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Kerala Govt Begins Preparations For NEET 2020, Issues Exam Guidelines

According to the media reports, the health department of Kerala has issued the guidelines for successful conduction of NEET 2020 exam amidst the global pandemic. The state government and the Kerala Health department are making arrangements to make those students sit in separate NEET exam centres who are coming from the containment zone or are coming from outstation and haven’t completed their institutional quarantine period. NEET Exam day guidelines have been issued and the state government has asked the exam authorities to take utmost care this time and not repeat the lapses that occurred during KEAM 2020.

Kerala Health Department has issued a thorough NEET exam day guidelines that are to be strictly followed by both the exam authority and the students. The insights of the guidelines are as follows:

For students coming from abroad and other places in India

NEET 2020 aspirants and their parents coming from outside the state will have to come 14 days prior to the exam and complete their stay-home quarantine or institutional quarantine before the exam day.

Exemption from Quarantine, if COVID report turns negative

Candidates who don’t wish to stay quarantined for 14 days before the exam are required to present their COVID-19 negative report on arrival. The reports presented must be of at least 96 hours prior to arrival.

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Separate exam centres for students arriving from the containment zone

Now, the NEET aspirants who are coming from containment zones or who haven’t finished their necessary quarantine period will be seated in separate NEET exam centres to draw out any possible chances of spreading the virus. Also, candidates showing “mild symptoms” will be allotted separate rooms to take the medical exam.

Heath Workers at the exam centres

Field level health workers will be deployed at the exam centres to ensure that the exam is being conducted in conformity with COVID-19 guidelines and precautions.

NEET Exam Date is set on September 13, 2020. All the necessary guidelines have been issued by the health department of the state. The Health Department has also confirmed that guidelines followed during KEAM 2020 will be followed in NEET too. Additionally, the invigilators will be trained to conduct the exam with maximum safety.