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#PostponeJEE_NEETinCovid Starts Trending on Twitter, Students Want NEET 2020 Postponed

COVID-19 has stopped students from going on streets and starting a movement against conducting NEET 2020. However, these movements are now being run on the internet, as usual. With the help of twitter and facebook, students are trending the hashtag – #PostponeJEE_NEETinCovid to bring the attention of authorities. Various exams conducted recently, such as KCET had no social distancing between students even after several assurances from the authorities. 60 students who were attending this exam were found COVID-19 positive.

The NEET 2020 is scheduled to be conducted a week after JEE Main 2020 i.e. on 13th September 2020. The date is almost 43 days away from the date of publishing this article. As of today, the number of daily COVID-19 cases in India have reached a new record of 57,000+. Within every two days, the country is adding 1 lakh cases. Many are justifying this jump due to an increase in testing in the past few days. However, it shows that the country might not be able to cover the gap of active vs recovered cases of COVID-19.

The Aam Aadmi Party, Bihar has supported students for this cause by tweeting with the hashtag.

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It is no doubt that the regular rise in cases has worried students and parents. UGC guidelines on conducting final year exams for colleges have already faced backlash from students. Meanwhile, Delhi University cancelled their exams until the situation was back in control. In another tweet, the National Secretary of All India Students’ Association (AISA), also tweeted in support of students.

Students have been regularly posting tweets and tagging the education minister, Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal, to postpone or even cancel the NEET 2020 exam. He has regularly ensured that health and safety of students is the first priority. Moreover, schools and colleges have been shut for another month. It is clear that the decision to postpone NEET 2020, which will have a participation of at least 15 lakh students altogether, would ensure safety of students only. Although, there has been no statements regarding postponing the medical entrance any further.

NEET (UG) 2020 Application Form Correction Window Reopened Again Till 15th July

Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal announced the postponement of NEET 2020 exam till 13 Sept 2020. With that, NTA is providing another chance to candidates for NEET Application Form Correction. The NEET Form Correction Facility has been re-opened by the NTA from 4th July to 15th July 2020. As per the public notice by NTA, candidates will be allowed to update their NEET Exam Centre preferences using this correction facility. Along with this, NEET Admit Card 2020 will be released 15 days prior to the exam.

The NEET Form Correction Window will be open only till 5:00 PM on 15th July 2020 and correction fee can be paid (if required) only till 11:50 PM. The additional fee for correction (if required) can be paid via Debit/Credit Card, Net banking, UPI or Online Wallets.

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Candidates can access NEET (UG) 2020 Form Correction Window using steps below-

  • Head over to ntaneet.nic.in
  • Click on the ‘Candidate Login’ link

Form Correction Window

  • A new window will open
  • Enter the Application Number and Password, and click on ‘Login’
  • Now you can make edits to your NEET (UG )2020 Application Form
  • Make necessary changes and click on ‘Submit’
  • Once done, pay any required fee and download the updated application form.

NEET 2020 has been postponed until 13th September 2020. Multiple questions are being raised over whether this additional 2 month gap will be enough to curb the COVID-19 pandemic in India. What should the government do? Should NEET 2020 be postponed further or be cancelled completely? Post your comments below! Wash your hands and stay safe!

Live Update on NEET, JEE Main, MHRD declares New Dates

Owing to the novel COVID-19 outbreak, the HRD ministry has finally postponed NEET, JEE Main and JEE Advanced. NEET 2020 exam date is set on September 13, 2020.

NEET, JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations were supposed to be conducted in the months of April and May. The ministry had to postpone the examinations due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. It was anticipated that the condition will get better in the month of July and hence all the medical and engineering entrance exams were rescheduled to be conducted this month. NEET 2020 was all set to be conducted on July 26, 2020. 

However, the COVID-19 cases are rising at a dangerous rate, reaching almost 21,000 on July 3. This has made the conducting of exams extremely impossible. Additionally, MHRD and NTA received thousands of messages from NEET and JEE Main aspirants, urging the authorities to postpone the exams as taking these exams would make lakhs of students vulnerable to the virus. 

After the cancellation of CBSE examinations, JEE Main and NEET aspirants grew more anxious. Over the last month, numerous petitions were signed by both Indian and NRI students to act upon this matter. In fact, various hashtags such as #PostponeNEETJEE #NoExamsinCovid were trending on Twitter too.

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Yesterday, MHRD set up a panel to discuss the logistics and other factors and asked the experts to send their recommendations by today. Observing the current scenario, NTA and MHRD had no choice but to postpone the exams to September. The news was declared by MHRD minister, Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal in a live webinar with Sunil Chettri and PV Sindhu.

It is quite evident that this tweet by Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank” brought a sigh of relief to lakhs of students as it received a commendable 16,000 likes in no time. For now, the authority has set the NEET exam date on September 13, 2020, and NEET Admit Card will be issued 15 days prior to the exam. However, nothing concrete can be said presently, as it is very unlikely that the spread of the virus will curb by the end of August.

MHRD sets up Panel to review NEET Exam Dates, Suggestions to be presented by tomorrow

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of the nation, NEET and JEE Main examinations were already rescheduled to be conducted in the month of July with the anticipation that the situation will get better. NEET 2020 was scheduled to be conducted on July 26, 2020 and JEE Main from July 18 to July 23, 2020. Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t got better and the number of cases in the country is rising at an increasing rate day by day. This will make it very difficult to conduct national level entrance exams which will be given by lakhs and lakhs of students. MHRD received thousands of messages and tweets from the NEET and JEE Main aspirants and their well-wishers, urging to postpone both the medical and engineering entrance examination. Hashtags such as #SaveNEETJEEstudents, #NoExamsinCovid are trending on Twitter.

Consequently, MHRD has recently formed a panel to evaluate the situation and hold both the medical and engineering entrance exams in the country. The panel is set up to make a decision based on several factors in terms of seating logistics and the extreme safety of the students due to the alarming rise of the COVID-19 cases in the country.

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As the exams are just around the corner, the ministry is finally reviewing the situation and addressing the petitions of the students. The experts will present their suggestions on exam dates by tomorrow and soon we will know their decision.

JEE Main, NEET 2020: Will the HRD Ministry postpone the exams?

Social media is still flooding with a superfluity of tweets from JEE Main and NEET 2020 aspirants demanding clarification on the exams. The concern among the students is growing as the entrance exams are approaching and the COVID-19 pandemic situation is getting worse. NTA is the main conducting authority of JEE, NEET and all the other entrance exams and functions under HRD Ministry. JEE Main is scheduled to be conducted from July 18 – July 23, 2020 and NEET 2020, on July 26, 2020. As per the statistics, students applying for NEET-UG stands at 15 lakhs and for JEE Main, 9 lakhs.

On June 25, 2020, CBSE announced the cancellation of the remaining class 10 and 12 examinations scheduled between the first 15 days of July. Although, class 12 students have been provided with the provision to be either evaluated on the basis of previous examinations or sit for the exams when the situation is “conducive”. The central board has also cancelled the CTET examination which was scheduled on July 5.

Students are growing anxious for a number of reasons such as maintenance of social distancing outside exam centres. “A single corona patient is enough to create hotspot at the examination centres.”, Jaydeep Thakor wrote on Twitter.

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To make things easy for the students from their end, NTA earlier launched a National Abhyaas App on May 19. The application will provide mock tests in both English and Hindi.

Some of the tweets by the aspirants are –

The panic among the students has grown more since the cancellation of Class 10 and 12 Board examinations. HRD Ministry is likely to make a decision soon. The ministry calmed the students by stating that they will assess the current pandemic situation in the country and might review dates in the first week of July.

#HealthoverNeetJee, #NoExamsInCovid still trending on Twitter, NEET-UG speculated to be postponed once again

New Delhi: NTA receives a demand from thousands of NEET 2020 and JEE Main 2020 aspirants from all over the country regarding the postponement of the entrance exams. The COVID-19 situation in India is nowhere on the verge of becoming better and is more likely to become worse in the coming month.

Hence, the government is deliberately pushing back the exam dates for the key medical and engineering exams. HRD Ministry along with the ministry of health and welfare (for NEET-UG) is likely to announce their reply to these petitions on Tuesday after the Supreme Court’s hearing.

NEET-UG is scheduled to be conducted on July 26 and JEE Main, from July 18 – July 23, 2020. As the exams are knocking the door, Twitter is getting flooded with hashtags such as #Studentslivesmatter and #HealthOverNeetJee. In fact, every tweet by Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union Minister of HRD, has been responded to by the students, making the same demand for postponement.

A tweet such as “Jai Jagannath Ji” was also responded by troubled students with hashtags such as #NoExamsInCovid, #postponejee, #HealthOverNeetJEE, and #Studentslivesmatter.

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As per an HRD source, the ministry is waiting for the Supreme Court hearing to act upon this matter. “The exams are likely to be further postponed but the new dates will have to announced only after reviewing the prevailing conditions.” If the institution remains closed for the month of July and mid-August, due to a surge in cases, it is impossible to conduct the exams.

An HRD official says, “For NEET-UG schools and college serve as centres and therefore the invigilators have to be there. In case the institutions remain closed, the exams will have to be rescheduled.

On the other hand, an NTA official said that the agency is waiting for the instructions from MHRD before making a statement.

Now, the final decision lies in the hands of the Supreme Court. Whether the government will act for or against the appeals of thousands of students, we will soon come to know.

NEET (UG) 2020 Postponed until end of May 2020 – Implications

Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union Minister for HRD, has instructed NTA to postpone the upcoming JEE Main and NEET (UG) examinations to be held in April or first week of May till the last week of May 2020. This has come after the recent outbreak of COVID-19 disease spread due to coronavirus and the lockdown of the country for the fight against this disease. He has asked students to utilize this time by studying even harder for the exams while staying home safely during the nationwide lockdown of 21 days.

NTA released a notice on the official website of NEET 2020 as a confirmation to the tweet by the minister. There are no confirmed dates announced for the release of the Admit Card or for the examination. The notice mentioned that they have “proposed” the dates for examination around the last week of May 2020. The final decision shall depend upon the situation after 15th April 2020. Admit Card shall also be released after reviewing the situation after 15th April.

“..Close learning gaps if any”

It is evident how the nation’s economy is hit due to the lockdown. But a deeper impact is also over the academic calendar of major public and private educational institutes. The delay in the process of admissions shall put a lot of pressure on the students and might even result in a loss of major opportunities. The notice states the importance of academic calendar and schedule. But in times like these, extreme measures are necessary and they cannot risk the life of the citizens including students.

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NTA requested parents and students not to worry about examination but instead use this opportunity to fill the gaps in their learning. NTA will notify you about the latest developments.

NEET Postponed

What should candidates do next?

  • Stay inside your homes. Wash hands, stay safe and keep studying.
  • You have ample time to prepare for the exam. Start working on your weak sections.
  • Prepare for the upcoming pressure. Do not forget that this has also delayed your board exams. You will have to handle a lot of pressure in the coming days.
  • Learn about future processes. Assess your situation and figure out suitable colleges for you and what is required for the admissions.
  • Take care of your health. These are extreme situations and they require extreme measures. You must stay healthy to ensure your presence during the examination.

Candidates must take benefit of this time and use this time for better preparation. Don’t panic and see this as an opportunity to do better in an exam.