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NEET 2020 Sample Papers: Download Answer Key with Solutions PDF

It is always advised to prepare for an exam with the right set of material for practice in an exam-like situation. There are more than 15 lakh applicants for NEET 2020 with intake in good colleges close to only 1 lakh. Due to such high competition, success rate in NEET is only around 4 to 5%. We want to make sure that you have an apt amount of practice material and hence, we have provided a few NEET Sample Paper 2020 here.

Many colleges and states opted out of NEET in the past years, due to which the apex court had to intervene, to ensure the right talent was admitted in top institutes. Previously, AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research) used to conduct their own entrance exams.

Now, AIIMS and JIPMER are covered under NEET but have very high cutoffs. The level of competition, as well as the difficulty level of NEET is high and hence, the preparations have to justify the high standards of this exam. So, let us begin our preparations with some NEET Sample Papers.

NEET Sample Papers 2020

Candidates can click on links to download the NEET sample papers 2020:-

NEET Previous Year Sample Papers Download NEET Question Papers
NEET Sample Paper 1 Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 1-Solution Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 2 Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 2- Solution Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 3 (Ques Only) Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 4 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 5 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 6 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 7 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 8 & Solutions Download Here
Sample OMR Sheet Download Here

How to use these question papers and sample papers?

  • First, always study on the table and chair. Ensure your chair is not too comfortable. This way you prepare yourself for the exam-like situation.
  • If possible, get these papers printed. You will be taking the examination in Pen and Paper mode, which is comparatively time consuming.
  • You can also download a sample OMR Sheet (given above), get it printed and practice on it. This will increase your speed over an OMR and give you some extra edge.
  • Keep a stopwatch with you. Give equal time to each section. Practicing with a stopwatch shows how quick or slow you are.

What is the Pattern of the NEET 2020?

NEET is a 3 hours long exam and the number of questions in the paper are 180. All the questions are MCQ’s. 4 marks are allotted for each correct answer and minus 1 for every wrong answer. The breakup of the question paper is as follows: 45 Physics, 45 Chemistry and 90 Biology (Botany + Zoology). Syllabus of the paper is that of class 11th and 12th.

Check NEET 2020 Exam Pattern

Why to practice from NEET Sample Papers 2020?

Practicing from NEET Sample Papers 2020 is very vital for NEET UG aspirants. They are the best source to practice for NEET subjects in detail. NEET sample papers 2020 are based on previous year exams and prepared by subject experts.

  • As per the statement of the experts, the aspirants should practice the previous years question papers as much as possible. It will give you a clear understanding about the questions papers. You can get to know detailed information about the difficulty level of the questions, total allocation of time, marking scheme and the other required details.
  • Based on the NEET sample papers 2020 and solutions, the aspirants can understand the NEET important topics for 2020. You should keep those points in your mind when you will revise your topics.
  • The candidates will be able to understand the actual environment of NEET 2020 entrance exam. It will lead to minimise the stress level and your anxiety.
  • According to Anand Nagrajan, TIME, “Solving a number of NEET sample papers 2020 based on NEET 2020 exam will give students the feel and the pinch of negative marking”.
  • Once the students are complete to solve the questions, they will need to analyse the answers. It will help them to identify their weak points.
  • Positive performance in solving the NEET sample papers 2020 will boost up your confidence level.
  • NEET Sample papers 2020 will be beneficial to lead you on the right track, and the aspirants can prepare with best preparations.

Check NEET 2020 Cut Off

How to Use NEET Sample Papers 2020 for Preparations?

In order to get a high score and to secure your name in the top position in the NEET 2020 merit list, the aspirants are advised to practice from the NEET sample papers 2020 after downloading the PDF. In this context, you should learn the way of pointing the OMR sheet, since the students need to fill this paper for marking their answers in the offline examination mode. Consequently, the aspirants will be able to get the actual fact of the exam while they prepare themselves.

  • First you should purchase an OMR sheet and ball point pen.
  • Now, you should need to download the NEET sample paper 2020 from the aforementioned links.
  • The aspirants are advised to set an alarm of 3 hours, so that you seriously complete the exam within the given time frame.
  • You should keep away your mobile phone or any other gadgets in order to avoid any sort of distraction.
  • Once you find the correct answer from the question paper, you should mark the answer in the OMR sheet.
  • The candidates will need to check the marked answers and need to start revision when they attempt all the questions. You should start this process after 2 hours 30 minutes of passing the time.
  • You will be required to stop attempting the questions, if your exam time (3 hours) is over.

Check NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Sample Paper

What are the steps of Analysing the Performance by Using the NEET 2020 Sample Paper?

Once you complete the NEET Sample Paper PDF practicing, you should measure your performance to find out your preparation level.

  • First, you should match the marked answers and NEET sample papers solutions to identify the results.
  • Now, you have to estimate the total number of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Go through the NEET Exam pattern 2020 to find out your obtained score from the practice test.
  • In the next step, the aspirants will need to multiply the total correct answers with 4 and total wrong answers with 1.
  • Your obtaining marks will be out of 720 (total marks). Better you analyse your answer, you should follow the following formula:

NEET Score= (Total number of correct answers X 4 – Total number of incorrect answers X 1)

Check NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Who should prepare from NEET Sample Papers 2020?

  • NEET sample papers 2020 are essential for NEET MBBS and BDS candidates who are planning to sit for the coming up NEET exam.
  • Aspirants who are in class 11 or 12 and will be appearing for NEET exam in future.
  • Teachers who teach NEET candidates.

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How are NEET Sample Papers 2020 useful?

  • The NEET sample papers 2020 are useful as they assist candidates to comprehend how NEET question paper is formulated and what is the pattern of the paper.
  • Being an objective paper, it should be practiced using NEET sample papers 2020 again and again. This practice gives an understanding as to what to expect in the actual NEET question paper.
  • To use the NEET sample papers efficiently, candidates need to solve the papers in exam conditions, that means sitting alone quietly, and following the same time limits as in the actual exam.
  • Candidates should also take care of negative marks when evaluating their sample paper. This will give a correct picture of the scores.
  • By practicing NEET sample papers aspirants come to know their weak and strong areas in all subjects.
  • Being familiar with their strengths and weaknesses students get a direction in their preparation as they can know where to put more determination. It can help them to improve and complete the entire paper with speed and accuracy.

NEET 2020 Preparation Tips

The aspirants should go through the following preparation tips while you will prepare for NEET 2020 exam:

  • Need to have clear understanding about NEET Syllabus: The aspirants should know the details about three mandatory subjects (Physics, Biology and Chemistry), before solving the sample papers. Unless you do not have in-depth or clear knowledge about the subjects or NEET 2020 syllabus, preparation of sample papers will be the total waste of time.
  • Best books for NEET 2020: Once the aspirants complete to gain knowledge on NEET 2020 syllabus, the aspirants should focus on the concepts. In this regard, the aspirants can check the interviews of the NEET toppers. It will help them to build clarity on the concepts. For instance, the aspirants should follow the interview of Bhavik Bansal. According to the toppers, NEET 2019 AIR 2, the candidates should build their concepts from NCERT book.
  • Go through the important topics 2020: Next, the aspirants should know the chapter wise weightage and important topics. Hence, the aspirants can give extra focus while preparing for NEET 2020 exam.


Ques. I am an aspirant of NEET 2020 Exam. Which year’s question paper I need to solve to improve my preparation?

Ans. You should solve the NEET sample papers 2020 of the last five years in case of preparing yourself for the national level medical entrance exam.

Ques. How will NEET 2020 sample papers be helpful to prepare for the main exam?

Ans. Practicing NEET sample papers will make you confident and you will know about the time management process.

Ques. From where the aspirants can download the previous years NEET sample papers 2020?

Ans. The aspirants should go through the aforementioned links and download from there.

Ques. What are the number of questions in NEET question paper?

Ans. The students will have to attend a total of 180 questions. The division of the questions are as follows:

Biology: 90

Physics: 45

Chemistry: 45

Ques. What is the time limit of answering the questions of NEET exam?

Ans. The aspirants will need to complete the paper within 3 hours time frame.