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Top Medical Courses Without NEET Exam

The medical field is the one where all the students aspire to become the future doctor. Students want to contribute to the medical stream in any way possible. Through qualifying NEET, more than half of the Indian students dream about becoming a doctor and pursue their career in the health department by indulging with government or private sector. However, very few students opt for medical courses without NEET. Every year there are 15-20 lakh students who appear in the NEET exam and the seats are just a few. So, many students strive to achieve this goal again and again.

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There are also so many professions that help the students to pursue their talent in the field related to medical studies. Many students are unaware of the fact that besides clearing entrance exams, there are other medical courses without NEET exam which can help a student pursue his/her dream. They can secure their future and find their preferred areas of interests too. Here, we will discuss those professions and medical courses without NEET which a student of the medical stream can opt for. Our discussion is on medical courses without NEET score, what degrees to pursue, duration of courses etc. With such courses, students can possibly earn their bread and butter for generations. There is an abundance of demand for certain non-MBBS professions in India and abroad. A student can do wonders by adopting them and they can secure a good future.

Who can apply for Medical Courses Without NEET?

There are some criteria followed by the colleges for admission in the medical courses without NEET qualification which are discussed below. All the students must fulfil these basic criteria in order to get admission to the top-tier courses.

  • A student must clear their secondary examination from the recognised board or equivalent. Colleges specify these requirements in their own admission criteria.
  • A good score of 80% in the higher secondary examination is a must in order to get the admission in a well-established college with exceptional and professional faculty. Courses do have huge scope in future but it also depends on the college. For example, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from a top-tier DU College requires 90+ aggregate!
  • It would be beneficial for the student if they belong to the medical stream and pursue their higher secondary education in the Biology stream. This would be helpful for the students to understand the concepts related to the medical sciences in the future as well. Medical colleges/courses often require Biology as the main subject in class 12th.

If a student has these qualifications then this article would be very beneficial to read. It would help them to plan for a good and productive future. Several medical courses without NEET are proving to be beneficial career options to students. In almost every sector the graduate students of these courses are being hired by the government, private and corporate sectors. Did you know that the Armed Forces of India hire psychologists in order to conduct SSB interviews? So, every student should open and welcome the doors which are very useful for making their future good and secure.

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Various Medical Courses without NEET Scores

Now, let’s discuss the courses that are in demand within the industry. Abundant medical courses without NEET are useful in providing a good career opportunity. A student also enjoys these courses and they would find them indulgent when they come to learn about the further broad areas in these medical courses without NEET.

Psychologist (B.A/B.Sc in Psychology)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (Humanities stream preferred)

Colleges: University of Delhi, Amity University, Christ University

It is a very vast field in which a student will have to basically study for the human mind and its working and impact on the societal and the individual level as the whole. A student must find it a very interesting course if they are interested in reading medical studies. Psychology is the mixture of every kind of field and is the area of interest.

It is the combination of psychology from

  • Society
  • Behaviour
  • Mind
  • brain working
  • Health
  • cognitive development
  • positive psyche etc.

Scope & Career

Nowadays, there are many fields in which there is a huge demand for psychologists. Such as

  • Big industries where psychologists would tell about the possible outcome of the particular product in the public by calculating the statistics and doing the evaluation after conducting the research.
  • A sports psychologist, who maintains the health of the player by keeping them positive under the performance pressure and tells them about the techniques to keep good mental health to enhance their performance.
  • School counsellors, positive psychologists, researchers, teachers, professors etc. There are so many fields out of which a student can opt easily and pursue their dreams through that.

This is one of the most sought after medical courses without NEET. Some good universities and colleges demand the clearance of the test conducted by them and some select the students on the basis of the marks they have got from the 10+2 examination.

Biomedical Engineer (B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc)

Duration: 4 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB/M)

Colleges: Amity University, VIT Vellore, Karunya Institute of Technology and Science

This is the field where a student gets to know medical engineering. That means it is a combination of engineering and medicine. A student needs to learn the apparatus making, their usage, the physiology of the human body, its working and much more. It is a very vast field where the students get to learn so much of the human body and its applications.

The known areas in this field are Artificial organs, pharmaceutical drugs, kidney dialysis, surgical robots etc.

Scope & Career

  • It is the technical field and due to the increase in medical science, almost every field related to medical science required the expert.
  • This is a financially secured section where the student gets the chance to earn so many amounts of salary when being placed at a good firm.

A student needs to score the good marks in the secondary examination and after that many good universities require a student to clear the test conducted by them other than the NEET examination. Biomedical engineering is one of the great medical courses without NEET.

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Biotechnologist (B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB/M)

Colleges: Christ University, Jamia Millia Islamia, VIT Vellore, SRM Institute, Loyola College

This is a very good, budding and never-ending profession. In this profession, a person gets to know about medicinal drug making, gene studies of plants and animals, forensic science and technology, mapping and much more. In this field, a person gets involved with the vast area of research and its application. From making new drugs in medicine to growing the productivity of the crops, this field has proven its importance in this phase.

Scope & Career

  • A biotechnologist is always in demand due to the expansion of the new technical medicinal world.
  • A biotechnologist can earn a good amount and many governments and medicinal sectors demand a good biotechnologist.

A student can take admission as many known institutions provide these medical courses without NEET, after 10+2 examination for the medical stream students.

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Nutritionist (B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (Biology stream preferred)

Colleges: LPU, Manav Rachna University, Manipal University, Mount Carmel College

Nowadays people can see the change in the life schedule, their routine and the continuous pressure of hectic life. The changing environment also impacts our life so much and our body and mind both need good nutrition in a proper way to make ourselves stay healthy, sound and energetic. A good diet is much needed knowing our BMI and calculating it and a human should consume the type of food which suits their body so that they can lead a happy life. For this thing, a person has to gain so much knowledge about food, nutrition and the types of food and their impact on the body. A nutritionist is one who tells you about your health, body and diet. A good and elaborated study is required for this field and nutritionists can do that. It is another growing career option. Colleges take admission for such medical courses without NEET scores.

Scope & Career

  • A successful nutritionist can open their private clinic as well as they can practice with the government and the private firms.
  • Many schools and hospitals hire such nutritionists to maintain the diet.
  • Every government & private hospital must require nutritionist.
  • A nutritionist can get a good salary package and they can establish their own business as well.

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Microbiologist (B.Sc. in Microbiology)

Duration: 4 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB)

Colleges: University of Delhi, Panjab University, Amity University, Oxford College of Science

This is one of the very ancient professions in medical science. A student gets to learn about the microbes and their working and impact on the vast fields. Continuous demand for microbiologists is increasing across the world. They also develop the strategies to make the unfriendly microbes away and continuously improve crops, food, medicine etc. Even though MBBS courses include this subject in their curriculums, not much study revolves around this.

Scope & Career

  • Professions like food factory, beverage factory, medicines etc. the need for microbiologists are necessary so that they can make a good balance and use microbes for our own good.
  • A microbiologist can earn in lakhs and they are in huge demand and many professional combines hire them to develop good microbe friendly strategies to make the productivity of any human use item.

A student needs to obtain good marks in medical secondary examination in order to study this profession. Hence, many institutes take admissions in these medical courses without NEET for core study only on this subject.

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Cardiovascular Technologist (B.Sc in Cardiac Technology)

Duration: 4 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB)

Colleges: Christian Medical College, Manipal University

This profession is related to the heart and its working. In this profession, a student will study all the working of heart-related issues. A student will learn about the cath lab and all complex procedures like stent implants, defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers etc. It has further broad categories and the students can pursue different streams:-

  • cardiac sonography
  • vascular technology
  • invasive cardiology

Scope & Career

  • A student can hope for the bright future in terms of getting the scope and financial security.
  • The demand for cardiovascular technologists is really high in India and across the world.

A student can pursue this profession after opting for the medical stream having Biology, Physics and Chemistry as their major subjects. This course can be completed in 3 to 4 years and many good and prestigious colleges offer these types of courses. A student can be selected directly on the basis of the percentage that they’ve got in their secondary examination or either they need to crack some eligibility test conducted by the particular authority to study.

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Cytogeneticist (B.Sc. in Genetics/Biotech)

Duration: 3 years

Admission: 10+2 (PCB/M)

Colleges: Bangalore City College, Institute of Genetic Engineering, AIMS Institute Bangalore

It is the stream in medical science which makes the students study about the cells and their chromosomal structure and makeup. It is a very elaborated stream which includes the study of chromosomal behaviour, their importance in the particular location, the detection of any default gene in order to maintain the healthy gene working and to avoid any kind of deformity. It plays a really important part and this is quite the latest field which includes new technologies. The cytogenetic professional can maintain a good gene makeup and their structure in order to get a healthy life. This technology is very useful in increasing the productivity of the plant in order to produce disease-free crops and in the human body as well to eliminate any kind of defaulted gene to avoid further deformity and dysfunctioning of any part of the body.

Scope & Career

  • Cytogeneticist hire for Research work by various firms
  • They are required in the hospital laboratory for multiple works.

Occupational Therapist (B.Sc in Occupational Therapy, Diploma in Rehabilitation)

Duration: 4.5 years (or 1 year)

Admission: 10+2 (PCB)

Colleges: CMC Vellore, Manipal University, All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mumbai

This type of field includes the people who are indulging into the treatment of a physical, sensory and cognitive problem that happened to the people. The main work of the therapist is to treat the dysfunctioning of the people by implying the different techniques physically. The people engaged in this field helps the people to tackle the emotional, physical and psychological needs and the kind of problems they are facing in dealing with the social and the psychological aspects. These professionals help people to lead a healthy and sound life. The basic work involved in this field is to study the techniques and imply them for human good. Good financial security is provided to the students and it is the 4.5-year course which can be pursued by the student and many good educational institutes in India offer these types of courses. A student needs to have physics, chemistry and biology as their major subjects.

Scope & Career

  • Occupational Therapists can work in a school where they have to evaluate children’s abilities, recommend and provide therapy.
  • Along with this, Occupational Therapists are also required in Hospitals, Private Clinics and Health Centres, Rehabilitation Centres (Govt and Private) and NGOs.
  • Moreover, almost one-third of occupational therapists work part-time while earning a good amount of money.

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Few Other Medical Courses Without NEET

There are many professions other than these which a student can pursue and make their future in medical science. These types of careers can do wonders in student life and they can provide a good stable and prosperous future. None of the courses requires a student to take NEET exam. Given below are the professions, and medical courses without NEET-

S.No Profession Course Required
1. Dairy Farming 3 years bachelors programme in veterinary and animal husbandry
2. Clinical Research B.Sc or Diploma and certification courses.
3. Yoga Science Bachelors in yogic science and naturopathy
4. Toxicology BSc and MSc in toxicology
5. Nursing BSc in nursing
6. Agricultural Science BSc in agriculture science
7. Criminology and Forensics Bachelors in Science
8. Fisheries and AquaCulture Bachelors in Science
9. Food Technology B.Tech in Food Technology
10. Pharmacist Bachelors in Pharmacy

As we can conclude there are many professionals that a student can pursue by knowing their area of interest. They can surely get the success, fame and financial support when they pursue their career with great enthusiasm and passion. A good self-evaluation and self-realisation are important before pursuing any profession. Then devoting your time and energy and hard work is, of course, the essential key to getting success. So, opt for any profession and consume good content in order to clear the entrance test of any university and college. Strive for achieving the good marks in the secondary examination as well to deal with fewer hurdles in the life ahead and the process of getting admission becomes much easier through this. So, students need to explore the different professions and studies and opt whichever suited their interest.