakhand 12570 12075 7070
Haryana 30542 29476 21398
Delhi 28463 27666 20397
Rajasthan 82000 79057 58738
Uttar Pradesh 132835 128329 76778
Bihar 66071 63003 37899
Sikkim 820 785 383
Arunachal Pradesh 3763 3475 1402
Nagaland 2171 2045 600
Manipur 6070 5780 3651
Mizoram 1398 1292 526
Tripura 3283 3150 1496
Meghalaya 2760 2515 1049
Assam 24622 23108 9931
West Bengal 58159 55888 32741
Jharkhand 15337 14838 9039
Odisha 33658 32301 19600
Chhattisgarh 25148 23773 10919
Madhya Pradesh 48774 46406 23638
Gujarat 74115 72351 32625
Daman & Diu 301 294 100
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 466 454 187
Maharashtra 182218 177353 70184
Andhra Pradesh 51229 49253 35732
Karnataka 94808 85288 54163
Goa 3611 3338 1526
Lakshadweep 342 313 155
Kerala 114214 108907 72682
Tamil Nadu 120000 114602 45336
Puducherry 4573 4462 1768
Andaman & Nicobar Is 942 912 453
Telangana 46245 44877 30912
Other 1210 1042 727
Total 1326725 1269922 714562

Other Statistics

CBSE has issued NEET 2010 Category Wise Cut Off Percentile and Marks Range along with score card on June 05. Here is NEET 2019 Cut Off Score in table below.

Category Qualifying Criteria Marks Range No. of Candidates
OTHERS 50th Percentile 691-119 6,34,897
OBC 40th Percentile 118-96 54,653
SC 40th Percentile 118-96 17,209
ST 40th Percentile 118-96 7446
UR & PH 45th Percentile 118-107 205
OBC & PH 40th Percentile 106-96 104
SC & PH 40th Percentile 106-96 36
ST & PH 40th Percentile 106-96 12
TOTAL 7,14,562

NEET 2019 Language Stats

English 10,60,923 79.96 %
Hindi 1,46,542 11.04 %
Telugu 1,997 00.15 %
Assamese 3,848 00.29 %
Gujarati 57,299 04.31 %
Marathi 1,169 00.08 %
Tamil 24,720 01.86 %
Bengali 27,437 03.02 %
Kannada 818 02.06 %
Oriya 279 00.02 %
Urdu 1,711 0.13%
English & Hindi 12,07,465 91.02 %
Regional Languages 1,19,260 08.98 %

List of Gender Wise Candidates Appearing in NEET 2019

Category Registered Candidates Appeared Absent Qualified
Male 5,80,649 5,53,849 26,800 3,12,399
Female 7,46,075 7,16,072 30,003 4,02,162
Transgender 1 1 NIL 01
Total 13,26,725 12,69,922 56,803 7,14,562

Category Wise List of Candidates Appearing in NEET

Category Registered Appeared Qualified
OBC 5,80,160 5,56,621 3,27,575
SC 1,81,217 1,71,856 87,311
ST 80,868 75,232 31,360
UR 4,84,480 4,66,213 2,68,316
Total 13,26,725 12,69,922 7,14,562

List of National and International Candidates Appearing in NEET 2019

Nationality Registered Candidates Appeared Absent Qualified
Indian 13,23,673 12,67,229 56,444 7,12,635
Foreigner 621 518 103 324
NRI 1842 1651 191 1200
OCI 529 469 60 367
PIO 60 55 5 36

NEET 2021 Answer Keys (Out), Download PDFs, Question Paper, OMR Sheets

NEET official answer keys 2021 are expeted to be released in 4th week of septembet by NTA. After releasing the provisional NEET Answer Key with images of OMR response sheet and test booklet code, NTA will most likely release the NEET 2021 Final Answer Keys. NEET 2021 Memory based answer key have been released by many institutes. Things to keep in mind about the NEET 2021 final answer keys is that these cannot be challenged and the NEET 2021 result will be announced based on the final answer keys.

Latest Updates:

  • NTA has released the NEET 2021 application forms. Candidates can fill the application forms until August 6, 2021. Read More
  • NEET 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on September 12, 2021. Check Exam Dates
  • NTA is expected to release the NEET 2021 admit card 3 days prior to the exam date.

However, candidates can download NEET official Answer Key 2020 from the links below.

Check Out

NEET Answer Key Dates 2021

Events NEET 2021 Answer key dates
NEET 2021 Exam Date 12 September 2021
Release of Unofficial NEET answer key 12 September 2021
Display of official NEET OMR Sheet & answer key 4th week of September 2021
Challenging answers of NEET official answer key 4th week of September 2021
Final NEET 2021 answer key release date 2nd week of October 2021
NEET 2021 Result 2nd week of October 2021

NEET 2021 Memory Based Answer Key

Question Papers Sets Answer Key and Solutions (By Allen)
NEET 2021 Physics Paper Download
NEET 2021 Chemistry Download
NEET 2021 Botany Download
NEET 2021 Zoology Download

How to Check NEET 2021 Answer Key by NTA?

NEET 2021 Answer Key by NTA will be available on the official website only. Hence, the aspirants are advised to follow the procedure stated below to download their NEET 2021 answer key:

  • First, visit the official website i.e. ntaneet.nic.in.
  • Second, click on the ‘Candidate Login’ at the home page.
  • Third, enter the registration number and password.
  • The NEET 2021 answer key for the candidate’s paper code will be displayed on the screen along with the candidate’s marked answers.
  • Finally, download the answer and verify it with the NEET 2021 Final answer keys.

Steps to download NEET 2021 Answer Key

How to Challenge NEET 2021 Answer Key and OMR Sheet?

NTA will publish the provisional answer key of NEET 2021 in the month of September 2021 (tentatively).

  • Candidates can compare the answers reflected in the OMR sheet once they receive the sheet. If the OMR response sheet is different from the candidate’s marking sheet (which you have marked on the exam date), then you should go for the challenge.
  • You can also challenge questions only from the paper code you attempted.

Check Out

Any Questions? Send Us Your Queries!

Steps to Challenge NEET 2021 Answer Key and OMR Sheet

If the aspirants find any mistake in the scanned images of the NEET UG 2021 answer key, they can challenge the answer key by the following steps:-

  • First, visit the official website.
  • Second, login with your credentials.
  • At the dashboard, you will find “Apply for KEY Challenge”.
  • Next, click on the KEY Challenge tab.

Steps to Challenge NEET 2021 Answer Key and OMR Sheet

  • Afterward, select the question you wish to challenge.
  • Next, mark your choice and mention the justification for your answer.
  • Then, pay the prescribed fee through Debit/Credit card or Net Banking. You will have to pay a fee of INR 1000 for challenging every question.
  • Finally, take the print of the confirmation slip for future reference.

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Fee for NEET 2021 Answer Key Challenge

The NEET UG 2021 answer key challenge has to be submitted online along with an additional fee of INR 1000/- per key. Your fees for the challenge will be completely refunded if the board accepts your claim. Note: Candidates can follow the similar steps to view or challenge their recorded OMR sheets and booklet code number if they find any discrepancy in any of them. The candidates need to remit INR 1000/- per response while submitting a challenge either for OMR sheet or booklet code number.

Score Calculation with NEET 2021 Answer Key

Once NEET 2021 Answer Key is released, the aspirants will be able to calculate the score. NEET answer key by NTA is very useful for the candidates, as they can predict their score with the help of it.

  • Before calculating their expected scores, candidates must know the marking scheme simultaneously.
  • 4 marks are rewarded for every correct answer. On the contrary, 1 mark will be deducted for an incorrect response.
  • No marks will be deducted if you did not mark any option.
Particulars Marks allotted
For every correct answer + 4
For every incorrect answer – 1
For questions with more than one response 0
For unanswered questions 0

NEET Total Score = (Total number of correct answers x 4) – (Total number of Incorrect answers x 1) You Might Like

NEET OMR Sheet and Responses

The images of NEET OMR sheets and responses of each of the aspirants will be released on the official website of NTA.

  • You are advised to check the answer sheets simultaneously. Once you complete your checking, you can calculate the NEET score.
  • If you find any discrepancy, then you should challenge the NEET OMR Sheets and responses. However, you will have only three days to challenge it.
  • You should check previous years NEET Cut off marks announced by the colleges. Considering the last year’s cutoff marks is equally important for estimating the current year’s NEET cut off score.
  • Additionally, you can also get an idea about the NEET cut off of the colleges you are willing to get into.

Processes to Mark Answers in the OMR Sheet

  • You can use either Blue or Black point pen while marking answers in the OMR sheet.
  • Fill the circle to indicate the correct response of the questions
  • If you leave the circle to mark incompletely, then it will not be recognised by the OMR sheet.

Find the following sample of OMR to understand the way of filling the correct answer in your sheet:

Steps to Mark Answers in the OMR Sheet

Sets of NEET 2021 Question Paper

  • There are 12 sets of NEET 2021 question papers.
  • In each NEET 2021 question paper, the aspirants will get four sets such as A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S, W, X, Y, Z.
  • NTA will release exactly the similar number of answer keys, which is equivalent to the question papers.
  • To get the idea of the pattern of the NEET 2021 question papers, the aspirants should check the NEET previous year’s question papers furthermore.

Check Out

NEET Previous Year Answer Keys

NEET 2020 Official Answer Keys (Final)

NTA will release the official NEET 2021 after conducting the exam. However, until then candidates can check NEET 2020 answer keys. Final Answer Keys 2020 were released for following paper codes:

  • E1- E6
  • F1- F6
  • G1-G6
  • H1-H6

NEET 2020 Answer Keys (Unofficial) As the official NEET 2020 Answer Keys were released a few days later after the exam, a lot of unofficial answer keys were released by various coaching centres like Akaash. Students can check them out here.

NEET UG Papers 2020 Question & Answers Key
NEET Code-G5 Download
NEET Code-G1 Download
NEET Code-G2 Download
NEET Code-G3 Download
NEET Code-G4 Download
NEET Code-E1 Download
NEET Code-E2 Download
NEET Code-E3 Download
NEET Code-E4 Download
NEET Code-F1 Download
NEET Code-F2 Download
NEET Code-F3 Download
NEET Code-H1 Download
NEET Code-H2 Download
NEET Code-H3 Download

NEET Unofficial Answer Keys by Coaching Institutes

Here is a list of NEET 2020 Answer Key by coaching institutes. It was released by various institutes across India. It must be kept in mind that these answer keys are unofficial and are prepared by the teaching faculty of these institutes. Download the NEET 2020 answer key with solutions from the tables below.

NEET 2020 Answer Key by Aakash

Question and Answer Keys Download
Answers and Solutions Download
Question and Answer Key in Hindi Download

NEET 2020 Answer Key by Allen

NEET 2020 Code Wise Answer Key Download 
NEET 2020 Paper with Solutions Physics
NEET 2020 Paper with Answer Physics

Read More

NEET 2019 Official Answer Key

NEET Answer Keys Download Link
Paper Code – P1 – P6 Download
Paper Code – Q1 – Q6 Download
Paper Code – R1 – R6 Download
Paper Code – S1 – S6 Download

NEET 2018 Unofficial Answer Keys

Coaching Institute Codes AA/ BB/ CC/ DD Codes EE/ FF/ GG/ HH Codes KK/ LL/ MM/ NN Codes PP/ QQ/ RR/ SS Codes WW/ XX/ YY/ ZZ Solutions
Aakash Institute Download – AA Download – BB Download – CC Download – DD Download – EE Download – FF Download – GG Download – HH Download – KK Download – LL Download – MM Download – NN Download – PP Download – QQ Download – RR Download – SS Download – WW Download – XX Download – YY Download – ZZ (AA)(BB)(CC)(DD) (EE)(FF)(GG)(HH) (KK)(LL)(MM)(NN) (PP)(QQ)(RR)(SS) (WW)(XX)(YY)(ZZ)
Resonance Download – FF Download – PP Download – QQ Download – RR Download – XX Download – QQ
Allen Kota Download – AA, BB, CC, DD Download – EE, FF, GG, HH Download – KK, LL, MM, NN Download – PP, QQ, RR, SS PP – Physics PP – Chemistry PP – Biology Download – WW, XX, YY, ZZ Physics Chemistry Biology
Rao IIT Academy Download – CC Download – DD Download – EE Download – FF Download – GG Download – HH Download – KK Download – LL Download – MM Download – PP Download WW Download – FF
Career Point Download – AA, BB, CC, DD Download – EE, FF, GG, HH Download – PP, QQ, RR, SS Download – PP
Pathfinder Download – BB
Motion Download – AA, BB, CC, DD Download – EE, FF, GG, HH Download – KK, LL, MM, NN Download – PP, QQ, RR, SS Download – WW, XX, YY, ZZ


What after NEET 2021 Answer Key?

Once the NEET 2021 answer key and the response of the OMR sheet will be released in the month of September 2021, then the NTA announced the NEET 2021 result on the official website. The date of releasing the result has not been decided yet, it will be announced later by NTA.

  • Click on the direct link of NEET UG 2021 result from the official website.
  • After that, enter the roll number and password in order to check the result.
  • Next, choose the ‘Submit’ option. You will be able to see your NEET 2021 result on the screen.
  • At last, keep a print out of the result after downloading the soft copy.

The NEET qualifying candidates will be able to take part in the NEET 2021 counselling process.


Q: When will NEET 2021 answer keys be released?

Answer: NEET 2021 answer keys will be released within 2-3 weeks of the exam.

Q: Which are the coaching institutes that release NEET answer keys?

Answer: Coaching institutes like AAKASH, Allen and Resonance release the answer keys for NEET.

Ques: When will NEET 2021 be conducted?

Answer: NEET 2021 will be conducted on September 12, 2021.

NEET PG Rank-Wise College Predictor for Easy Admission

NEET PG is a national level entrance examination for admission into MD/MS/ PG Diploma courses. For the academic session 2020-22, NEET PG was conducted on January 5, 2020 in online mode. NBE has released the NEET PG result on 30 January 2020 and candidates can use our NEET PG College Predictor.

NEET Counselling process has halted due to outbreak of COVID-19. The counselling authority will announced the new dates after April 15.

NEET PG Result was declared on January 30. NBE published result in the form of PDF list containing name and score of all successful candidates

The college predictor will shortlist your colleges based on your expected score and NEET PG 2020 Rank. Counselling for NEET PG 2020 is expected to commence form the month of March.


NEET PG Answer Key 2019- Question Paper and Solution

The national level medical exam, NEET PG, has been successfully conducted across 165 cities on January 6, 2019. The National Board of Examination (NBE) conducted the exam in completely online mode without any technical mishap. As per the latest notification by NBE, there is no official NEET PG answer key.

Note- NEET PG Result 2019 will be declared on January 31, 2019.

Answer key is generally released for offline exams. They are not exactly right as they are based on memory. Most leading coaching institutes release their answer key. However, there is no news for NEET PG Answer key till now. You can use rank predictor to what your NEET PG 2019 score will look like. For latest updates, you must stay tuned to the official site of NEET PG. (more…)

NEET PG Rank 2019- Check Result and Seats

NEET PG rank is the overall merit position of the candidate among all candidates who have appeared for NEET PG 2019. Getting NEET PG Rank makes a candidate eligible for All India 50% Quota. NEET PG Rank 2019 will be released only in the online mode.

NoteYou can use NEET PG College Predictor to know the expected colleges.

NEET PG 2019 result will be released on January 31, 2019. It will show the scorecard of students. As per the latest official update, NBE shall release only the result and the cut off list. There will be no provision of the NEET PG answer key for anyone according to the Non-Disclosure Agreement.


NEET College Predictor 2021: Predict your College from here

NEET College Predictor is helpful for candidates appearing for NEET 2021. It gives a rough idea about which college they might get as per their marks secured and rank obtained. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a national level test conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) for candidates looking forward to studying medicine and getting admission in institutes that offer MBBS and BDS programs in the nation. The details about NEET College Predictor on basis of rank is elaborated further in this article.

Read About

College Predictor NEET UG 2021

NEET 2021 result will be announced tentatively by August, 2021 and post that candidates may start searching for the best colleges they could get admissions to, as per their rank. So, here NEET College Predictor based on score and rank helps candidates make a fair estimation about medical and dental colleges they might get allotted based on their rank.

How to Predict College Rank?

Candidates can predict the college/institute they might get offered on the basis of merit list released by the examination conducting authority. Colleges release their opening and closing rank for providing admissions in medical courses like MBBS and BDS. Below mentioned are the steps to predict the college:

  1. Candidates need to check their rank in the merit list.
  2. After the merit list gets released, candidates can apply for NEET 2021 counselling based on their obtaining rank.

Check Out

Any Questions? Send Us Your Queries!

NEET Colleges Rank 2021

Now, admissions to various medical colleges depend on the opening and closing rank. Therefore, below tabulated are the expected opening and closing ranks of various top medical colleges:

Colleges Opening Rank Closing Rank
Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi 1 23
VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi 14 78
University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi 26 67
Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode 27 290
Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai 33 281
Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi 35 141
CSM Medical University, Lucknow 55 3692
Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram 70 230
Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh 73 127
Madras Medical College, Chennai 162 501
S. M. S. Medical College, Jaipur 99 356
Grant Medical College & Sir J. J. Hospital, Mumbai 104 382
Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner 155 1083
Pt. B. D. Sharma PGIMS, Rohtak 119 600
Govt. Medical College, Kottayam 193 347

There are few colleges listed in the above table. Apart from these, there are more medical colleges where candidates might get admission in the stipulated or decent rank.

Note: All the figures mentioned above are tentative and subject to change as per discretion. Candidates must check all the details on NTA official website after the announcement of results to keep themselves updated with the latest.

Read More


Can I get admission to AIIMS through NEET score?

Answer: Yes, AIIMS consider NEET score for granting admissions. Earlier, it used to conduct a separate entrance exam but that has been scrapped now.

Can I get admission to any government college in 15% All India Quota with 620 marks?

Answer: It is possible to get admission to any government college in 15% All India Quota with 620 marks.

Is JIPMER included in NEET 2021?

Answer: Yes, JIPMER will not conduct any separate entrance exam. It will consider NEET 2021 scores for admission.

Top MBBS Colleges in India

The teachings and knowledge which had emerged at that time were gradually spread across the country as well as the globe. With the changing society, medicinal education and medicines also changed and transformed to the demands of the society. There are Top MBBS Colleges in India which provides the chance to make career in the medical world.

Top MBBS Colleges

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS was created by an Act of Parliament in 1956 with an objective to serve people with the best possible treatment regarding all the aspect of health care. True to its objective, ever since them, this institute has not only gained popularity in terms of its services but has also earned the name for its Medical Education. This institute is the dream of many aspiring medical students, as its Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Education provides the highest order of personal training in all the significant branches of medicine and healthcare. This is why for the last 2-3 years, this institute has been ranked 1st in all India Medical Colleges.

Christian Medical College, Vellore

Known for its strict rules and regulations, the famous Christian Medical College is one of the most disciplined colleges in India. To be admitted to this college, the student needs to qualify the NEET Exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). This college has been ranked 2nd in India.

This college provides Distance Education programs. It has also provides post-graduate courses in medicine through which more number of students can experts in their fields.

Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi

Over the last few years, Maulana Azad Medical College has achieved an excellent reputation. By generating some of the best doctors every year, this college has proven itself as one of the top medical educational institutes of the country. It is because of all this that for last five years, this college has been ranked amongst top 5 Medical colleges in India.

Any Questions? Send Us Your Queries!

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMS), Pune

Established on 1st May 1948, by the amalgamation of various defence medical organisations, Armed Forces Medical College is another reputed medical college in India. The college is acknowledged for offering various other courses in addition to MBBS. This is to provide the Indian Armed Forces with an army of medical specialists and super-specialist. The trainees are given in-service training to ensure the proper health care of the officer. Also, another significant aspect of this college is the fact that it provides its students with assured career prospects in the defence services. Because of all this that this college has ranked amongst top 10 colleges in India since 2006.

Grant Medical College, Mumbai

If any medical student is looking to study and learn using the latest medical equipment, then Grant Medical College is the place for them. The foundation of this college dates back to 1845 and ever since then it has been ranking amongst the top most colleges in India. The college is acknowledged not just for its top ranking medical education, but also for the technology that it uses.

Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry

Originated as École de Médicine de Pondichérry, the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research was established by the French Government in the year 1823. Due to some unsettled circumstances, the college was located in the modified buildings of the High Court, which is now the Legislative Assembly Hall.

Talking about its object, JIPMER in its own words seeks to be a model for health systems in India through innovations in education, patient-oriented research, population health and service excellence. True to their words, since its establishment, the college has proved to be one of the most compassionate and result oriented institutions of the country.

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St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore

St. John’s Medical College was established by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) in 1963. The CBCI is the largest non-governmental contributors to the healthcare in India. Their aim was to provide training in healthcare, especially to those who were committed to serving the poor margins of the country.

The reputation of the college can be noted from the various achievements and acknowledgements which it has achieved in the recent past. The college has consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 colleges in India for the last 10 year. The outlook magazine has recently ranked it the 4th best Medical College in India. This is their ranking of St. John’s Medical College consecutively since 2014. Apart from this, The National Assessment and Accreditation Council, a Review Committee of the University Grants Commission, has recognized the excellence of St. John’s Medical College and Hospital and accorded it with a 5-star grading.

Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore

Kasturba Medical College (KMC) is a medical institution that is part of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. In 2017, it was ranked 3rd amongst in all private medical colleges. Also in 2017, this college is ranked top 10 in all Indian Medical Colleges, in  which in itself portrays the growth and reputation of the college. The reason behind this is the hard work of the college’s faculty and the dedication of the students.

University College of Medical Science, New Delhi

University College of Medical Science is famously known as G.T.B Hospital and is aimed at by many medical aspirants every year. The college was established in 1971 as a Constituent College of University of Delhi. With an objective to impart high-quality education, the college is associated with the Guru Tek Bahadur Hospital for the training the students. In addition to regular Medicinal courses, this college also offers various paramedical courses. The college has generated many successful experts in the medicinal field, who have earned fame globally. It is the result of all this that this college is one of the high-ranking colleges in India.

Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), BHU Varanasi

As stated by the institute, medical education in Varanasi dates from the days of Sushruta 500 BC. Approximately the same time when the Medical education began in India. The College of Medical Sciences was converted from the Ayurvedic College in 1960. When we look at the history and growth of this college, it becomes quite clear that why this particular college is one of the top ranking colleges in India. Presently, there are several research scholars that associated with this college.

King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow U.P

The Maharaja Vijanagaram was the first one to propose the idea of starting a Medical college in Lucknow in 1870. However, it was not until 1906 that the foundation stone of the college was laid. The stone was laid down by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales in whose honour, the college is named. The significance and reputation of this college can be traced from the fact that there are several international students who are studying here.

Sri Ramachandra University (SRU), Chennai

Established by Sri Ramachandra Educational and Health Trust in the year 1985, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute is a non-profit private institution that is dedicated to ensuring the society’s health care in the best possible way. The motto of this institute is to serve people ethically and without prejudices. Combined with this, the institute provides its students with world-class medical technologies. Also, it is associated with several global research institutes, which further ensures the global knowledge of the students in their desired medical field. All these aspects of this institute have made it one of the most desired medical institutes by the students in India.

Madras Medical College, Chennai

The first batch of the students of the Madras Medical College graduated in 1852. However, at that time they were not given a degree but only a diploma. It was 1857, that it gained affiliation to the University of Madras. Since then, the College has dedicated itself to impart training in all the medical field. It offers the students as under-graduate, post-graduate and also super-specialty courses. It is due to this dedication and the clear vision of betterment of healthcare that this college is now one of the premier institutions in the country.

Seth GS Medical College (GSMC), Mumbai

The Seth Gordhandas Medical College (GSMC) was in 1926. The college is mainly funded by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The college mainly aims to render help to the unprivileged section of our society that too virtually free of cost. It is a common knowledge that like many other big cities, Mumbai too is crowded with people half of whom are unprivileged. So, to have such an institute there is a blessing. All these aspects are what have helped this college to attain top ranking position amongst other well established medical colleges in India.

Lady Hardinge  Medical College for Women, New Delhi

The foundation of this college has a very interesting story. Named after the wife of the Viceroy, the Lady Hardinge Medical College for women was founded in 1914. She was the first one to take initiative for the medical education for women. She realized that due to the lack of separate medical school, the women of India were unable to study medicine. This was one of the greatest initiatives of that time. While the first batch had 16 students, the number increased to 60 and now to more than 200. The college offers various teaching and training activities for the undergraduate, post-graduate and nursing courses. The level of knowledge and training that the college provides has made it attain a great reputation and ranking in India’s best medical schools.

Therefore, all these colleges/ Institutes have been a part of India’s past and have grown with its society. Their experience is what has earned them a place as top-ranker in their field.

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