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AI-powered Mobile App for Free Mock Tests of NEET 2020 Launches by the Government

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, the Minister of Union Human Resource Development has launched a new mobile application for NEET 2020 and JEE Main aspirants so that they can take mock tests as much as possible for free of cost. National Test Abhyas (the free mobile app) will lead to boost up the confidence level of the candidates before appearing for the main entrance test.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken this initiative for the constant closure of NTA’s Test Practice Center and Educational Institutions and for making up for the loss of the aspirants. Consequently, the aspirants will find the online mobile app suitable for uplift their performance and revision process, during this pandemic situation.

“This timely launch is designed to ensure that no student is left behind in getting exposure to practice testing, especially when Student’s loss due to closure of educational institutions is to be compensated and NTA’s Test-Practice Centers are shut due to the Covid-19 lockdown,” according to HRD Minister.

AI-Powered Mock Test Application Notice

The aspirants across India are eligible to get access to high-quality tests free of cost so that the students can prepare themselves for the upcoming tests like NEET and JEE and also the competitive exams.

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The aspirants, who are android users, are able to download from the Google Play Store. The government has also announced that the iPhone users will also be capable of downloading the app from iOS shortly.

The aspirants only need to remind that they should create a free account once they complete their downloading the app. After that, the aspirants will be capable of starting and taking mock tests on the selected examination. Apart from this, the aspirants are capable to take the exams offline after completing the downloading of the application. At last, if the students complete their offline test, they can go online for submitting their test and can also review their test report.

Steps to Download the National Testing Abhyas application:

  1. Go to the Apple Store or from Google Play Store and then download the National Testing Abhyas application.
  2. Now, the aspirants should sign up the application by providing the email id and phone number and password.
  3. Next you should choose either ‘NEET’ or ‘JEE MAIN’ option from the list of alternatives.
  4. The aspirants are now capable of downloading the full syllabus test.
  5. You are now capable of starting the mock test.

AI-Powered Mock Test Application 3AI-Powered Mock Test Application 4

The HRD Minister has stated in the press release that NTA has decided to publish one new mock test in the mobile application for the aspirants every day.

In addition, the HRD Minister also mentioned that since the past few years, the education sector has been experiencing leverage of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence compared to the traditional and simple digital distribution of content.

NEET 2021 Revision Plan: Effective Strategy To Keep In Mind While Preparing

NEET 2021 is most likely to be conducted on 02nd May 2021 and as there are just a few months left for the exam, students preparing for NEET 2021 should start their revision. These many months are enough for preparation if you have got the right approach and dedication for cracking the exam with an effective strategy. During this period, you need to make a NEET 2021 Revision Plan to revise thoroughly each concept and brush up your basics.

NEET is a national level medical entrance exam which is a gateway to several top-notch dental and medical colleges at the undergraduate level. The online NEET 2021 Application form will be released in December 2020. Here we have designed an effective NEET 2021 revision plan which will definitely help you in fulfilling your dream to pursue MBBS or BDS from the top medical college of the country.

The three major essential factors to remember for the NEET 2021 preparation are:

  • The NEET aspirants should be calm and focused on the exam.
  • Do not doubt yourself or do not try to compare with the other candidate.
  • The candidates should put their best efforts. Hard work and disciplined study is the only way to prepare yourself.
  • Do not panic, it, in turn, increases your stress. So, it will tend to lose time for the NEET revision purposes.

Effective Strategies To Remember For NEET 2021 Revision Plan

Effective Strategies To Remember For NEET 2021 Revision Plan

Weekly Study Plans

One thing before starting your NEET Revision is creating a systematic and sequential NEET 2021 study plan. Let us try to understand how to create a systematic NEET 2021 Revision Plan.

  1. The first thing you must do is set a target. It would be suitable to start with weekly targets. Bifurcate the topics in a sequential manner and keep a goal to complete them in a week. This way completes the whole NEET 2021 Syllabus in a specific time period.
  2. Try to keep up with the number of days closer to the exam and increase the number of hours of study. Say, currently you study for 6 hours in a day. But around a month before the NEET 2021, it should be approximately 9 to 10 hours a day.
  3. Ensure not to spend too much time on a single section/subject. Appropriate the time on a subject that you are weak in.
  4. You can also refer to NEET 2021 Sample Papers in order to understand the NEET 2021 Exam Pattern.
  5. Sleep at least 7 hours as that is essential to keep your mind fresh and alert. Also, take some time out for your hobbies and recreational activities.

Hence, this will help you accumulate various chapters during your NEET 2021 Revision and manage the time effectively and efficiently. You also need to work on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, if possible.

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Use The Internet For Studies

The Internet is vast and has tons of useful content for free. Various mobile applications for NEET 2021 Preparation are present on both Android and iOS. There’s so much NEET 2021 study material that you will never be out of practice questions. Properly utilise the technology you have in your hands. You can also use social media to connect and get answers to your doubts.

NTA has provided video lectures by IIT-PAL on Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. These videos are present on youtube for free. These lectures are also useful if you are considering self-study with small doubt sessions from your teachers.

Offline Mock Tests

The best way to prepare for NEET is to take offline NEET 2021 Mock Tests. You can use the NTA’s National Test Abhyas application to prepare for NEET 2021. However, we would suggest taking print out of NEET previous year question papers PDFs and solve as many question papers as you can. These NEET question papers are equal to that of NEET 2021 mock tests.

  1. A week has 7 days and each day should be allotted towards a particular subject of NEET 2021. Say, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday for Biology, Wednesday and Thursday for Physics, Friday & Sunday for Chemistry. This will help you keep up the pace required for the NEET 2021 preparations as well as for revisions.
  2. Try to keep only easy topics for weekends. This way you can make time for practicing NEET 2021 mock tests/ offline tests or give time to hefty NEET 2021 Revision Plan.

Identify Productivity Output

How much of your learning hours are actually productive? Out of 7 hours spent learning, did you actually get an output of 7 hours? The aspirants must identify their productive hours. This is because each of the aspirants have different mindsets and the number of hours required to learn something new varies among people. Hence, the aspirants should act at their convenience for increasing the learning capacity and productivity, if they find it difficult to cope up.

Good Grasp On Syllabus

Without actually knowing the syllabus, you will never know what is important for the exam. There is a difference in 12th boards exam pattern and NEET 2021 Exam Pattern. NEET 2021 will have a combined syllabus of both 11th and 12th class. Thus, the NEET important topics vary accordingly.

Try to make small notes once a particular topic / chapter is completed. NCERT Books provide a short summary after each chapter as well. However it is better if you make these notes yourself to keep it concise and workable for your NEET Revision Plan.

How will NEET Revision Plan Work?

Break down the revision session into small chains: As per their convenience, the aspirants should break the entire NEET 2021 syllabus into small chains. The aspirants are also advised to take small breaks between the revision of small chains. A small break will be beneficial to boost up their concentration and to get mentally relaxed.

Try to revise self-made short notes: The aspirants are advised to make short notes on their own. They need to write the main concepts, formulae of the chapters and need to recall it. It will help them to memorise the NEET important topics.

Revise as per the proper routine: Maintain a proper and healthy routine in your every day’s lifestyle. Hence, you need to follow the proper discipline and a well managed daily routine. Go through the below mentioned NEET 2021 revision plan:

  1. Wake up as per your convenience. You should not wake up in the afternoon.
  2. Have well nutritious breakfast
  3. Study regularly for two hours.
  4. Take a small break of 10 minutes.
  5. Start revision for half an hour
  6. Now, have your lunch
  7. Start to study for two continuous hours, which is followed by a 10 minutes short break
  8. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should do a little exercise.
  9. Eat your snacks (have light weightage and healthy snacks. Avoid oily food).
  10. Revision of half an hour
  11. Have light dinner
  12. You are advised to study for an hour after completing your dinner.
  13. Now you can go off to the bed and sleep.

Analyse the NEET 2021 Preparation Progress

It is very necessary to test your learning since it is a part of the NEET 2021 revision plan. Apart from measuring the progress, the aspirants can also identify their weakness, so that they can give extra focus on it. Hence, the aspirants should keep a track record of your preparation.

NEET 2021 Revision Plan for Three Months

Once the aspirants learn completely the entire NEET 2021 syllabus, they will need to start revision. They should make a NEET revision plan and should follow the daily timetable for NEET 2021 to keep the track of the revision of the subjects. Do not revise your study in a haphazard manner. Better study in an organised manner. It, in turn, helps to bring positivity in you and leads you to motivate towards your study. To make your NEET 2021 revision plan strengthen, the aspirants need to set a goal first. You can also save your time.

First Month Strategy

In the first month, the aspirants require to revise the topics of class XI, in which you are comparatively weaker and volatile.

  • You should revise different topics of two different subjects every day (if you are flexible, then try to revise three different subjects every day).
  • In order to choose the topics, the students should revise the strongest topic (which you feel) and most critical topic. Continue this process in every alternate day by picking the different combinations of sections.
  • If you are engaging yourself more in revising the concepts and theory, you also need to keep time for writing down the basic things. For instance, you can write the answers by using mnemonics and basic values. You also need to work on the formulae and reactions.

Repeat this process continuously. You are advised to revise the topics in the first month at least thrice. On the weekends, try to take two model questions papers for memorising the concepts.

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Second Month Strategy

You should find and analyse the mistakes from first-month revision. In the second month, revise the 12th-grade study in a similar way.

The aspirants are advised to give extra focus more on the high weightage topics. Try to complete your revision once you will be overambitious about it. Do not overburden yourself. Otherwise, it only makes you stressed.

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Third Month Strategy

It is a vital month before the exam. You should be calm and composed throughout the month. Anxiety to a certain level is fine, otherwise, panicking can only make you scared and you will forget your learnings. Do not study anything new this month.

  • Only need to revise those NEET important topics, which you have learnt already.
  • Try to practice more on multiple-choice questions or model papers. You should practice at least two papers daily. Analyse more and try to find out the weak points from your evaluation.
  • Besides, you should also take NEET 2021 mock tests daily. Identify your weakness and you should rectify it.
  • In the last two weeks, the aspirants should revise the volatile stuff more. Solve more repeat based questions.

Also, do not take lightly to memorise the formulae. You are advised not to use social media during this time. The NEET 2021 revision plan will be beneficial to get good scores in the exam.

By following the above-mentioned revision plan, you will be easily able to cover all the topics. You just have to be determined and focus to achieve your goal.

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Units To Cover in 2-month NEET 2021 Revision Plan

NEET 2021: Month 1

SECTION Biology Chemistry Physics
WEEK 1 Unit- Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants (Class XI) Mole Concept & Stoichiometry, States of Matter: Gaseous State Class 11th Mechanics (Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power)
WEEK 2 Unit- Plant Physiology (Class XI) Atomic Structure, Thermochemistry Class 11th Mechanics (Rotational Kinematics & Dynamics, System of Particles)
WEEK 3 Unit- Genetics and Evolution (Class XII) Equilibrium, Solutions & Solid State Class 12th: Optics & Modern Physics (Ray and Wave Optics, Dual Nature of Radiations)
WEEK 4 Unit- Biotechnology and its Applications (Class XII) Redox & Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics & Surface Chemistry Class 11th Mechanics (Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids & Fluids)

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NEET 2021: Month 2

SECTION Biology Chemistry Physics
WEEK 1 Class XI

Digestion & Absorption

Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Body Fluids and Circulation

Chemical Bonding Class 12th – Atomic Nucleus & Semiconductors
WEEK 2 Class XI

Excretory Products and Elimination

Locomotion and Movement

Neural Control and Coordination

Chemical Coordination and Integration

Classification of Elements, Hydrogen & S Block Class 11th Mechanics (Oscillations & Waves)
WEEK 3 Unit Ecology (Class XII) P Block Elements Class 11th Thermal Physics (Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases)
WEEK 4 Animal Kingdom (Class XI) D & F Block & Coordination compounds Class 12th – Electromagnetic Waves & Communication Systems

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How to Make Revision Notes?

To crack the NEET 2021 exam, the aspirants should go through lots of guidance and they need to devote full concentration. Though NEET is one of those toughest exams, however, the aspirants can crack the entrance test by following the smart steps. Personal revision note is beneficial to boost up the score of NEET 2021 exam. So, a NEET 2021 personalised revision note is also useful for memorising the concepts of each section easily.

Key Features of Making Revision Notes

  1. Short and to the point
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Should include important terms and their definition
  4. Must include important topics, important formulas and tricks.
  5. Makes notes chapter-wise
  6. Must be handy so that revision will be easy

Steps to Make Revision Notes

  1. The aspirants should check their studying compatibility
  2. They should have detailed knowledge about the NEET 2021 Syllabus
  3. You should first complete your learning thoroughly. It will not be wise to make personalised notes every after completing chapters. Better gain in-depth knowledge on the concept of the topics or chapters.
  4. In order to memorise the formulae, important content, the aspirants are advised to use colourful pens and highlighter. It will be more appealing to the NEET appearing candidates.
  5. You need to make NEET 2021 personalised revision notes in easy language, which will be easily understood by you.
  6. To easily learn, trying to make the NEET 2021 personalised revision note should make it easier than the books.

Though NEET 2021 Main exam has been postponed due to the pandemic COVID-19. The aspirants should follow the aforementioned tips during revision. Consequently, the candidates will be capable of meeting the NEET 2021 cutoff marks.


Ques. Is NEET Revision important after completing your study? 

Ans. NEET revision plan 2020 is the key factor of getting a high score in NEET exam. Hence, NEET revision plan 2020 is important to crack the admission test.

Ques. Why is it critical to crack the toughest NEET exam? 

Ans. Since, NEET is the only single exam to take admission for medical course work.

Ques. Is it important to practice the previous years questions?

Ans. In order to understand the trend of exam pattern, the aspirants need to solve the NEET previous years question papers.

Ques. How is it essential to go through NEET revision plan 2020 for cracking the exam and getting a higher score?

Ans. To boost up and motivate yourself, the aspirants should definitely follow the NEET revision plan 2020. It also helps you keep yourself stress free.

NEET 2021 Mock Tests – Free Mock Test and Tips by Expert

NTA has released ‘National Test Abhyas‘ app for NEET aspirants. Students can attempt the new NEET 2021 Mock Test on this application. NEET 2021 is scheduled for 1st August 2021. With just 1 month left for NEET 2021, you must gear up to give it your best shot. NTA, the conducting authority, has officially released the exam schedule for 2021.

It is likely that candidates who are appearing for NEET for the first time may get confused during the exam. They may panic and not understand the options at times. Thus, in order to avoid such situations, you must go through the free NEET 2021 mock test available online that provides you with an idea of the NEET Exam Pattern. Purpose of NEET Mock Test 2021 is to make you familiar with the layout or user interface of the exam.

If you go through such NEET Mock Tests, the chances of getting a good score increases. NEET Mock Tests familiarize you with various types of questions from the exam syllabus pretty well. This article covers information related to various free NEET mock tests available online that you can practice for boosting your preparation.

Check out

Free Mock Test for NEET 2021 By NTA

NTA has created its own platform for practising NEET Mock Tests. The students can go to the NTA Official Website for taking the Free NEET Mock Test. Currently, only three section-wise tests are available on this platform. NEET Mock Test by NTA Along with this, NTA has also launched the application named ‘National Test Abhyas’. There are more than 25 Free NEET Mock Tests available on this application. Students are advised to use this app to boost their preparations. AI-Powered Mock Test Application 3 AI-Powered Mock Test Application 4 App requires airplane mode to start mock test

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NEET Mock Test: Free Platforms

There are many websites and web pages that help you appear in some promotional free NEET mock tests for the preparation of NEET 2021. These websites also offer paid mock tests which include toppers’ ideas on solving exams in the right pattern. Students can also practice NEET Chapter-wise mock tests on these portals. Below is the list of such web pages that you can go through for attending various NEET mock tests. 

 1. Embibe

  • Embibe is a website that allows you to take NEET Mock Tests for free. These NEET mock tests are formulated by experts after carefully studying the NEET papers of the previous years. These are one of the best online test series for NEET 2021.
  • All Important Topics from the NEET Syllabus are covered while developing these NEET mock tests to ensure that each of these are similar to the actual exam in all aspects. This makes you stronger in all the areas with time.

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2. Career Orbits

  • Career Orbits makes sure that they boost up your scores with their online test series.
  • Their test series is filled with only selected and important questions according to exam pattern. It covers all the concepts of NEET entrance standards.
  • These NEET mock tests allow you to take repeated practice for your weaker areas in which you score less marks.
  • The website allows you to register for the free trial through which you can attend a series of NEET mock tests without even paying a penny.

3. Gradeup Online Test Series for NEET

  • Gradeup test series for NEET 202q are designed by the medical experts for delivering high quality and latest pattern questions for NEET.
  • These NEET mock tests contain questions from the best books of Biology, Physics and Chemistry, covering the whole syllabus of NEET.
  • Each NEET mock test offers a complete package of full length and sectional part tests. These free tests are available with detailed solutions, performance analysis and video report to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • You can login to attend the first few series of the NEET mock test online free. This would help you know your status of the exact performance and you may modify your preparation accordingly.

4. Allen

  • Allen institute for medical coaching offers online test series for the NEET-UG 2021 preparation of candidates.
  • Allen online test series for NEET 2021 is designed to help you to get familiar with the exam pattern and the type of questions that you may face in the actual exam.
  • Additionally, real-time testing and analysis of the website will allow you to assess your performance with your competitors across the country. Test series focus on the fact that no preparation is complete if the candidate does not evaluate performance on a regular basis.
  • Allen offers the first few mock tests absolutely free for candidates registering on their site. You may try those for evaluating your current performance for the NEET 2021 exam.

5. NEET Pathshala

  • NEET Pathshala offers over 300 mock test series for NEET Preparation from which the first few are absolutely free for the new candidates who register. This is a great source for free mock test for NEET 2021 chapter wise. You can use those to maximize your chances of facing the NEET 2021 exam.
  • The mock tests are full length and NEET Syllabus chapter-based for each subject along with their explanations. They also cover the previous year’s NEET question papers and mock tests based on those.
  • The NEET Pathshala mock test series contains more than 15,000 NEET questions based on the syllabus and pattern specific to NEET. These mock tests make use of commendable performance tracking systems to analyze your performance at every level.

Other than the platforms given above, students can also choose paid platforms. NEET Online Test Series from Aakash Institute is one of the best mock test series.

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Benefits of Online NEET Mock Test

Preparing through the NEET 2021 mock test increases the confidence in the student. There are five benefits of online mock test explained below:-

  1. Immediate Result: In offline tests candidates have to wait for the result. The competition between students has become high. Time is crucial. By practising NEET 2021 mock test candidates will have an immediate result, hence enhancing effective learning.
  2. Boost Confidence: Online NEET 2021 mock test enhances the confidence in candidates. It gave immediate feedback, candidates will become familiar with the exam pattern and type of question.
  3. Clear idea of where you stand: In the traditional test, you may have performed well among others. The online NEET 2021 mock test tells the student where they stand among others. Also, it motivates the candidate more towards their goal.
  4. Time management: Online mock test helps candidates to manage time. The more they solve the NEET mock test, the more chances they can solve the exam on time.
  5. Improve, Improve and Improve: As online NEET mock tests give immediate feedback, candidates can analyze the result and retake the same mock test again and again. This helps the candidate to analyse and improve their learning curve.

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NEET Mock Tests: Know About Exam Pattern

Before attending the mock test for NEET, you must have a clear understanding of the exam pattern along with the NEET syllabus. NEET 2021 will be paper and pen based. Candidates will need to attempt 180 questions within 3 hours. The questions asked will be objective type and cover topics from four subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Each of these subjects will be of 180 marks. Therefore, the whole exam will be of 720 marks. For every correct answer, candidates will be awarded four marks. On the other hand, one mark will be deducted for every incorrect attempt. The question paper will be in 8 languages that are Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Telugu and Marathi.

Mode of the examination Computer-based
Medium of the question paper English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Assamese, and Urdu
Duration of the examination 180 minutes
Type of questions Objective type
Total number of questions in the exam 180
Marks awarded for a correct answer +Four (4)
Marks deducted for an incorrect answer -one (1)

What is the Ideal Time to Start Practising Mock Tests?

As per the statements of NEET Toppers and the experts, aspirants should start taking NEET mock tests after completing 50% of the syllabus. The more you solve the NEET mock tests, you will boost up your confidence level. However, initially you will be able to attempt only 45%-50% questions. With the passage of time, the number of attempts at the questions will be increased.

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What is the Ideal Frequency of Solving NEET Mock Tests?

Initially, the aspirants should take at least two mock tests in one month. Once the exam day will come nearer, they should increase the frequency of solving the mock test for NEET 2021 by NTA. For instance, the aspirants should take at least 8 NEET 2021 mock test papers in the last month before the exam.

Are Mock Tests Enough to Qualify NEET 2021?

Practising through NEET mock tests is not enough for cracking the exam. Since it is the only entrance test to get into the BDS and MBBS courses in India, hence, the difficulty level of the NEET exam is very high. Therefore, the students should know the NEET 2021 syllabus completely. Mock test for NEET 2021 by NTA is a part of preparation for the exam. For getting to know more information, read important topics and solve sample papers from previous years for NEET Preparation. NEET Old Question Paper PDFs can be downloaded from the link. This article must be useful to you if you were seeking information related to the NEET mock tests. If you practice with full dedication, you will definitely get through the actual exam on 1st August 2021. Wishing you all the great luck! Read


Q: Will NEET 2021 be conducted twice a year?

Answer: No, NEET 2021 will only be conducted once.

Q: When will NEET 2021 be conducted?

Answer: NEET 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on August 1, 2021.

Q: What is the cost for a mock test series by Allen?

Answer: Allen mock test series starts from rs 2100.

Q: How can I score more than 700 marks in NEET 2021?

Answer: You can score over 700 in NEET 2021 if you follow a good preparation plan. You should study all concepts thoroughly, practice previous year question papers and sample papers and take mock tests. You must follow all the preparation tips if you want to score over 700.