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NEET (UG) 2020 Postponed until end of May 2020 – Implications

Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union Minister for HRD, has instructed NTA to postpone the upcoming JEE Main and NEET (UG) examinations to be held in April or first week of May till the last week of May 2020. This has come after the recent outbreak of COVID-19 disease spread due to coronavirus and the lockdown of the country for the fight against this disease. He has asked students to utilize this time by studying even harder for the exams while staying home safely during the nationwide lockdown of 21 days.

NTA released a notice on the official website of NEET 2020 as a confirmation to the tweet by the minister. There are no confirmed dates announced for the release of the Admit Card or for the examination. The notice mentioned that they have “proposed” the dates for examination around the last week of May 2020. The final decision shall depend upon the situation after 15th April 2020. Admit Card shall also be released after reviewing the situation after 15th April.

“..Close learning gaps if any”

It is evident how the nation’s economy is hit due to the lockdown. But a deeper impact is also over the academic calendar of major public and private educational institutes. The delay in the process of admissions shall put a lot of pressure on the students and might even result in a loss of major opportunities. The notice states the importance of academic calendar and schedule. But in times like these, extreme measures are necessary and they cannot risk the life of the citizens including students.

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NTA requested parents and students not to worry about examination but instead use this opportunity to fill the gaps in their learning. NTA will notify you about the latest developments.

NEET Postponed

What should candidates do next?

  • Stay inside your homes. Wash hands, stay safe and keep studying.
  • You have ample time to prepare for the exam. Start working on your weak sections.
  • Prepare for the upcoming pressure. Do not forget that this has also delayed your board exams. You will have to handle a lot of pressure in the coming days.
  • Learn about future processes. Assess your situation and figure out suitable colleges for you and what is required for the admissions.
  • Take care of your health. These are extreme situations and they require extreme measures. You must stay healthy to ensure your presence during the examination.

Candidates must take benefit of this time and use this time for better preparation. Don’t panic and see this as an opportunity to do better in an exam.

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