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Stressed Out Because Of Lockdown? Here’s How To Stay Motivated During NEET Preparation

Preparing for NEET 2020 is not an overnight task. It requires months of preparation. Sometimes the students put years of hard work into this. When these students spend all their productive time preparing, they overlook other activities. They end up giving up their hobbies and sleep just to study a little longer. These sacrifices have an adverse effect on students. Eventually, the motivation to study starts declining. However, preparing for this examination needs that motivation factor. Without that zeal, it is not possible for anyone to finish NEET 2020 Syllabus.

Tips to Stay Motivated

Let us look at the various tips that can help us retain motivation and consistency while prepping up for NEET 2020:

Planned Schedule

NEET preparation requires proper planning. Divide the syllabus into different sections as per your need. Allot time to each section and try sticking to it. It is also very important that you don’t make the schedule very rigid. Make it very flexible.

Time Table

An incomplete syllabus within the planned time often makes students anxious. This also reduces your confidence. The trick here is to not prepare long term schedules. Prepare everyday activities and proceed accordingly. Short term planning minimizes deviation. Therefore, make a short time table for NEET preparation. Include things that you can achieve in a day.

Solving Mock Tests

Solving mock tests helps you understand NEET 2020 Exam Pattern. Solving them also acts as an inspiration factor. Therefore, NEET mock tests should be solved regularly.

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Playing a Sport or Working Out

Working out is very important for physical as well as mental health. Playing a sport helps in developing a sense of discipline. These are not just mere words but are scientifically proven. These activities release endorphins that help you stay positive. Hence, try including a 30 mins workout or sports session. It will help you stay focused.

Healthy Eating Habits

Stress often leads to overeating or loss of appetite. Inadequate eating habits make you feel lethargic and inactive. This leads to the slowing down of your preparation. Eating healthy ad nutritious food will keep your body happy. Thus you’ll be motivated to study even harder. Try cutting down your sugar intake. Sugar can make you feel drowsy.

Sleeping Habits

Studying requires a lot of energy. You require a lot of focus to solve problems and spending hours of your reading. Your body needs rest to charge your drained mind and stay active all day. Therefore, it is very important to get at least 6 hours of sleep. Try studying difficult topics in the morning when you feel fresh and motivated.

Staying close to friends and family

It is very natural to feel anxious. Here, your friends and family act as the best motivators. Seek help from your friends and siblings if you face any difficulty. Talk to your family and close friends to boost your morale and break the monotony. It helps in giving you a healthy distraction.

Find Time for Hobbies

Hobbies help you remember who you are as an individual. They make you happy and act as stress busters. You should never give up on your hobbies. Not being able to do what you love can make you feel really demotivated. It is, hence, very important to continue with your hobbies. Listen to music, draw, write, dance. Do whatever you like while taking breaks and you will successfully feel motivated.

Being Extremely Optimistic

Staying optimistic can be really difficult when you’re under pressure. But this helps in accomplishing goals. The moment you start creeping in negative thoughts, you might start getting to worry. Therefore, try to stay constantly optimistic and focus on your positives. Focus on things that you’ve already done rather than things that are left.

Commit to Ending Goal

Look at the bigger picture. You know that your short term goals will help you achieve the ultimate one. Thus, commit to accomplishing the end goal. If you feel demotivated just imagine how accomplished you will feel when you will crack the NEET 2020 exam. This acts as a motivational factor.

Reward yourself for Small Achievements

Establishing a personal reward system can be really helpful. First, assign small tasks to yourself. After finishing the task, reward yourself for your hard work. It can be anything from small chocolate to a 30 minutes break. The rewards don’t have to be fancy. The idea is to make you feel accomplished and boost your motivation.

Make a note of Things Done

Keep a note of what all you have finished. When you feel anxious, go through it once. It will really make you feel better and determined to start studying again.

Gentle Self-Talk

Positive self-talk can be really helpful. You know yourself better. 5 minutes of positive talk every day can really help you get pumped up to work harder. Point where you are lagging behind and work upon yourself.

It is very difficult to stay motivated when preparing for NEET 2020. You can feel distressed and laid back from time to time. Following these tips will help you a lot to stay motivated and ace your NEET 2020 examination.

Tamil Nadu School Students To Get Free Online Crash Course For NEET From 15th June

The Tamil Nadu government school students and students of government-aided schools are going to receive a free online crash course for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET 2020) amid the multiplying COVID-19 pandemic and the country-wide lockdown. This initiative is jointly taken by Tamil Nadu School Education Board and Amphisoft Technologies who will be offering this free online crash course through their ‘E-box’ online learning platform.

NEET Test Registration Details

The course is commencing on 15th June 2020 and students can register for this course using this link – http://app.eboxcolleges.com/neetregister

Registrations for this course are closing on 8th June 2020. Registration is very easy and only requires a few particulars mentioned below-

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • District
  • School Name
  • NEET Registration Number
  • Medium

NEET Test Registration Success

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The Director of Tamil Nadu School Education Board, S Kannappan, said in a letter to all Chief Educational Officers, that the department was tying up with Amphisoft Technologies and is going to offer this free online crash course beginning from 15th June.

‘Practice-Oriented, Activity-Based Course’

E-box will offer video lectures recorded by subject experts in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, covering all the major concepts for the NEET 2020 examination. The course is specifically designed for NEET (UG) 2020 course only. As per the information on the website, the course will be extensively practice-based. There will be more than 6,500 questions to be solved, along with, 80 chapter-wise practice tests, 80 formative tests, 5 unit tests, 2 half-portion tests, and 10 full-portion tests.

Director S Kannappan has asked all the Chief Educational Officers to promote this free course and encourage the NEET aspirants to register for this course for their maximum benefit.

Before this, the Tamil Nadu School Education Board has organised 1-month residential crash courses for students of government schools appearing for NEET (UG). This practice was being followed for the last two years but it is uncertain whether the Education Board would conduct these courses during the lockdown period.

AI-powered Mobile App for Free Mock Tests of NEET 2020 Launches by the Government

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, the Minister of Union Human Resource Development has launched a new mobile application for NEET 2020 and JEE Main aspirants so that they can take mock tests as much as possible for free of cost. National Test Abhyas (the free mobile app) will lead to boost up the confidence level of the candidates before appearing for the main entrance test.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken this initiative for the constant closure of NTA’s Test Practice Center and Educational Institutions and for making up for the loss of the aspirants. Consequently, the aspirants will find the online mobile app suitable for uplift their performance and revision process, during this pandemic situation.

“This timely launch is designed to ensure that no student is left behind in getting exposure to practice testing, especially when Student’s loss due to closure of educational institutions is to be compensated and NTA’s Test-Practice Centers are shut due to the Covid-19 lockdown,” according to HRD Minister.

AI-Powered Mock Test Application Notice

The aspirants across India are eligible to get access to high-quality tests free of cost so that the students can prepare themselves for the upcoming tests like NEET and JEE and also the competitive exams.

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The aspirants, who are android users, are able to download from the Google Play Store. The government has also announced that the iPhone users will also be capable of downloading the app from iOS shortly.

The aspirants only need to remind that they should create a free account once they complete their downloading the app. After that, the aspirants will be capable of starting and taking mock tests on the selected examination. Apart from this, the aspirants are capable to take the exams offline after completing the downloading of the application. At last, if the students complete their offline test, they can go online for submitting their test and can also review their test report.

Steps to Download the National Testing Abhyas application:

  1. Go to the Apple Store or from Google Play Store and then download the National Testing Abhyas application.
  2. Now, the aspirants should sign up the application by providing the email id and phone number and password.
  3. Next you should choose either ‘NEET’ or ‘JEE MAIN’ option from the list of alternatives.
  4. The aspirants are now capable of downloading the full syllabus test.
  5. You are now capable of starting the mock test.

AI-Powered Mock Test Application 3AI-Powered Mock Test Application 4

The HRD Minister has stated in the press release that NTA has decided to publish one new mock test in the mobile application for the aspirants every day.

In addition, the HRD Minister also mentioned that since the past few years, the education sector has been experiencing leverage of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence compared to the traditional and simple digital distribution of content.

Tripura Government To Fund Its Own ‘Super 30’ For NEET Aspirants

Tripura Government has announced a scheme which will sponsor the education of 30 medical and engineering aspirants from the state. The scheme termed as ‘Super 30’ will fund education or coaching of 30 students towards the preparation of NEET or JEE for the upcoming year.

The scheme will fund 30 students based on their marks in Madhyamik Examinations (matriculation) conducted by the Tripura Board of Secondary Education. State Education Minister, Raman Lal Math, informed while speaking to the state secretariat that the students will be chosen after due consideration of SC and ST reservations.

To avail the benefit of this scheme, the first criteria is annual family income, which should be less than Rs 8 lakh. Tripura Board of Secondary Education has been asked to prepare a list of beneficiaries according to their board exam results. This list will be prepared by Tripura Board out of a list of 20 SC, 30 ST and 50 General category candidates.

Estimated Budget of the Scheme

According to the scheme, students who finally avail the benefits would be eligible to study at a coaching centre of their choice anywhere in the country, with funding for education provided completely by the State Government. It is estimated that the scheme would require finance of Rs 72 lakh per annum with approximately Rs 2.4 lakh spent on each student. Since the scheme is going to sponsor 30 students for both NEET and JEE each, the net estimate goes around Rs 1.44 crore.

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The Education Minister also said, “Education department officials would be in charge of checking the progress of students by visiting respective coaching centres twice a year and reviewing their performance in each quarter”.

Lack of Resources for Students

According to the data provided by Tripura Board of Secondary Education, 3,690 students appeared under exams from science stream in 2019. A lot of students apply at top coaching institutes but are unable to attend them either due to lack of resources or due to heavy travel costs from north-eastern states.

Education Minister Nath said that students from Tripura do not get the best opportunity to get admission to top medical or engineering colleges. If provided an equal opportunity as other students, they can also grab a seat in top courses of best colleges and universities.

A total of 27,155 students, which included 13,906 male and 13,249 female students, appeared in Higher Secondary Exams of Tripura state board last year. Among these, 80.51% of students passed the exams, which was a bit higher than the 78.62% pass rate from 2018.

‘Super 30’ is Anand Kumar’s Ramanujan School of Mathematics based in Patna, where he provides education to 30 aspiring students for IIT JEE. The scheme devised by Tripura govt has not credited any reference or inspiration to the school run by Kumar.

NEET 2021 Preparation Tips: Important Books, Strategies, Study Plans

NEET 2021 Preparation Tips: The revised dates for NEET 2021 Exam have been released and it is scheduled to be conducted on 12th September 2021. Students who are diligent and passionate about medicine, can utilise this extra time to the fullest. Better, use this time wisely and productively by practicing more thoroughly. Through this article, you will get NEET 2021 Preparation tips.

The NEET 2021 application process has started today. However, before applying for the NEET 2021 exam, go through the NEET 2021 eligibility criteria

  • To get a high score, the aspirants should make a smart NEET 2021 study plan and devote their time to constant practices.
  • The aspirants should start their learning with the maximum weightage chapters. Moreover, the NEET 2021 Exam Pattern has seen no change this year. In this regard, the aspirants can check previous years NEET question papers.

Furthermore, the difficulty level of the NEET 2020 Exam was very high. Over 16 lakhs students appeared for NEET in 2020 for 412 medical colleges across the country. Read the following article about NEET 2021 Preparation Tips that will help you to get into the top medical colleges of the country.

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Important NEET 2021 Preparation Tips

To start preparing for the exam, candidates must start by following the preparation tips. Briefly, NEET 2021 preparation tips will simplify the exam preparations. Some useful and basic NEET preparation tips are mentioned below:-

  1. Make a daily time table for NEET 2021 Preparation and follow it timely.
  2. Solve previous years NEET question papers.
  3. While studying focus on important questions and least questions to the exam approach accordingly.
  4. Also, attempt mock tests.
  5. Moreover, analyze mock test results and also work on your weak topics.
  6. Besides, make notes of important formulas.
  7. Keep practicing on topics.
  8. Read more from NCERT books.
  9. You may also go through the online study material for NEET 2021 Preparation Online.
  10. Furthermore, do not read any new topic a day before the exam.
  11. Don’t panic, take proper rest.


Things Should Consider while Preparing for NEET 2021 Exam

  • Unprepared Topics:- Many students tend to leave many important sections, which cover the maximum number of questions unprepared. In fact, they do not go through the exam pattern before starting the preparation. NEET 2021 syllabus is centered around class 11th and 12th syllabus.
  • Revision:- Some students study hard throughout the year. However, ignore revising regularly before a few months from the examination. Consequently, last-minute revision confuses them and they do not do their best in the exam.
  • Mock Test:- Students also do not go through the mock tests that give them the idea and feel of the real exam. Many students rely too much only on some specific books for their preparation. There are a total of 13,000 concepts in the NEET 2021 syllabus from which you must target to prepare accordingly.
  • Study Material: The aspirants must make use of the extra time they are getting due to the delay in NEET 2021. They should prepare properly to meet the cutoff marks. Hence, they need to have enough study material, so that they can effectively revise their lesson.

Students also often ignore their health while preparing for entrance exams, which must not be done. They also tend to mix-up their daily time table for NEET 2021 Preparation with class 12th studies. NEET and class 12 should be managed separately.


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Basic NEET 2021 Preparation Tips 

There are 2 months left for NEET 2021. Therefore it is important to proceed with the preparation strategically. Following are some NEET 2021 tips that you should follow to give your preparation a boost and improve your ranking in NEET 2021 subsequently.

1. Formalize a Feasible Timetable

Students must prepare a feasible timetable based on their strengths and capabilities. Then strictly follow it. Such a timetable also helps you to stay focused on your goal while preparing for NEET. Note that you should divide time for each subject daily since each section is equally important for NEET 2021.

2. Start from Scratch

You should not begin with the complex topics in the start. Your fundamentals must be cleared before you move on later to the complex topics. You must note down your notes and also the important formulas. Jot down important topics from which most of the questions are asked and prepare those very well, and then move to the lesser important sections.

3. Know the syllabus in a detailed manner

Before you start preparation for NEET 2021 exam, the aspirants should know the NEET 2021 syllabus in a detailed manner. You should make a list of the syllabus and put a tick, once you complete reading one section or topic of each of the subjects. Hence, it will help you to understand how many chapters you have left to learn before you start to revise.

4. Regular Practice and Revision

Regular practice will help you prepare well. Once you are done with theoretical concepts, you must practice as many questions as possible from each of the topics to gain perfection.

5. Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests

You need to attempt to complete mock tests once your syllabus is covered. It gives you an idea, specifically on how to manage your time while attempting the NEET 2021 exam. The mock tests taken regularly build your confidence and stamina for attending the real test. You need to assess your score and see improvement over the series of tests accordingly.

6. Understand the Exam Pattern

While preparing for NEET 2021, it is very important for you to know the NEET 2021 exam pattern. This gives you a clear idea about how you should prepare for the exam.

7. Do not panic and stay positive:

The competition level of cracking the NEET 2021 exam is getting high. However, the aspirants do not need to panic or stress. Meanwhile, they need to stay positive to face the challenge. Only strong dedication and continuous practice can bring success in getting high scores in the NEET 2021 exam.


NEET Preparation Tips by Toppers and Experts 

Some of the popular NEET Preparation tips by toppers and experts are discussed in the following:

  • Try to clear your concepts instead of following shortcut methods. Medical aspirants should focus on understanding the concepts behind the problems instead of just practicing formulas and answering questions. Instead of utilizing shortcuts, candidates must focus on understanding the 4-5 concepts present in every chapter. This way they can easily prepare for Physics.
  • The candidates are advised to make a circle and underline all the important and relevant parts. Since many of the parts in the questions are irrelevant and are not required for answering. Consequently, candidates can reduce the percentage of silly mistakes.
  • If the candidates face new questions in the exam Centre, then they need to realize that 50% out of four options are not accurate. This elimination specifically leads to analyzing the answers more optimally (out of two answers).
  • The aspirants should know the effective and speedy way of filling the OMR sheet. However, an incorrect filling of the OMR sheet will also lead to reducing your score in NEET 2021 exam.
  • While you are revising thoroughly, try to create a diagram, table, and chart for remembering the information.
  • Do not forget to remember the prefixes such as bi, mono, dio and uni.
  • Make mnemonic phrases for classifications and also for series.
  • Do not spend much time solving one question. If you are not confident to solve or do not know the correct answer, you also move to the next question.

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90 Days Preparation Plan-Subject Wise

To practice regularly, the aspirants should make and follow the 90 Days revision plan. Here we have covered the syllabus into a 90 days plan. We have divided the syllabus to prepare in 3 months according to the NEET 2021 chapter wise weightage. To know details, you should read the following points thoroughly:

Chemistry 90 Days Plan

Chemistry 90 Days Plan

90 Days revision plan of Physics:

Physics 90 Days Plan

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90 Days revision plan of Biology:

Biology 90 Days Plan


Revision Plan for NEET 2021

Two months have left before the NEET 2021 exam. Hence, the students should start the revision properly to get a high score in the main exam. A thorough revision plan is effective to clear your concept and also for brushing up your basic skills.

Create a study plan

You should start revision once you have done your learning session. Hence, you should make a study plan for NEET 2021 accordingly. Consequently you can complete the revision within the projected timeline.

  • Start your revision with those sections or chapters, which you find difficult. If you are not that confident with the preparation of that chapter, you should work on it.
  • Afterward, the students should systematically revise the chapters.
  • Besides, you need to make a timetable and follow it strictly.
  • Moreover, you should set a weekly target.
  • Start to do 6 hours daily self-study and try to increase the time duration with the time being (specifically when the exams come nearer).
  • Finally, you should not spend more than three long hours for revisioning one section.

Use technology as much as you can

You will get multiple online applications and websites for NEET 2021 exam preparation as well as for downloading the study materials.

  • If the aspirants are tech-savvy, then it will be the greatest opportunity for them to utilize it for revision purposes.
  • For instance, if the aspirants have any doubt regarding any particular chapter or section, then they can follow the guidelines of experts, which are available online to make it easier for them.
  • Furthermore, the aspirants are advised to follow the YouTube channels for getting to know about the professor’s lectures.
  • Lastly, better you do self-study. You can also take help from Google for clearing doubts.


Appear for mock test

Appearing for the mock test is the only way of getting ready and revised for NEET 2021 exam.

  • You should appear for mock tests as much as you can.
  • Consequently, you will get a clear idea about the exam pattern of NEET 2021 completely.
  • Keep each day of the week for each subject. For instance, Chemistry: Every Tuesday; Physics: Every Thursday; Biology: Every Sunday.
  • Apart from getting ideas on exam patterns, the students can increase the pace for completing the main NEET 2021 exam. Hence, you can complete the paper within the mentioned time.

Last 30 Days Revision Plan for NEET 2021 Exam

With the NEET 2021 exam date coming closer, many students are thinking about how to prepare for NEET 2021 in 1 month. We have got some tips to help you in dong that.

Revise your notes

  • In the last 30 days, the aspirants should revise the notes every day to make a strong grasp of the application.
  • You are advised to revise your formulae of the subjects every day. However, it is difficult to revise and retain the essential formulas at once, hence, you should need to revise some sections of the chapters daily, before the last days of the exam.
  • Apart from the important formulas, the aspirants should also keep practicing the diagrams with proper labeling.
  • In addition, the candidates should revise the Periodic Table thoroughly to get a good score in Chemistry.
  • On the other hand, to remember the Physics chapters and sections, the candidates should make flowcharts. It will help the students to make their Physics concepts clear.

Important topics

  • Solve as much as possible previous years’ question papers and then analyze the answers. Do it by yourself, so that you can identify your mistakes, and weak points.
  • Though the aspirants will get the questions from all the sections, however, try to figure out the most weightage sections (from where the students get most of the questions in the past two years).
  • The aspirants need to take a mock test or should also solve previous years’ questions.
  • Also, do not forget to take the exam on an OMR sheet. It will help you to change your habits before the final exam.
  • If you are stuck with any topic at the last moment, you should immediately contact your teacher.
  • In case of doing self-study, you should check from Google to clear your doubts and concepts.

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Mock tests are must

  • Furthermore, the candidates should take a full length mock test every day.
  • Regular practice of mock tests can increase your accuracy level besides increasing the pace of your speed level to complete the paper.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

  • To familiarise with the exam pattern, question types, the students should go through the previous years NEET question papers.
  • Practice previous years NEET question papers. It is dependent upon three factors and these are time management, accuracy level and, on selection of questions.
  • Specifically, the question solving approach for NEET 2021 should be: first understand the question, then do the application of the concepts and at last, do the calculation.
  • The selection of choosing the chapters is dependent upon the convenience of the candidates.
  • However, as per expert’s guidance, the aspirants should first attempt the Biology, then solve the Chemistry section immediately, and at last, they should answer Physics questions, since the difficulty level of the Physics questions in NEET main exam is comparatively harder than the other two sections.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • In the last month of the NEET examination, the candidates should not go through mental stress.
  • Moreover, they should follow a healthy diet and take deep sleep.
  • To increase the concentration level, deep sleep is also very important for NEET 2021 aspirants.

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Factors Affecting NEET 2021 Preparation

Multiple factors that affect NEET 2021 preparation and may bring down the rank of candidates. The primary factor is that often students do not follow a rigorous time table for NEET 2021 preparation. The NEET Exam which includes three sections of physics, Chemistry, and Biology. And the duration of the exam is three hours which has 180 questions, 45 from physics, 90 from biology, and 45 from physics.

The best approach to prepare for NEET is to make notes of important questions and solve previous year NEET question papers. It will be very helpful to you. Revise the important questions, formulas, and equations daily. In physics, there are some chapters on the topics of current electricity, communication systems, and semiconductors. This will help you with your revisions.

Check | NEET 2021 Syllabus Physics 

Online Apps and Online Materials

There are numerous online applications helping in the practice sessions of the NEET 2021 exam. Some of them are:


You will get 25000 sample questions in the NEET Guru app. It is a combination of biology, Physics, and Chemistry. In addition, this app will provide you a direct link to YouTube for getting explanatory videos.

Byju’s: The Learning App

The candidates will get an extensive range of study material. In addition, they can attend one on one interactive sessions with the experts. Hence, the aspirants also need to attend the video class modules.

Physics Galaxy

To clear the concept of Physics, this app is very useful for brushing up the Physics topics. For example, the content of the subject is available in 67 regional dialects as well as in international languages. Some of them are Bangla, French, Marathi, Chinese, Urdu. In addition, the aspirants will also get more than 7000 relevant videos on the subject to strengthen knowledge.

Darwin-NEET 2021 Preparation

From this app, the aspirants will get 30 years MCQs of NEET and AIIMS medical examination questions subsequently. Therefore, the students will get access to more than 25000 MCQs to solve. In addition, from these apps, the candidates will be able to check their analytical performance to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the students can also take free daily test sessions from the previous NEET question papers section. Besides online applications, the aspirants can immediately download Biology NEET Inspection, AskIITians-IIT, JEE, NEET, SAB, CBSE, ICSE Prep App, Aakash iTutor App, etc for downloading the study materials.

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NEET 2021 Important Topics

To prepare in a right manner for the NEET 2021 exam, the students should have a clear concept on the NEET 2021 exam pattern. Since NEET 2021 is one of those toughest exams in India, hence, unless you follow proper preparation, you cannot get the cutoff marks in the entrance test.

Physics Important Topics:

Low Weightage Medium weightage High Weightage
Units and Dimensions Motion in one dimension Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
Work, Energy and Power Newton’s Laws of Motion Ray optics
Thermal Properties of Matter, Calorimetry and Kinetic Theory of Gases Circular motion Rotational Motion
Photo-electric effect and electromagnetic waves Heat Transfer Laws of Thermodynamics
Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics Magnetic Effects of Current
Center of Mass and Momentum Conservation (Collision) Waves and sounds Current Electricity
Experimental Physics Atomic Structure in Modern Physics Semiconductors and Communication system
Oscillations Gravitation Classical Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Matter
Motion in 2 dimensions and projectile motion Wave Optics

Chemistry Important Topics

Low Weightage Medium Weightage High Weightage
Solid State Redox Reactions and Volumetric Analysis Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Metallurgy: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals Carbonyl compounds (Aldehydes and Ketones) Chemical Thermodynamics
Qualitative Inorganic Analysis Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Chemical Kinetics
Practical and Environmental Chemistry Mole Concept (Some basic concepts of Chemistry) Alcohols and Ethers
Atomic Structure Amines and Diazonium salts P block elements
Nuclear and Surface Chemistry Haloarenes and Phenols General Organic Chemistry
Haloalkanes Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes Coordination Compounds
Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds Chemical Equilibrium S block elements: Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals and Hydrogen
Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds Ionic Equilibrium Biomolecules and Polymers
Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives Isomerism of Organic Compounds
Liquids and Gaseous State D and F block elements
Solutions and Colligative Properties

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Biology Important Topics

Low Weightage Medium Weightage High Weightage
The Living World Organisms and Population Animal Kingdom
Mineral Nutrition Neural Control and Coordination Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation in Animals Anatomy of Flowering Plants Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Reproduction in Organisms Digestion and Absorption Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Plant Growth and Development Evolution Morphology of flowering plants
Respiration in Plants Reproductive Health Biological Classification
Strategies for enhancement in food production Biotechnology and its Applications
Microbes in Human Welfare Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Transport in Plants Biodiversity and Conservation
Excretory Products and their Elimination Biotechnology- Principles and Processes
Locomotion and Movement Human Reproduction
Biomolecules Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Ecosystem Plant Kingdom
Body Fluids and Circulation Cell- The Unit of Life
Human Health and Disease Chemical Coordination and Integration
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Environmental Issues


NEET 2021 Preparation Tips: Books to Refer

While preparing for the exam it is simultaneously important to refer to the best books which cover the exam syllabus and exam pattern. Best preparation tips for NEET 2021 are worthless if candidates won’t choose the best books. Here we have provided subject-wise reference books:-

Best Books for Physics Preparation

Book Name Author Name
Concepts of Physics H.C. Verma
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick and Walker
Objective Physics D C Pandey
Complete NEET Guide MTG Editorial Board

Best Books for Chemistry Preparation

Book Name Author Name
Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry O.P. Tandon
Bull’s Eye Chemistry NEET Edition 2020 Seema Saini and K.S. Saini
Organic Chemistry Morrison and Boyd
MTG’s Objective NCERT at your fingertips MTG Editorial Board

Best Books for Biology Preparation

Book Name Author Name
Objective Biology (Volumes 1 & 2) GR Bathla
Elementary Biology (Volume 1 & 2) Trueman
A Class Book for Botany A C Dutta
Complete NEET Guide: Biology MTG Editorial Board

Well to conclude, you must be on your toes right now for preparation of the NEET 2021 exam. Apart from following the best preparation tips for NEET 2021 mentioned above, you must also give little time to relax your mind through any mode that entertains you.

You may try listening to music and talking to your friends. Nonetheless at the same time, do not over consume your time. All the best!


1. Is it possible to crack NEET 2021 if I start the preparation now?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to crack NEET 2021 as 2 months are still left. You can crack the exam if you devote more hours and be consistent in your preparation.

Is it possible to score 650+ in NEET 2021?

Answer: Yes, you can get a score of 650+ with consistent and well planned preparation.

Can questions be asked from topics that are out of syllabus?

Answer: Though the question paper should be set from questions within the syllabus but at some instances a few questions from out of syllabus are also asked.

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