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NEET PG Preparation Tips: Best Books to refer, Important Topics

With the release of the NEET PG 2021 exam dates, all aspirants have started looking for NEET PG Preparation tips to score well in NEET PG 2021. NBE will conduct the NEET PG 2021 on 11 September 2021.

The question will be based on the three major sections i.e Para clinical, Pre clinical and Clinical. The paper will comprises the 200 questions. There will be no negative marking for the unattempted questions while 1 mark will be deducted for every uncorrect answers. Students must confine themselves to the NEET PG syllabus and use NEET PG Preparation tips to score well.

NEET PG Preparation Tips

With the wide syllabus and tough competition, it is necessary to look at NEET PG Preparation tips to be among the high scorers of NEET PG 2021. Below are some preparation tips which have been recommended by the toppers of NEET PG-

  • Weightage: Prepare those subject & topics which carry maximum marks. Always give priority to the topics with the maximum weightage and then prepare for topics for less weightage.
  • Time-Table: When you know the topics of maximum weightage, you must make a time table and stick to it. Balancing the time between preparation and revision is the key to success. 1-2 weeks are sufficient for vast subject and 3-4 days for short subjects.
  • Make notes of important topics: The basic but most important thing about preparation is making your own notes. Depending on books in the last 3 months is not a good approach. At this point, you need to prepare your own notes by selecting the important points
  • Revision: For any examination, revision is a must. You need to revise every single topic. No doubt NEET is a tough exam to crack, so you need to revise to cover all the topics which will increase your chances to get into the dream college.
  • Studying: You need to give 8-9 hours daily for the preparation of NEET PG. Going through the topics & preparing for it will take much time. Students have their own pattern of studying- some like to start with their strongest topics & some like to start with their weakest topics. What might work well for other, might not work for you.
  • Attempt online mock test: Most candidates do not know the online pattern of examination. So, it is very necessary to give online tests on a regular basis. Online mock tests are time-based which give you a glimpse of the actual exam atmosphere. When you do time bound practice, you do not commit silly mistakes.

Check NEET PG 2021 Syllabus

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How to Prepare for NEET PG 2021 With A Job?

If you are a working professional and wants to appear for the NEET PG 2021, then you must consider these preparation tips.

  • Maintain Balance: In order to ace, medical professionals need to maintain a balance between work life and stydy. Try to keep atleast 4 hours from 24 hours for NEET PG 2021 preparation.
  • Self Study: If you are considering self study, then you must collect the right study material, Keep extra time for revision.
  • Coaching on Weekends: Joining a weekend classes give an extra benefits. You can focus more on classes or tests. Also, you won’t have to rush between work and study. Weekend classes will also give you extra time for self study and you can clear you doubts too.
  • Have a Mentor: Preparing for the NEET PG will be lot easier if you’ll have a mentor. You can ask your friend, senior, professor who has also qualified the exam before you. Talk about your strength and weekness to your mentor at the begining of preparation.

NEET PG 2021 Important Topics

Certains topics are more important as they are asked repeatedly in the past few question papers. Candidates are advised to keep handy notes of such topics and keep practising those topics. These important topics carrying high weightage and allows aspirants to score high marks in the exam.

The important topics for NEET PG 2021 are:-

  • PSM – Changes in NHP’s, recent advances and vaccines
  • Shorter subjects – Anesthesia, Dermatology and Radiology
  • Medicine – CNS and Endo
  • Pathology – Initial 5-6 chapters from Robin’s small book
  • Pharmacology – Recent Drugs

Best Books to Prepare for the NEET PG 2021

Ambiguity is created among students regarding choice of books as no questions are repeated. So, sticking with the traditional method of going through previous years questions is not a good option. So I have tried to help by providing few books after so much of research.

Books Author
Anatomy Arvind Arora or ACROSS or Rajesh Kaushal
Biochemistry Rebecca James
Physiology Soumen
Pharmacology Gobind Rai
Pathology Sparsh Gupta or Devesh Mishra
Microbiology Rachna Chaurasia
Forensic Medicine ACROSS or Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal or Arvind Arora
Medicine Deepak Marwah or Mudit Khanna
Postgraduate Medical Entrance Exam, Volume 2 & 3 Amit Tripathi & Ashish Gupta
DNB CET Review for Primary and Post Diploma Vaibhav Bharat & Ishad Aggarwal
All India PG Medical Entrance Exam with Answers Gupta, Krishnamurthy & Sethi
DAMS Beat The NEET Sumer K Sethi

It is suggested to stick with selected books because choosing different books may consume so much of time.

While preparing for the NEET PG 2021 avoid too deeply study of a single topic. Section carrying high weightage must be practice more. To score high in the exam one should practice more. The only funda to get a high score is practice, practice and practice!

NEET PG Preparation Tips FAQs

Ques. Who conducts NEET PG exam?

Ans. National Board of Examinations (NBE) is the conducting authority of NEET PG exam.

Ques. Is NEET PG Exam tough?

Ans. Yes, NEET PG is tough but you can crack the exam if you work hard.

Ques. What is the right time for NEET PG prepraration?

Ans. If you want to score well and you are working professional too, It is suggested that you should start preparation at the early stages.

Ques. Does having basic knowledge helps to crack NEET PG 2021?

Ans. Yes, Most questions are problem-solving based in NEET PG Exam. So it’s very important to focus and improve their basis.

Ques. Can i clear NEET PG if i skip any section?

Ans. No, As we know the NEET PG exam is tough so is competition. In order to secure a seat you must cover the whole syllabus.