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NEET Biology Preparation Tips 2021 – Important Topics and Online Resources

NEET Biology is the most scoring section compared to the other two sections. You will get a total of 90 questions from this section (45 questions from Botany and 45 from Zoology) in NEET 2021 exam. To get a good score in this section, you need to follow NEET Biology preparation tips. Additionally, understanding the NEET Biology syllabus, NEET paper analysis, tips and tricks for preparation for other subjects is also crucial.

  • The basic concepts about the subjects should be clear for developing in-depth knowledge. This can help you grab the seat at top-ranked medical or dental colleges.
  • NEET 2021 Biology section was analyzed to be moderate.
  • In recent years, the NEET Biology exam pattern has changed a bit and the complexity level has increased. Since the section carries 50% weightage, it adds an added pressure on the aspirants.

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NEET Biology Exam Pattern: Highlights

Pattern Details
Number of Questions 90 Questions
Sections Botany and Zoology
Total Marks 180 Marks
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Marking Scheme +4 for the correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer
Exam Mode Offline (Pen and Paper Test)


How to Prepare Biology for NEET 2021: Tips for Beginners

Planning how you want to prepare the biology section can turn out to be really effective. The aspirants should make a time table and follow it accordingly to complete the syllabus and revise within the projected time frame. It will help them to meet the weekly and monthly goal.

  • Make an effective strategy: The aspirants need to study effectively. For instance, the candidates can start their learning from the chapters that carry high weightage.
  • Good reference books: Reference books play a vital role in NEET Biology Preparation. To build a basic concept, the aspirants should refer to NCERT thoroughly as 50% of the NEET Biology questions come directly from the book. Books of reputable writers and publishers also hold major importance.
  • Make tables and notes: Tables and charts make your learning much more effective. Breaking the entire chapters into small sections can help you easily retain the information.
    • To make notes, use different colour pens and highlighters and mark the main points.
    • It is better to use flowcharts and bullet points for getting a good grasp on the chapters.
  • Revise regularly: Daily revision is one of the essential parts of the Biology Preparation to remember the theoretical parts.
  • Take mock tests and practice sample papers of previous years: To understand the exam and question pattern of NEET Biology exam, the aspirants should take mock tests at least twice or thrice in a week apart from solving practice from the NEET Sample Papers. In addition, practice from the previous years’ sample question paper. As a result, you will be able to understand the weightage of a specific topic coming to the exam.

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Best Books for Biology

NCERT Biology Books Class XI and XII (both Part 1 and part 2) will be your test book. You can download the online versions of the NCERT books from the official website of NCERT. As per the statement of the experts, the aspirants are required to consider NCERT as Bible since they will face approximately 50% Biology questions directly from the book.

Book Name Author
NCERT of Class 11 & 12 NCERT
Trueman’s Biology Volume 1 and Volume 2 Dr Tyagi and Dr Goyal
Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET– Biology MTG Editorial Board
NEET Preparatory Series Arihant
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET M.P Tyagi
40 Days Biology for NEET S. Chakravarty
Objective Biology Dinesh
Grb Objective Biology GRB Bathla’s Publications
Objective Biology R.K Pillai, A.B Sinha and Naresh Malik
Objective Biology For Neet K.N Bhatia


NEET Biology Important Topics

The best way of solving the NEET Biology section is dependent upon the syllabus, important topics and on their respective weightage. Thus, the weightage fo all topics is given below.

Topic name Number of Questions  Weightage (In percentage)
Plant Diversity 7 12%
Plant Anatomy 2 4%
Plant Morphology 4 7%
Cell Biology & Cell Division 6 10%
Bio-molecule 2 3%
Plant Physiology 8 13%
Plant Reproduction 5 9%
Genetics and Biotechnology 15 24%
Biology in Human Welfare 1 2%
Ecology 10 16%
Animal Diversity 3 10%
Animal Tissue 1 3%
Structural Organisation in animals 1 2%
Human Physiology 13 45%
Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health 5 18%
Origin & Evolution 3 10%
Animal husbandry 1 3%
Human Health & Diseases 3 9%

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Topic-wise NEET Biology Preparation Tips

NEET Biology is classified into two categories – Botany and Zoology. Let us see the specific preparation tips for both the categories.

Preparation Tips for NEET Botany

  • Firstly, understand the weightage of each of the topics under the Botany section.
  • Secondly, give an extra focus in preparing the more weightage chapters such as Genetics and Biotechnology (24%), Ecology (16%) and Plant Physiology (13%).
  • Also, thoroughly read NCERT books of Class XI and XII. It will help to build your basic foundation. After building the basic concept of the subject, you can take help from the reference books for developing in-depth knowledge.
  • Few students find Botany confusing, hence, you are advised to improve your weak areas. You can watch some effective videos, lectures of the experts in order to boost up your confidence level and also for better understanding.
  • To bring accuracy, take mock tests as much as possible.

Preparation Tips for NEET Zoology

  • For NEET Zoology preparation, the aspirants should know the weightage of all the topics.
  • Give extra focus to the high weightage chapters, these are Human Physiology (45%), reproductive health and Human reproduction (18%). Once you complete these chapters, you should move to the lesser weightage chapters.
  • In order to strengthen the important topics of Zoology, the aspirants are advised to read NCERT class XI and XII books. You can also take help from the additional reference books.
  • To boost up your weak section, you can rely on the online learning process.
  • To increase your practice level, you are advised to take mock tests as much as possible.

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How to Prepare Notes

  • The syllabus for the Biology section is vast. Thus, aspirants are advised to take comprehensive notes.
  • If you are taking help from the coaching centre and you have notes from your instructor at the coaching centre, then you do not need to make cohesive notes again. It will waste your time unnecessarily.
  • You should take a red pen and neon highlighter in order to highlight the important topics so that it can attract your eyesight and you read it repeatedly and can memorize it easily.
  • If you come across any popular questions or topics, you can add in your notes. Hence, when you will start your revision, the added points will help you to check and go through the points.
  • You can write the added points in your notes, you can use the leftover space for margins.
  • If you want, you can make a few short notes of the long notes. It will lead to easily memorizing the topics.

NEET Biology Tricks to Memorise the Formulae

Though the NEET Biology section is not much critical compared to Physics and Chemistry, nonetheless, the aspirants are advised to solve the numerical from the topics related to Cell Division and Genetics.

  • Read and study carefully the formulae of Biology. If you do not pay attention or read casually, then it will be harder for you to remember the formulae.
  • You should use your visual memory for linking the formulae with theories. It in turn helps you to memorize the formulae easily. You will be capable of understanding the technology behind the construction of formulae.
  • Practice the formulae more. This way, the chances of forgetting the formulae will be reduced.
  • For your long-lasting memorisation, the aspirants should repeat the formulae.

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Prepare Yourself through NTA Content-Based Lectures

NEET video lectures by IIT professors of the subject matter experts are released by NTA (the National Testing Agency). The medical candidates are advised to watch the lectures video on the NEET Biology preparation. Hence, the aspirants can clear their doubts to clear the advanced concepts. Consequently, the aspirants can read the subject wise NEET syllabus. In order to view the video lectures of the professors and the experts for Biology Preparation, the aspirants can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the official website of NTA
  2. Now, the aspirants should click the ‘Students’ tab on the home page
  3. Next, the candidates have to go to the ‘Test Practice’ session.
  4. The aspirants should choose ‘Content Based Lectured by IIT PAL from the “Test Practice” section.
  5. At last, you should click Biology (IIT-PAL) for getting access to the videos via YouTube.

NEET Biology Preparation: Coaching or Self-Study

For preparing themselves for the NEET 2021 exam, the aspirants should rely either on the coaching centre or on the Self-study process. Your preferable choice should be based upon the productivity level and on the lifestyles. The benefits of coaching centres as well as self-study are given below.

Benefits of the Coaching Center

If the aspirants can adjust themselves with the regular structured and organised study process, they can opt for the coaching centre. Read the following content for identifying the advantages of opting for a coaching centre for the Biology Preparation.

  • The classroom set up of the coaching centers motivate the students to concentrate on their studies.
  • In order to acknowledge peer learning, the aspirants will be present there.
  • It is previously mentioned the appropriate number of days in the coaching centres. Hence, less room for overexertion is there.
  • The students do not face any challenge due to the lack of massive interruptions.
  • Since the candidates will get all the readymade resources of study, therefore, they do not need to spend much time searching for information.
  • During preparation, if the students have any doubt regarding their study, then they will get the opportunity to clear the doubts and to make the concept clear from the instructor of the coaching centre.
  • The experts will clear your doubts immediately.
  • The candidates will also get mental support from the teachers and instructors to keep them stress-free.
  • Your teachers of the coaching centre will evaluate your answers of the mock tests. So that you can identify the strength and weakness of your and can take extra care of the sections accordingly.

Benefits of the Self-study process

It is suitable for independent learners. Find the following content to understand the benefits of Biology Preparation.

  • The aspirants will not be necessary to learn or study the bulk topic at once. In turn, they can utilise their time for the sections accordingly.
  • In the case of self-study, the candidates will have the flexibility to explore more for gaining a deeper understanding. Hence, it can be assumed that the self-studied aspirants will be capable of answering the critical questions in a better way since they have a better understanding of each topic.
  • The candidates can improve the morality of the students by the self-study method. This sort of faith is necessary for medical aspirants.
  • In the case of self-study, the aspirants can be more productive and can complete the learning at their own pace. It will, in turn, help them to minimise the exam pressure and stress.

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Most Popular Coaching Institutes for NEET Biology Preparation

Name of the coaching Institute Feature
ALLEN Institute In 1988, Sri Rajesh Maheshwari established the ALLEN Institute. It is one of the trusted institutes for NEET Biology exam. Rigorous and skillful process of ALLEN Institute leads the aspirants to crack the exam and get high scores.
AAKASH Institute Under the guidance of J.C Chaudhury, the institution has started its journey. It was 1988 when Mr. Chaudhury had established the institute. The institute is the first preferable choice of the students to prepare themselves for the NEET Physics exam. The institute shows its excellence over the last 25 years in this field.
CAREER POINT Pramod Maheshwari founded the CAREER POINT in 1993. It is one of the recommended coaching centres, which creates many toppers in NEET Physics.

Online Preparation Tips and Resources for NEET Biology

As per the past trend, online training for competitive exams are the authentic tools for cracking the exam. Find the following content to understand the online preparation tips for NEET Biology exam:

  • The aspirants can use mobile apps for preparing NEET biology. Few of the experts assume that preparation through mobile apps is highly beneficial compared to the conventional learning method. It helps to acknowledge and pace up your search for the subject.
  • It is assumed that online search through mobile apps offers the learning of NEET Biology to the students more enjoyable and engaging. Hence, the aspirants can gain a better understanding of the subject as well as can answer the questions correctly.

Some of the online resources are discussed in the following:

App Developer Rating Features
Toppr-Learning app for  Toppr 4.4 out of 5 stars This is the powerful personalized learning app, with which the aspirants can set their learning goals. Aspirants will get the flexibility to solve their doubts with the help of a 24/7 support network. In addition, they can participate in interactive videos and study groups.
Biology NEET Inspection Pratyaksh Web Services Private Limited 4.7 out of stars The aspirants can get extensive diagrams and flowcharts from this online app. Hence, the comprehensive overview of the topics will be cleared.

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Best YouTube Channels for NEET Biology Preparation


By visiting this youtube channel, the students can check 500 hours of video lectures of the professors and the experts. Approximately, the channel has 588K subscribers, which implies that the aspirants find this online channel relevant to fulfil their needs and hence, follow the channel. In addition, if they want , the candidates can download the app on their smartphone and can get access to the study materials anytime, anywhere. This is one of the highly recommended YouTue Channels. In order to get access to the NEET prep YouTube channel, go through the link.

Khan Academy

Approximately 6.69 millions subscribers to this channel. Khan Academy YouTube channel has the largest student base compared to the rest of the YouTube channels. The students can get chapter-wise tutorials and the NEET exam analysis. In addition, the previous year’s students’ reactions can also be checked. In order to get access to the Khan Academy YouTube channel, go through the link.

Learno Hub

The candidates check approximately 5600 NEET-UG preparation lessons on NEET Biology. There are approximately 1.48 million subscribers. In order to get access to Learno Hub YouTube channel, go through the link

Last Minute Preparation Tips for NEET Biology

Given below are some last minute preparation tips for NEET 2021 biology section.

  1. In order to get a good score from this section, the candidates are advised to read Biology on a regular basis.
  2. Consider NCERT as the Bible for clearing the basic concept of NEET Biology Syllabus. For conceptual based questions and the diagrams of Biology, the aspirants need to rely on NCERT books.
  3. Follow the sample questions of NCERT Class XI and XII books.
  4. Try to familiarise yourself with the chapter wise weightage. Give extra dedication to learning to the high weightage chapters and topics.
  5. Some topics such as Animalia and Plantae are highly confusing. Better, the aspirants should have extra time to clear your basic fundamental concept. On the other hand, they also need to regularly practice both Phylum non-Chordata and chordate.
  6. You should illustrate the main important points in the notebooks. Learn it regularly.
  7. Try to take online tests as much as possible. It will help to boost up your confidence level.
  8. Always keep your study table clean. Keep the objects at the right place.
  9. Drink plenty of water. Try to be stress free and sleep at least for 6 to 7 hours every day.

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10 Basic Tips to Crack NEET 2021

10 Tips to Crack NEET 2020 Need some tricks and pointers to help you prepare better? Then keep reading!

1. Follow the syllabus very strictly

NEET syllabus is quite vast and detailed. You need to know which parts are necessary, and which aren’t. Knowing exactly what is important will help you trim down preparation time, because you won’t be wasting time on useless topics. Often students waste a lot of precious time studying topics that seem relevant, but ultimately aren’t. Please avoid this at all costs.

2. Study from good material

You might be thinking that you should study everything that comes your way. This approach is completely wrong! Studying from under-par material will not provide you with any benefits. Although selecting the correct study material for NEET. It is difficult and confusing, you can ask for the help of your teachers and other NEET aspirants. Consult with a few previous years’ NEET toppers and see which book they used and referred together some NEET preparation tips by toppers.

3. Have an effective study plan

Time is a resource you will never have in abundance. We all know this, yet many aspirants fail to make the proper use of time. Goal setting can be used as a strategy to help aspirants study more effectively. Plan for the week in advance and figure out chapters that you need to prepare from the beginning. Make a schedule for study and then stick to it. Students often make a study plan, but then fail to follow it, which leads to a lot of wasted time. Please try to create an effective study plan, and then implement it in your life. The benefits are guaranteed to show. You Might Like

4. Know your weakness

It is possible that you are very strong in one topic, but weak in some other. It might be the lack of interest, or maybe it’s that one missed lecture in high school. Regardless, do not get discouraged by it. Try to work harder on the weaker areas to strengthen them. Ask your friends or teachers for help. Taking a conscious step towards your weaker points will help strengthen your knowledge base.

5. Practice mock test papers

Ask any student who has attempted NEET in his/her life. One of the greatest challenges they faced was probably the time limitation. Students have to finish 180 Biology NEET questions in 180 minutes, which means they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question. Practising mock papers and previous year question papers will help you be prepared for everything that would happen in the exam hall.

6. Make sure to revise

While preparing for any exam, revision is of utmost importance. NEET is no exception to this rule either. Covering new topics without revising the already covered ones will be a waste of time. Without revision, it is highly likely that you will forget the concepts you have covered in the past. However, devoting time and revising them in a systematic way will give students time that they need to invest on learning them yet again. The revision will also help you in increasing your test-taking speed and overcoming panic. It will also give you a clear picture of the topics you’re weak in.

7. Keep distance from distracting elements

Distractions are to be avoided during NEET preparation days, especially when the exam is near. Therefore, keep your social media interactions like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. to a minimum. However, recently many social media groups have started offering some important exam tips. If you do plan on spending time on social media, you can check out such groups too.

8. Use New Technologies

There are countless more options for studying now than ever before. There exist a lot of online tools, such as social media, blogs, videos or mobile applications. Learning has become easy, interesting and fun.

9. Do not attempt by guessing

Many candidates take guesses in the examination hall, even when they don’t know the right answer. However, due to negative marking, for every wrong answer, you might end up losing marks instead of gaining them. Please leave a question unattempted if you do not know the correct answer to it. Do keep this in mind for your NEET 2021 examination.

10. Maintain your health

Don’t over push for studies, ensure you take rest and exercise regularly. Too many sleepless nights and improper food will take a toll on your health. Having a good diet is as essential as studying. Your brain needs regular energy and rest to work and function efficiently. You must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep to relax your brain. A regular hobby like running, singing etc. anything that you like, will help you refresh your brain and get ready to absorb another few hours of studying. So it’s necessary to keep giving it breaks at regular intervals. Also Check


Ques. How tough is NEET Biology?

Ans. NEET Biology is considerably easier than the other two sections (Physics and Chemistry). Since the NEET Biology section carries 50% weightage, therefore, the aspirants should prepare themselves accordingly, so that they can score high.

Ques. Are NCERT books sufficient to score high in NEET Biology exam?

Ans. NCERT Book is required to build the basic concept of Biology. The students get direct questions from the book. Nevertheless, for developing an in-depth knowledge and the capability of solving application based questions more in an effective way, the students should rely on the additional resources for NEET Biology Preparation.

Ques. Which books are best for NEET Biology?

Ans. The best books for NEET Biology preparation are (apart from NCERT):

  • ‘NEET Objective Biology’ by K.N Bhatia
  • ‘Objective Biology’ by R.K Pillai, Naresh Malik, A.B Sinha

Ques. What is the way of memorizing the NEET Biology diagrams?

Ans. In order to memorize the NEET Biology diagrams, the aspirants need to first understand the theories and then need to connect it with the diagrams. You should practice the diagram accordingly for long-lasting recollection.

Ques. Is there any chance for out of the syllabus questions to be asked in the NEET Biology exam?

Ans. Though the probability of facing out of syllabus questions in NEET biology exam is less, nevertheless, sometimes, the students get such questions.