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NEET Dress Code for Male and Female, Instructions by NTA, Other Guidelines

NEET is an entrance test that is conducted all over the country on an annual basis for students who want to study undergraduate medical and dental courses. Performing well in the NEET entrance test can help the candidate get into government or private medical colleges. However, in the past few years, in a bid to adhere to the strict rules and regulations and to make sure that no student cheats, authorities resorted to some questionable methods. Aspirants need to follow NEET Dress Code strictly as per the regulations laid down by NTA. NEET dress code norms are mentioned in the brochure which is available on the official website. Dress code for NEET 2021 is introduced to avoid cheating and misdeed.

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NEET Dress Code For Male Candidates

After 2017 NEET entrance exams, a number of male students complained of harassment. In one incident, the officials present at the centre had chopped off long sleeves of shirts and kurtas of some students. Such acts can cause humiliation and embarrassment to students on the day of their entrance exam which can be already stressful. In a bid to avoid such a situation, NTA has laid down some dos and don’ts for NEET dress code for male candidates.


  • Wear a light half-sleeved shirt or t-shirt.
  • Wear sandals or slippers.
  • Wear basic trousers.
  • Wear clear framed power spectacles.


  • Do not wear watches with heavy dials.
  • Any kind of closed shoe that covers the entire foot is not allowed.
  • Do not wear metal wrist bands or ornaments.
  • Do not wear track pants.
  • Wearing jeans is not advised.

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NEET Dress Code For Male Candidates

NEET Dress Code For Female Candidates

Women have always been at the receiving end of immense scrutiny when it comes to clothing, unfortunately, so is the case with NEET. In 2017, women candidates allegedly had to get their earrings cut off. Some women who wore jeans to the examination centre allegedly had to get the metal buttons cut off. In a more serious case, a woman candidate was allegedly asked to take off her undergarments as it had metal hooks in it. The bizarre measures can have a rather negative impact on an individual. NTA has laid down a number of rules related to NEET Dress Code for female candidates to follow to avoid any trouble on a day so crucial.


  • Women can opt for a salwar.
  • Women can opt for trousers.
  • Wear sandals (with low or no heels) or slip-on.
  • Wear light, half-sleeved tops and t-shirts.
  • Wear light kurtas (it should not have inner pockets).
  • Wear clear framed power spectacles.


  • Do not carry hair pins or hair bands.
  • Jewellery and ornaments like heavy earrings, pendants and nose rings are not allowed.
  • Any kind of closed shoe that covers the entire foot is not allowed.
  • Do not wear track pants.
  • Do not wear any piece of clothing that is heavily embroidered.
  • Avoid tops with big buttons or skirts with inner pockets.
  • Do not wear high heeled shoes (block and platform heels to be strictly avoided).
  • Do not wear watches with heavy dials.
  • Wearing jeans is not advised.

NEET Dress Code For Female Candidates

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NEET Dress Code – Jeans, To Wear Or Not To Wear?

This is a tricky one. Denim Jeans is go-to clothing for most men and women. It is comfortable, sturdy and can hold multiple belongings. However, jeans have been at the centre of the whole controversy. The National Testing Agency does not view wearing jeans from a gender-neutral lens. Hence, there are different rules for both men and women.

  • NTA has allowed light-coloured jeans for male candidates only if it is worn with a short-sleeve shirt or t-shirt.
  • For women, NTA has taken a more rigid stance.
  • Wearing denim pants or leggings at the exam centre has been strictly prohibited. Skinny jeans can raise objections and hence is not advised.
  • Both male and female candidates are urged to stick to the dos and don’ts list to steer clear of any kind of controversy.

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NEET Dress Code – Are Customary Dresses Allowed?

Candidates who follow a particular religion and subscribe to a certain kind of religious dress code will be allowed to wear it for NEET 2020. For instance,

  • Female Muslim candidates will be allowed to wear burkha to the examination hall.
  • Sikh candidates will also be allowed to carry their traditional belongings like kirpan, kanga, kara etc.
  • The step has been taken under the directions issued by the Delhi High Court.
  • While filling the form for NEET, candidates will be asked if they wish to follow their traditional NEET dress code. The candidate’s willingness will have to be specified in the form itself.

Candidates are advised to reach the examination centre well in advance to ensure a hassle-free security check. NEET Customary Dresses Allowed Check the

NEET Application Form

NEET 2021 – Items Barred During Examination

The National Testing Agency has issued a list of items that are strictly prohibited at the examination centres. According to NTA, the items are not to be carried in the premises under any circumstance. The list includes the following items:

  • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), bits of paper, Geometry/pencil box, plastic pouch, calculator, pen, scale, writing pad, pen drive, eraser, log table, electronic pen, electronic scanner etc.
  • Any communication device like mobile phones, BlueTooth, earphones, microphone, pager, health band etc.
  • Items like wallet, goggles, handbag, belt, cap, etc.
  • Any ornament or metallic items, etc.
  • Any food item opened or packed, water bottle, etc.
  • Any other item which can be used for unfair means, etc.

It is also worth noting that according to the NTA, candidates will be subjected to extensive and compulsory frisking. The frisking will be done with the help of highly sensitive metal detectors right before candidates enter the examination centre. Candidates must also keep in mind that examination centres will not make any arrangements to keep any of the item(s). If a candidate is found in possession of any of the barred items, it will be considered an act of unfair means. Action will be taken against the candidate under the relevant provisions. Check  NEET Exam Centers

NEET Dress Code – Other Rules And Regulations

Let’s now touch upon some grey areas to avoid any possibility of confusion or controversy when you step out to appear for NEET entrance exam.

  • Tattoos have been strictly prohibited.
  • Clothes with floral prints or floral embroidery should be avoided.
  • Turbans are allowed as it is a part of customary clothing.

Candidates will be provided with all the required items by the invigilators at the examination centre. Hence, there is no need to carry stationery products.

Key Points To Remember About NEET 2021

Human Resource and Development minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has informed that NEET entrance exams will most likely be conducted in May 2021.

  • The decision has been taken in the light of the pandemic of COVID-19 outbreak and rapidly rising number of cases.
  • The NEET 2021 admit card will be available 15 days before the examination.
  • This year over 15 lakh candidates and medical aspirants will be appearing for NEET 2021examinations. The National Testing Agency is planning to increase the number of examination centres in a bid to accommodate all the aspirants.
  • NEET is an offline entrance exam which lasts for a span of 3 hours. Candidates will be given 180 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Candidates will be asked 45 questions each from physics and chemistry, while 90 from biology (45 questions each from Zoology and Botany). The questions will follow the pattern of multiple-choice (MCQs).
  • The marking scheme is +4 for every correct answer and -1 for every incorrect answer. The total score is 720.


NEET Exam Pattern

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NEET Dress Code – The Controversy

In 2017, a number of NEET aspirants from across the country were subjected to harassment in a bid to follow the dress code designed to crack down on cheating and malpractices. In some cases, if the metal detector beeped due to a button or a hook of the undergarment, students were turned away from pre-entry security checkpoints. In a few cases, students were left with no option but to buy new clothes from nearby shops to be able to make it to the examination hall. Prior to the NEET examination, the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE had released a list which mentioned the dress code to be followed, along with permitted and unpermitted clothing and accessories. The list did not categorically mention that jeans with metal buttons, trousers with long pockets or undergarments with hooks were not allowed. The National Human Rights Commission or NHRC got involved and pulled up CBSE in the light of cases of alleged harassment. After the unfortunate turn of events, the National Testing Agency or NTA took the matter in its own hands and issued a proper guideline which needs to be followed during the NEET entrance exams. The guideline does not only give clarity on the dress code to be followed but also mentions the items that will be and won’t be allowed in the examination halls. NEET Dress Code Controversy The rules and regulations framed to maintain a uniform NEET dress code can be overwhelming for some candidates. To be able to remember and follow each and every rule on the day of a crucial NEET 2021 exam can be a bit of a task in itself. No doubt this has led to micromanagement which resulted in alleged cases of harassment in the past. However, the new NTA rules have been framed to avoid any such situation from arising again. Hence, candidates are expected to abide by them.