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Tripura Government To Fund Its Own ‘Super 30’ For NEET Aspirants

Tripura Government has announced a scheme which will sponsor the education of 30 medical and engineering aspirants from the state. The scheme termed as ‘Super 30’ will fund education or coaching of 30 students towards the preparation of NEET or JEE for the upcoming year.

The scheme will fund 30 students based on their marks in Madhyamik Examinations (matriculation) conducted by the Tripura Board of Secondary Education. State Education Minister, Raman Lal Math, informed while speaking to the state secretariat that the students will be chosen after due consideration of SC and ST reservations.

To avail the benefit of this scheme, the first criteria is annual family income, which should be less than Rs 8 lakh. Tripura Board of Secondary Education has been asked to prepare a list of beneficiaries according to their board exam results. This list will be prepared by Tripura Board out of a list of 20 SC, 30 ST and 50 General category candidates.

Estimated Budget of the Scheme

According to the scheme, students who finally avail the benefits would be eligible to study at a coaching centre of their choice anywhere in the country, with funding for education provided completely by the State Government. It is estimated that the scheme would require finance of Rs 72 lakh per annum with approximately Rs 2.4 lakh spent on each student. Since the scheme is going to sponsor 30 students for both NEET and JEE each, the net estimate goes around Rs 1.44 crore.

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The Education Minister also said, “Education department officials would be in charge of checking the progress of students by visiting respective coaching centres twice a year and reviewing their performance in each quarter”.

Lack of Resources for Students

According to the data provided by Tripura Board of Secondary Education, 3,690 students appeared under exams from science stream in 2019. A lot of students apply at top coaching institutes but are unable to attend them either due to lack of resources or due to heavy travel costs from north-eastern states.

Education Minister Nath said that students from Tripura do not get the best opportunity to get admission to top medical or engineering colleges. If provided an equal opportunity as other students, they can also grab a seat in top courses of best colleges and universities.

A total of 27,155 students, which included 13,906 male and 13,249 female students, appeared in Higher Secondary Exams of Tripura state board last year. Among these, 80.51% of students passed the exams, which was a bit higher than the 78.62% pass rate from 2018.

‘Super 30’ is Anand Kumar’s Ramanujan School of Mathematics based in Patna, where he provides education to 30 aspiring students for IIT JEE. The scheme devised by Tripura govt has not credited any reference or inspiration to the school run by Kumar.