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NEET Rank Predictor 2021: Predict your Rank and College here

The competition towards excellence is increasing every day and if we consider the competition which encircles the arena of the NEET 2021, it can be easily understood that the people with real intent can only pass this huge boundary. This is obvious because throughout the country, millions of potential candidates are preparing for this particular examination and it is not possible to select them all due to the limited seats. Only a few talented candidates are selected who can pursue their dream.

After giving the examination, it is difficult to predict the NEET 2021 result. Even if the candidate has attempted correct answers and they have managed to avoid incorrect answers, there is no surety that he/ she will be eligible on the top 10 list. The rank depends on a large number of factors, scores will be released on the basis of candidates who appear for the exam. NEET Rank Predictor 2021 can be used by the candidates to predict their Rank.

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How Does a Rank Predictor Help?

Rank Predictor will be helpful in case the candidate is interested in knowing his/her probable rank. It is obvious that almost every candidate will be interested to know his/her rank, during the pre and post-examination period. It eases the entire process by letting the candidate know their expected rank so that he/she does not fall into a loop of improper expectations.

The basic NEET cutoff for the general category candidates is 50 percentile while in case of the candidates belonging to the reserved categories, the cutoff is 40 percentile. Through the rank predictor, the candidate may also get an idea of whether he/she will be eligible to join the top medical colleges or not.

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NEET Rank Predictor 2021: The Working Style

There are several sites which provide the opportunity for candidates to predict their rank using the rank predictors. You need to fill in the basic details like name, contact number, email id, category, Registration no, etc.

After that, they need to enter the score they are expecting to secure in the NEET Exam. Candidates need to be careful that they should not enter the incorrect details and score because if the candidate enters the incorrect score then it is obvious that the predicted rank will also be incorrect. Thus, it is recommended that before using the rank predictor, one should sit down and calculate expected marks in the exam. It is observed that there is minimal difference between the predicted rank and the official rank.

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NEET Rank Predictor
NEET Rank Predictor

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How to Use the NEET Rank Predictor?

Step 1: Registration

In order to register the names, the aspirants should provide the details like Email id and contact number. Once you submit the details, you should click the register option for completing the process. It is the first step for getting access to the rank predictor.

Step 2: Enter the details

If the aspirants complete their registration, they will be capable to predict the details by entering the details:

  • Expected Marks in NEET 2021: The aspirants should enter the marks (what they are predicting to get out of total allotted marks, i.e., 720). In case of estimating the predicted marks, the aspirants can rely on the NEET cutoff of previous years.
  • Cutoff category: The applicants will need to choose the deserving categories, that is whether they are from General/SC/ST or OBC. NEET cutoff score for all of the categories will be released separately.
  • Gender: The aspirants choose the category respectively from one of the fields male/female or other.
  • Select State: The candidates have to choose their state, whether it is domicile state or Union Territory or from the available option in the list.

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Step 3: Predict the Rank

If you complete the aforementioned steps, then you have to select the ‘Predict Now’ option to check the expected rank and college based on the predicted score.

Example of using NEET Rank Predictor 2021

Sonia Singhal is a General Category Female aspirant from Delhi NCR, who is going to appear for NEET 2021 exam. She has an expectation of getting a 650 score out of 720 and to pursue an MBBS program, then she needs to check the rank predictor to get an idea about the admission process. Click here to Predict you Rank

Let’s Analyze the Benefits:

An analysis of the benefits of this particular tool will be extremely helpful for the candidates which are given below:

1. Accuracy

According to resources, one should not doubt the accuracy of this particular tool as it has been specially designed to relieve the candidates from the upcoming stress of result declaration. In most of the cases, it has been observed that the rank predictor’s output has close resemblance with the official rank while in some cases, it has also been observed that the predicted result has actually matched with the official rank.

2. Know Where You Stand

This is the most vital reason why the candidates use this particular tool. Even before giving the exam, it is important for the candidates to realize where they stand. Through the predicted rank, candidates will be able to realize where they stand with respect to performance and marking, they will also get an idea about the colleges in which they will get a chance at admission.

3. Comparison

Candidates can compare their performance with others. There is complete transparency with respect to predicted rank. This method is effective in analyzing the candidate’s performance. NEET Rank Predictor is based on certain parameters which will help the candidates to predict their results so that they can get an insight into their performance, this will help them to realize whether they have achieved what they have planned to or not and after this, they can actually target the colleges in which they can seek admission.



Q: Which state has the lowest cut off for NEET 2021?

Answer: Goa has the lowest cutoff for NEET 2021.

Q: What is the lowest score required to get admission to any MBBS college?

Answer: General category students need to secure at least 50 percentile to get admission to any MBBS college.

Q: Can I get admission to a college through a state level quota with 550 marks?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to get admission to a college through a state level quota with 550 marks.

Q: Is NEET tough?

Answer: NEET is the only medical entrance exam at national level so it is tough and a proper preparation is required to crack the exam.