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NEET 2021 Answer Key – Download PDF

After releasing, provisional NEET Answer Key with images of OMR response sheet and test booklet code, NTA will most likely release NEET 2021 Final Answer Keys in June 2021. However, candidates can download NEET 2020 Answer Keys from the links below.

NEET 2020 Official Answer Keys (Final)

  • NTA will release the official NEET 2020 Final Answer Keys are released in for following paper codes:
    • E1- E6
    • F1- F6
    • G1-G6
    • H1-H6
  • These are final answer keys and cannot be challenged.
  • NEET 2021 Result will be announced, the scores of which are based on these answer keys.

NEET 2020 Answer Keys (Unofficial)

The official NEET 2020 Answer Keys was released a few days later after the exam. Till then students can refer to the unofficial answer keys released by coaching institutes like Akaash to get an outlook of their performance:

NEET UG Papers 2020 Question & Answers Key
NEET Code-G5 Download
NEET Code-G1 Download
NEET Code-G2 Download
NEET Code-G3 Download
NEET Code-G4 Download
NEET Code-E1 Download
NEET Code-E2 Download
NEET Code-E3 Download
NEET Code-E4 Download
NEET Code-F1 Download
NEET Code-F2 Download
NEET Code-F3 Download
NEET Code-H1 Download
NEET Code-H2 Download
NEET Code-H3 Download

Important Exam Dates

Events Dates
NEET 2021 exam 2nd May 2021 (Tentative)
Publish of unofficial answer keys by coaching centers 2nd May 2021 (Tentative)
NEET Final Answer Keys and Result June 2021 (Tentative)
NEET 2021 Counselling Starts June 2021

How to Check NEET 2021 Answer Key by NTA?

NEET 2021 Answer Key by NTA will be available on the official website only. Hence, the aspirants are advised to follow the procedure stated below to download their NEET 2021 answer key:

  • First, visit the official website i.e. ntaneet.nic.in.
  • Second, click on the ‘Candidate Login’ at the home page.
  • Third, enter the registration number and password.
  • The NEET 2021 answer key for the candidate’s paper code will be displayed on the screen along with the candidate’s marked answers.
  • Finally, download the answer and verify it with the NEET 2021 Final answer keys.

Steps to download NEET 2021 Answer Key

How to Challenge NEET 2021 Answer Key and OMR Sheet?

NTA will publish the provisional answer key of NEET 2021 in the month of June 2021 (tentatively).

  • Candidates can compare the answers reflected in the OMR sheet once they receive the sheet. If the OMR response sheet is different from the candidate’s marking sheet (which you have marked on the exam date), then you should go for the challenge.
  • You can also challenge questions only from the paper code you attempted.

Steps to Challenge NEET 2021 Answer Key and OMR Sheet

If the aspirants find any mistake in the scanned images of the NEET UG 2021 answer key, they can challenge the answer key by the following steps:-

  • First, visit the official website.
  • Second, login with your credentials.
  • At the dashboard, you will find “Apply for KEY Challenge”.
  • Next, click on the KEY Challenge tab.Steps to Challenge NEET 2021 Answer Key and OMR Sheet
  • Afterward, select the question you wish to challenge.
  • Next, mark your choice and mention the justification for your answer.
  • Then, pay the prescribed fee through Debit/Credit card or Net Banking. You will have to pay INR 1000 fee for challenging every question.
  • Finally, take the print of the confirmation slip for future reference.

Fee for NEET 2021 Answer Key Challenge

The NEET UG 2021 answer key challenge has to be submitted online along with an additional fee of INR 1000/- per key. Your fees for the challenge will be completely refunded if the board accepts your claim.

Note: Candidates can follow the similar steps to view or challenge their recorded OMR sheets and booklet code number if they find any discrepancy in any of them. The candidates need to remit INR 1000/- per response while submitting a challenge either for OMR sheet or booklet code number.

Score Calculation with NEET 2021 Answer Key

Once NEET 2021 Answer Key is released, the aspirants will be able to calculate the score. NEET answer key by NTA is very useful for the candidates, as they can predict their score with the help of it.

  • Before calculating their expected scores, candidates must know the marking scheme simultaneously.
  • 4 marks is rewarded for every correct answer. On the contrary, 1 mark will be deducted for an incorrect response.
  • No marks will be deducted if you did not mark any option.
Particulars Marks allotted
For every correct answer + 4
For every incorrect answer – 1
For questions with more than one response 0
For unanswered questions 0

NEET Total Score = (Total number of correct answers x 4) – (Total number of Incorrect answers x 1)

NEET OMR Sheet and Responses

The images of NEET OMR sheets and responses of each of the aspirants will be released on the official website of NTA.

  • You are advised to check the answer sheets simultaneously. Once you complete your checking, you can calculate the NEET score.
  • If you find any discrepancy, then you should challenge the NEET OMR Sheets and responses. However, you will have only three days to challenge it.
  • You should check previous years NEET Cut off marks announced by the colleges. Considering the last year’s cutoff marks is equally important for estimating the current year’s NEET cut off score.
  • Additionally, you can also get an idea about the NEET cut off of the colleges you are willing to get into.

Processes to Mark Answers in the OMR Sheet

  • You can use either Blue or Black point pen while marking answers in the OMR sheet.
  • Fill the circle to indicate the correct response of the questions
  • If you leave the circle to mark incompletely, then it will not be recognised by the OMR sheet.

Find the following sample of OMR to understand the way of filling the correct answer in your sheet:sample of OMR  filling the correct answer

Sets of NEET 2021 Question Paper

  • There are 12 sets of NEET 2021 question papers.
  • In each NEET 2021 question paper, the aspirants will get four sets such as A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S, W, X, Y, Z.
  • NTA will release exactly the similar number of answer keys, which is equivalent to the question papers.
  • To get the idea of the pattern of the NEET 2021 question papers, the aspirants should check the NEET previous year’s question papers furthermore.

When will NTA release NEET 2021 Answer Keys?

NTA will release NEET 2021 answer keys after the exam is conducted successfully. NTA might release answer keys for NEET 2021 after 3 weeks of the exam date.

  • NEET 2021 Exam Date 02nd May 2021.
  • NEET 2021 Answer Key– Released within 3 weeks of exam date

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NEET 2019 Official Answer Key

Before declaration of NEET 2021 result, the aspirants can also calculate their aggregate score based on the NEET 2019 official answer key. Additionally, the candidates should know about the marking scheme of NEET 2021.

NEET UG Answer Keys Download Link
Paper Code – P1 – P6 Download
Paper Code – Q1 – Q6 Download
Paper Code – R1 – R6 Download
Paper Code – S1 – S6 Download

NEET Unofficial Answer Keys by Coaching Institutes

Here is a list of NEET 2019 unofficial Answer Key. It was released by various institutes across India. Before the release of the NEET 2019 official Answer Key by NTA, candidates can make use of the NEET Answer Key 2019 released by all the leading coaching institutes. These answer keys are unofficial and are prepared by the teaching faculty of these institutes. Download the answer key from the table below.

NEET 2019 Unofficial Answer Keys 

NEET Unofficial Answer Keys by some established coaching institutes are given below. For example, you can find the NEET Answer Key 2019 Allen, NEET 2019 Answer Key Aakash etc. to predict your score.

NEET 2019 Answer Key by Aakash

Code Link
P1, P2 Download P1 Download P2
Q1, Q2 Download Q1 Download Q2
R1 Download
S1, S2 Download S1 Download S2

NEET 2019 Answer Key by Allen

Code Link
P1 to P6 Download
Q1 to Q6 Download
R1 to R6 Download
S1 to S6 Download

NEET 2019 Answer Key by Resonance

Code Link
P2 Download
Q2 Download
R2, R3 Download R2 Download R3
S3 Download S3
NEET UG 2019 Answer Keys for Karnataka and Odisha
Coaching Institute Code E1 Code F1 Code G1 Code H1
Aakash (Odisha) Download Download Download Download
Allen Download
Resonance G1

NEET 2019 Official Answer Key

NEET Answer Keys Download Link
Paper Code – P1 – P6 Download
Paper Code – Q1 – Q6 Download
Paper Code – R1 – R6 Download
Paper Code – S1 – S6 Download

NEET 2018 Unofficial Answer Keys

Coaching Institute Codes AA/ BB/ CC/ DD Codes EE/ FF/ GG/ HH Codes KK/ LL/ MM/ NN Codes PP/ QQ/ RR/ SS Codes WW/ XX/ YY/ ZZ Solutions
Aakash Institute Download – AA Download – BB Download – CC Download – DD Download – EE Download – FF Download – GG Download – HH Download – KK Download – LL Download – MM Download – NN Download – PP Download – QQ Download – RR Download – SS Download – WW Download – XX Download – YY Download – ZZ (AA)(BB)(CC)(DD) (EE)(FF)(GG)(HH) (KK)(LL)(MM)(NN) (PP)(QQ)(RR)(SS) (WW)(XX)(YY)(ZZ)
Resonance Download – FF Download – PP


Download – QQ

Download – RR

Download – XX Download – QQ
Allen Kota Download – AA, BB, CC, DD Download – EE, FF, GG, HH Download – KK, LL, MM, NN Download – PP, QQ, RR, SS


PP – Physics

PP – Chemistry

PP – Biology

Download – WW, XX, YY, ZZ Physics




Rao IIT Academy Download – CC


Download – DD

Download – EE


Download – FF

Download – GG

Download – HH

Download – KK


Download – LL

Download – MM

Download – PP Download WW Download – FF
Career Point Download – AA, BB, CC, DD Download – EE, FF, GG, HH Download – PP, QQ, RR, SS Download – PP
Pathfinder Download – BB
Motion Download – AA, BB, CC, DD Download – EE, FF, GG, HH Download – KK, LL, MM, NN Download – PP, QQ, RR, SS Download – WW, XX, YY, ZZ

Download NEET Previous Year’s Question Papers

If you accidentally lose your question paper, you can download the question paper as per the paper code below. Furthermore, do not forget to calculate the scores with the answer keys.

NEET 2021 Answer Key- Final Answer Key

NTA will review all the challenges they receive on the provisional key and release a NEET 2021 final answer key afterward. Valid claims are accepted by the NTA experts and the provisional key is then updated to become the NEET 2021 final answer keys. In brief, the result for NEET 2021 will be calculated on the basis of the final answer key.

  • NTA will upload the NEET 2021 final answer key in PDF form on the official website.
  • You cannot challenge the final answer key. Also, the challenge window is open for a short window and only then can you challenge for a claim.
  • NEET 2021 Final answer key will not be available for separate sets. In spite of this, the answer keys for all the sets will be within one Final Answer Key.
  • Candidates can check their answers of all 180 questions in the NEET 2021 final answer key.

What after NEET 2021 Answer Key?

Once the NEET 2021 answer key and the response of the OMR sheet will be released in the month of June 2021, then the NTA announced the NEET 2020 result on the official website. The date of releasing the result has not been decided yet, it will be announced later by NTA.

  • Click on the direct link of NEET UG 2021 result from the official website.
  • After that, enter the roll number and password in order to check the result.
  • Next, choose the ‘Submit’ option. You will be able to see your NEET 2021 result on the screen.
  • At last, keep a print out of the result after downloading the soft copy.

The NEET qualifying candidates will be able to take part in the NEET 2021 counselling process.


NEET 2021 Sample Papers: Download Answer Key with Solutions PDF

As the dates for NEET 2021 have been announced and less than 2 months are left for the exam, the aspirants are advised to enhance their preparation by taking NEET mock tests and practicing NEET Sample Papers 2021 as much as possible. There will be more than 15 lakh applicants for NEET 2021 with intake in good colleges close to only 1 lakh. Due to such high competition, the success rate in NEET is only around 4-5%. Hence, the preparations have to justify the high standards of this exam. In fact, top scorers are even eligible for NEET Scholarships.

We want to make sure that you have an apt amount of practice material and hence, we have provided a few NEET 2021 Sample Papers here. It helps you to understand the NEET 2021 Exam pattern.


What is the Updated NEET 2021 Exam Pattern?

NEET 2021 exam pattern has been updated. NTA has introduced optional questions in Section B of all 3 sections. Candidates will be required to attempt 10 out of 15 questions in the Section B. The duration of NEET 2021 exam is 3 hours and the number of questions amounts to 180. In the NEET 2021 exam pattern, all the questions are MCQ’s. 4 marks are allotted for each correct answer and minus 1 for every wrong answer. The breakup of the question paper is as follows: 50 (45 to be attempted) Physics, 50 (45 to be attempted) Chemistry and 100 Biology (Botany + Zoology- 90 to be attempted). Syllabus of the paper is that of class 11th and 12th and is the same as the previous year’s syllabus.

NEET Sample Papers 2021 

Candidates can click on links for the NEET 2021 sample papers download:-

NEET Previous Year Sample Papers Download Question Papers
NEET Sample Paper 1 Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 1-Solution Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 2 Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 2- Solution Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 3 (Ques Only) Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 4 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 5 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 6 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 7 & Solutions Download Here
NEET Sample Paper 8 & Solutions Download Here
Sample OMR Sheet Download Here

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How to Use These NEET Question Papers and Sample Papers?

  • If possible, get these papers printed. You will be taking the examination in Pen and Paper mode, which is comparatively time consuming.
  • You can also download a sample OMR Sheet (given above), get it printed and practice on it. This will increase your speed over an OMR and give you some extra edge.
  • The aspirants are advised to set an alarm of 3 hours, so that you seriously complete the exam within the given time frame.
  • Keep a stopwatch with you. Give equal time to each section. Practicing with a stopwatch shows how quick or slow you are.
  • You should keep away your mobile phone or any other gadgets in order to avoid any sort of distraction.
  • The candidates will need to check the marked answers and need to start revision when they attempt all the questions. You should start this process after 2 hours 30 minutes have passed.
  • It is also advisable to always study on the table and chair. Ensure your chair is not too comfortable. This way you prepare yourself for the exam-like situation.

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Who Should Prepare from NEET 2021 Sample Papers?

  • NEET 2021 sample papers are essential for NEET MBBS and BDS candidates who are planning to sit for the coming up NEET exam.
  • Aspirants who are in class 11 or 12 and will be appearing for NEET exam in future.
  • Teachers who teach NEET candidates.

Why to Practice from NEET Sample Papers 2021?

NEET 2021 Sample Papers

Practicing from NEET 2021 Sample Papers is quite vital for NEET UG aspirants. They are considered to be the best source to practice for NEET subjects in detail. NEET Sample Papers 2021 are based on previous year exams and prepared by subject experts.

  • As per the statement of the experts, the aspirants should practice the NEET previous years question papers as much as possible. It will give you a clear understanding about the question papers. You can get detailed information about the difficulty level of the questions, total allocation of time, marking scheme and the other required details.
  • Based on the NEET Sample Papers 2021 and solutions, the aspirants can understand the NEET important topics for 2021. You should keep those points in mind when you will revise your topics.
  • The candidates will be able to understand the actual environment of NEET 2021 entrance exam. It will lead to minimise the stress level and your anxiety.
  • According to Anand Nagrajan, TIME, “Solving a number of NEET 2021 sample papers based on the NEET 2021 exam will give students the feel and the pinch of negative marking”.
  • Once the students are complete to solve the questions, they will need to analyze the answers. It will help them to identify their weak points.
  • Positive performance in solving the NEET 2021 sample papers will boost up your confidence level.
  • NEET Sample Papers 2021 will be beneficial to lead you on the right track, and the aspirants can prepare with best NEET 2021 preparation tips.


What are the Steps of Analysing the Performance by Using the NEET 2021 Sample Paper?

Once you complete the NEET 2021 Sample Paper PDF practicing, you should measure your performance to find out your preparation level.

  • First, you should match the marked answers and NEET 2021 sample papers solutions to identify the results.
  • Now, you have to estimate the total number of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Go through the NEET Exam pattern 2021 given above to find out your obtained score from the practice test.
  • In the next step, the aspirants will need to multiply the total correct answers with 4 and total wrong answers with 1.
  • Your obtaining marks will be out of 720 (total marks). Better you analyse your answer, you should follow the following formula:

NEET Score = (All the correct answers * 4 – All the incorrect answers*1)

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How are NEET Sample Papers by NTA useful?

  • NEET 2021 sample papers aid the candidates to understand how the NEET question paper is made and what exactly will be the NEET 2021 exam pattern.
  • Questions are MCQ type and it should be practiced using NEET 2021 sample papers again and again. This practice will help you understand what to expect in the actual exam.
  • To use the NEET 2021 sample papers efficiently, candidates need to solve the papers in exam conditions, that means sitting alone quietly, and following the same time limits as in the actual exam.
  • Candidates should also take care of negative marks when evaluating their sample paper. This will give a correct picture of the scores.
  • By practicing NEET 2021 sample papers, aspirants come to know their weak and strong areas in all subjects.
  • Being familiar with their strengths and weaknesses students get direction in their preparation as they can know where to put more determination. It can help them in improving and gaining speed and accuracy.


NEET 2021: Quick Tips for Preparation 

The aspirants should go through the following preparation tips while you will prepare for NEET 2021 exam:

  • Need to have clear understanding about NEET 2021 Syllabus: The aspirants should know the details about three mandatory subjects (Physics, Biology and Chemistry), before solving the NEET 2021 sample papers. Unless you do not have in-depth or clear knowledge about the subjects or NEET 2021 syllabus, preparation of sample papers will be a total waste of time.
  • Best books for NEET 2021: To clear your concept, the aspirants should read from NCERT books of class XI and XII thoroughly. Most of the questions are directly coming from NCERT books. Afterward, for improving your problem-solving skills, you can read Best Books for NEET 2021.
  • Follow the experts’ guidelines: The aspirants can check the interviews of the NEET toppers. It will help them to build clarity on the concepts. For instance, the aspirants should follow the interview of Bhavik Bansal. According to the toppers, NEET 2019 AIR 2, the candidates should build their concepts from NCERT books.
  • Build clear understanding about the weightage of the topics: Next, the aspirants should know the NEET chapter wise weightage and important topics. Hence, the aspirants will be able to give extra focus on the high weightage chapters and topics. Consequently, they can get high scores in the NEET 2021 exam.


1. Is there a reduction in NEET 2021 syllabus?

Answer: No, NEET 2021 syllabus has not been reduced.

Is the application form for NEET 2021 released?

Answer: Yes, application forms for NEET 2021 have been released.

Will NEET 2021 be conducted in CBT mode?

Answer: No, NEET 2021 will be conducted in pen and paper mode.

When is the last date for filling up the NEET 2021 application form?

Answer: The last date for submitting NEET 2021 application form is August 6, 2021.

NEET 2021 Results: Scorecard, Cut Off, Merit List & All India Ranks

NEET 2021 Result will most likely be released on the official website followed by NEET 2021 Cut Off and Answer Keys in June 2021. NEET 2021 result by NTA will be announced in the form of a scorecard containing candidates’ overall and sectional marks as well as the status of qualifying in exam. NTA also assigns All India Ranks (AIR) or All India Quota Rank alongside category rank during the announcement of NEET Result.

Once NEET Result is announced, MCC holds the counselling session for 15% All India Quota seats while the NEET counselling for 85% state quota seats is managed by all the participating states respectively. NTA prepares the centralized merit list for all the candidates based on candidates’ NEET Result or performance in NEET 2021.

Check | NEET 2020 Cut Off for Government Colleges

NEET 2021 Result Highlights

NEET 2021 Exam date and NEET Result for 2021 will be announced soon by NTA. NEET 2021 counselling will start usually a month after NEET 2021 Result declaration. For this, you can apply under 15% AIQ seats and 85% State Quota seats with your NEET 2021 Result/Rank in public and private medical institutes.

NEET 2021 exam date May 2020 (Tentative)
NEET Result 2021 expected date June 2020 (Tentative)
Last date to download result To be announced
Website to download results ntaneet.nic.in
Declaring authority National Testing Agency
Number of registered aspirants (2020) 15.97 lakh aspirants
Number of candidates who appeared for the exam (2020) 13.57 lakh aspirants
Credentials required to check NEET UG result Roll number, date of birth and security pin
Details printed on the NEET score card Name, subject-wise and total marks, percentile scores, AIR for 15% AIQ seats, NEET 2021 cut off score
Validity of result One Year
NEET 2021 Counselling start date June 2021

Important Highlights of NEET 2021 Result

  • NEET 2021 Result will incorporate the details about All India Rank (AIR), candidate’s score, qualifying status and overall NEET 2021 cut off score.
  • NEET Result will be used by all the medical colleges in the country to admit candidates in BDS/MBBS courses. From now onwards, AIIMS, AFMC, JLPMER will admit students using NEET 2021 Result.
  • MCC will conduct the NEET 2021 counselling for 15% AIQ (All India Quota) seats.
  • Whereas, state counselling authorities will prepare their own merit list based on AIl India Ranks. These ranks are available in NEET 2021 Result published by NTA to allot candidates in state quota seats.

How to check the NEET 2021 Result?

To check the NEET 2021 Result aspirants have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Visit the official website of NEET 2021 result i.e. ntaneet.nic.in.
  2. Click on the link “NEET(UG) 2021 Exam Results”
  3. Fill your exam roll number, date of birth and verification code.NEET UG Scorecard login Page
  4. Click on the “Submit” button.
  5. The NEET 2021 Result will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Download the NEET 2021 Score Card and save it as PDF.
  7. Press Ctrl + P to save the page as PDF for future reference.

NEET 2021 Result: Sample of NEET Score CardSample of NEET Score Card

Check Neet Login

NEET 2021 Score Card Details

Scores of NEET 2021 Result are valid for three years from the beginning of this year i.e. 2021. You can take part in admissions with the same score card in coming years. Candidates are advised to keep the NEET 2021 score card safely as it is required during NEET 2021 counselling and admission process. NEET 2021 score card will contain the information like:

  1. Candidate’s Name
  2. Mother’s Name
  3. Father’s Name
  4. Gender
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Category/Sub-Category
  7. Student’s Roll Number
  8. Application Number
  9. Total Marks Obtained
  10. Marks Secured in Chemistry
  11. Biology and Physics
  12. Total Secured Percentile
  13. NEET Category Rank
  14. NEET All India Rank
  15. Exam Qualifying Status (Qualified or Non-qualified) as well as the Cut-off Score for Counseling under 15% All India Quota.

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How to Retrieve NEET 2021 Application Number and Password?

If you have lost your NEET 2021 application number or if you could not remember the password of your account, you cannot check your NEET 2021 Result. Hence, you have to retrieve the password for logging into the account. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the NEET official website and then choose the candidate login option.
  • Click the ‘Forgot password’ option – if you cannot remember the password.
  • Click ‘Forgot Application Number’ – if you cannot remember NEET 2021 Application number.Neet Page for finding application Number
  • Submit the name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, and security pin.
  • Now, you have to reset the password for NEET 2021 Exam.

NEET Result 2020: Topper’s List

Name of the Toppers NEET score Percentile score NEET AIR
Shoyeb Aftab 720 99.9998537 1
Akansha Singh 720 99.9998537 2
Tummala Snikitha 715 99.9995611 3
Vineet Sharma 715 99.9995611 4
Anant Jain 715 99.9995611 5
Amrisha Kaaitan 715 99.9995611 6
Guthi Chaitanya Sindhu 711 99.9994879 7
Satwik Godara 710 99.985369 8
Srijan R 710 99.985369 9
Kartik Reddy 710 99.985369 10

Statistics for NEET 2020

Category Registered Candidates
Male 7,16,586
Female 8,80,843
Transgender 6
Total 15,97,435

Only 7,97,042 candidates have qualified the NEET 2020 Exam, out of 15,97,435 candidates (Appeared for the exam). Find the following details to get to know about the detailed information:

Candidates 2020 2019 2018
No. of Candidates Registered 15,97,435 15,19,375 13,26,725
No of Candidates Present 13,66,945 1410755 12,69,922
No of Candidates Absent 2,30,490 108620 56,803
Indian Nationals 15,93,907 1516066 13,23,673
NRIs 1,869 1884 1842
OCIs 732 675 530
PIO 49 63 60
Foreigners 878 687 621
Male 7,16,586 680414 5,80,648
Female 8,80,843 838955 7,46,076
Transgender 6 6 1
Un-Reserved 4,75,534 534072 1,81,217
SC 2,21,253 211303 80,868
ST 1,00,519 96456 5,80,160
OBC 7,06,214 677544 136
Number of Cities 155 154 2,255
Number of Languages 11 11 11
Number of centres 3,862 2546 5,60,000+
Number of rooms 1,33,120 64000 1,50,000+
Number of invigilators 2,66,240 128000 4,500+
Number of Observers and NTA Representatives 5,818 6000+ 153
No of City Coordinators 195 163 1,81,217

Check NEET 2021 Reservation Criteria

NEET 2021 Answer Key

  • NTA will publish the NEET 2021 answer key to the official website that is, ntaneet.nic.in
  • Once they enter into the website, they can calculate the score with the help of answer keys of NEET 2021 and OMR Sheets.
  • You can check the correct answers of the questions from the NEET 2021 answer key.
  • If you find any discrepancy, you can challenge your answer. NTA will give the flexibility to challenge it within the prescribed dates
  • If you challenge the NEET 2021 answer key, you will need to pay INR 1000 per answer through online mode.
  • You will get the money back if the authority will accept the challenge.

Find the below mentioned steps for checking the NEET 2021 answer key:

  • Visit the official site of NEET 2021.
  • Click on the ‘Answer Key’ link on the homepage.
  • Enter registration number and password.
  • Candidates can select the question booklet no. from the drop-down menu.
  • NEET 2021 Answer key will be displayed on the screen of the candidates
  • Candidates can either take printout of the key or save it as pdf on their systems.

Besides viewing the NEET 2021 answer key, candidates are also allowed to challenge the same.

  • Candidates have to file the challenge in online mode and fee of INR 1000 has to be submitted per answer within the stipulated time period.
  • All the challenges will be reviewed by the committee and fee will be refunded only if the challenge is accepted and approved by the committee.

Candidates can also view and download their machine graded responses and image of filled OMR sheets. NEET 2021 Answer Key along with machine graded responses can be used to calculate the expected scores in the exam.

Steps to Calculate NEET Score and Rank

Based on the NEET 2021 answer key, the aspirants will be capable of calculating their rank and corresponding scores. On the other hand, the aspirants will get the option to tally their answers with previously released (before NEET 2021 result) answer key. Find the pattern of marking scheme in the following:

  • The students can score 4 marks for every correct answer.
  • Similarly, the aspirants will be penalised -1 for every incorrect answer.
  • You will not get any marks for unattempted questions
  • Total marks: 720 (180 MCQS*4)
  • In order to calculate the NEET scores, once can follow the below mentioned formula that is: (Total number of correct answers*4)-(total number of incorrect answers*1)

NEET Marks vs Ranks 2021

In order to prepare the merit list, NEET rank is considered as the main factor. The marks and corresponding rank of the candidates is tabulated in the following:

Ranks range Marks range Ranks range Marks range
1-5 681-701 38,671-42,664 391-400
6-9 671-680 43,751-48,025 381-390
10-16 661-670 49,140-53,692 371-380
17-31 651-660 54886-60,006 361-370
32-65 641-650 61,286-66,854 351-360
66-80 631-640 68,197-73,907 341-350
81-92 621-630 81,674-75,426 331-340
92-160 611-620 82,464-89,970 321-330
172-246 601-610 91,617-98,710 311-320
272-363 591-600 1,00,625-1,08,255 301-310
388-531 581-590 1,09,875-1,18,148 291-300
547-781 571-580 1,20,177-1,28,941 281-290
813-1,132 561-570 1,31,185-1,40,219 271-280
1,200-1,616 551-560 1,42,586-1,52,352 261-270
1,728-2,308 541-550 1,54,842-1,65,169 251-260
2,441-3,298 531-540 1,68,075-1,78,876 241-250
3,503-4,473 521-530 181,431-194813 231-240
4,708-5,972 511-520 1,96,386-2,10,183 221-230
6,257-7,696 501-510 2,12,003-2,25,343 211-220
8,032-9,570 491-500 2,28,954-2,42,788 201-210
9,958-11,594 481-490 2,46,509-2,61,169 191-200
11,993-13,926 471-480 2,65,271-2,80,794 181-190
14,358-16,342 461-470 2,85,115-3,01,394 171-180
16,795-18,977 451-460 3,06,153-3,23,646 161-170
19,548-22,114 441-450 3,28,574-3,46,874 151-160
22,756-25,447 431-440 3,52,020-3,71,811 141-150
26,179-29,211 421-430 3,77,662-3,98,105 136-140
29,973-33,388 411-420 4,04,017-4,28,905 134-136
33,794-37,770 401-410

NEET Comparison of marks and rank

What after NEET 2021 Result?

NTA will release the cut off along with the NEET 2021 result. The NEET 2021 cutoff is the minimum marks required to qualify for the exam. NEET Cut off is different for different categories:

The NEET 2021 cut off will depend on three factors, namely-

  • Total number of seats available
  • Number of candidates appearing in the exam
  • The difficulty level of the exam.

NEET 2021 Cut off will be released for All India Quota and State Level Quota. Top 15% scorers in the NEET exam will be allowed to participate directly in the NEET counselling process under 15% All India Quota. NEET 2021 expected cutoff is given below.

Category Total number of candidates Range of marks
General 6,82,406 720-147
OBC 61,265 146-113
SC 19,572 146-113
ST 7,837 146-113
UR & PH 99 146-129
OBC & PH 233 126-113
SC & PH 70 128-113
ST & PH 18 128-113

NEET 2020 Cut Off Score

NEET Cut Off Score will be declared with the online scorecard. Candidates can check the category wise expected cutoff scores based on previous year cutoffs, mentioned below:

Category Cut off Percentile Cut off Score Category Cut off Percentile Cut off Score
UR 50th Percentile 701-134 UR-PH 45th Percentile 133-120
OBC 40th Percentile 133-107 OBC-PH 40th Percentile 119-107
SC 40th Percentile 133-107 SC-PH 40thPercentile 119-107
ST 40th Percentile 133-107 ST-PH 40thPercentile 119-107

NEET 2020 Cut Off Score

What is NEET Percentile Score?

NEET Percentile score is the minimum qualifying score which is required to qualify the exam. NEET percentile can be calculated by following the below mentioned formula:

(Product of your absolute marks*100)/Highest marks obtained by the top ranker. 

NEET percentile score is the minimum score for qualifying the exam. Read the following table in order to identify the NEET qualifying percentile for counselling process:

Category Qualifying Criteria Marks Range
General 50 Percentile 701 – 134
OBC/SC/ST 40 Percentile 133 – 107
General – PWD 45 Percentile 133 – 120

NEET percentile score is determined based on the highest score in the All India Merit List. However, if the certain categories sufficient aspirants fail to meet the minimum marks, then MCI and Central Government will lower down the lowest marks for the respective categories.

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NEET Cut Off: Top 10 Medical Colleges

Name of College 2016 Closing Cut Off Rank 2015 Closing Cut Off Rank
Government Medical College, Chandigarh 162 158
Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai 408 565
King George’s Medical University, Lucknow 506 386
Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi 263 117
Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi 44 28
Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak 1035 674
Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai 408 216
Stanley Medical College, Chennai 2264 2039
University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 128 97
VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi 106 5

NEET 2021 Merit List

The merit list will be prepared as per the candidate’s performance in the NEET exam. The NEET 2021 merit list of All India Quota will be prepared by the National Testing Agency and the candidates get admission in colleges or universities as per their position in the merit list.

  • Category wise merit list will not be released. Only a centralized merit list will be published for NEET 2021 qualified aspirants.
  • The Merit list is made for seats as per 15% AIQ.
  • States will make their own merit as per the category of the aspirants and AIR.
  • AIQ merit list is made based on the NEET reservation policy and AIR.
  • The NEET 2021 merit list will be released on the official website of NEET.
  • There will be a waiting list, which is equivalent to 4 times the number of seats. It will be available for 15% AIQ.

Check the table mentioned above to find a detailed insight on NEET Marks vs Rank analysis for NEET 2020. Based on the analysis, you can deduce marks requirement to find a substantially high score in NEET 2021. Remember, admission to top medical colleges through NEET will be solely based on the merit secured by candidates in the written test. No separate weightage is assigned to any other factor besides category wise seat reservation in NEET.

For getting more information, the candidates are advised to keep their eyes on the official website of NEET 2021 i.e www.ntaneet.nic.in. Once the candidates meet their cutoff, they will get a chance to take admission either in MBBS or in BDS for medical and dental programs across India.

Check State wise NEET 2021 Cut off

Tie-Break Procedure for NEET 2021

NTA is likely to follow a predetermined tie-breaking procedure in case two or more students end up obtaining the same score, for the purpose of assigning ranks. Check the stipulated tie-break procedure for NEET 2021.

  1. Higher marks in Biology will lead to a higher rank in the order of merit.
  2. Higher marks in Chemistry, if the tie persists, will be used to assign the ranks for candidates.
  3. If the tie still persists, then candidates with least wrong answers will be placed higher in the order of merit
  4. Final criteria if all the others fail to resolve ties, is that candidates older in age will be placed higher on the merit list.


NEET 2021 Counselling

NTA has not decided the date of NEET 2021 counselling yet and it will be announced later. It is expected to be scheduled in June, 2021. The aspirants, who will find their names in the merit list and will qualify the NEET 2021 exam, will be eligible to attend the counselling process.

  • MCC will organise both the 15% AIQ seats as well as the seats in Central and Deemed universities.
  • As per the AIQ ranking, the centralised counselling merit list will be drawn.
  • The aspirants should follow the instructions of State Government and authorities of dental colleges or medical institutions/universities for the counselling purposes in order to get into the colleges through merit list.
  • Based on the All India Rank, the State Merit List will be drawn.

Courses Offered through NEET 2021 Result

The students can enrol their names for the following course work programs, once the NEET 2021 result will be out:

  • MBBS and BDS: In order to get into the colleges for MBBS or BDS coursework, either in Government or private college, or in central universities, in Deemed universities in India. Apart from this, the aspirants can also take admission into the AIIMS or in JIPMER.
  • Ayush Courses: The qualifying students of NEET 2020 can also take admission into the course works like Ayurveda (BAMS), Unani (BUMS), Yoga and Naturopathy (BNYS), Siddha (BSMS), and in Homeopathy (BHMS).
  • B.V.Sc. and AH courses: Apart from the aforementioned programs, the qualified aspirants will be eligible to enrol their names for B.VSc and AH courses in Veterinary colleges (Excluding Jammu and Kashmir).
  • If the candidates of foreign countries will like to continue their study in medical or dental courseworks from outside of India, they can also do that. The validity of NEET 2021 results will be valid for 3 years in this context.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.From where would I get my roll number to view my NEET Result 2021?

Ans. Your roll number is mentioned in your NEET 2021 Admit Card. Use the same to view your NEET Result 2021.

Ques. Does the NEET Result and the scorecard is released in the one and same document? 

Ans. The NEET 2021 result is released in the form of a score card which is the downloadable version of the same.

Ques: What are the quotas and seats on which admission will be offered through NEET?

Ans: Through NEET, admission will be offered into the following seats/quotas.

  • All India Quota Seats.
  • State Government Quota Seats
  • State/Private/Management/NRI Quota Seats in all Private Medical / Dental Colleges or any Private/ Deemed University
  • Central Pool Quota Seats

Ques: Are there any colleges or state bodies that are exempted from the purview of NEET

Ans: Indeed, AIIMS and JIPMER are exempted from NEET as they both are independent bodies and will lead their own medicinal selection test with a specific end goal to offer admission to the separate foundations. Till Now, state body has any such exception.


Ques: Is there any negative marking in this exam?

Ans: Yes