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NEET Coaching Centres: Check How to Choose Coaching Center

NEET is a one way ticket to admission in most of the prestigious Indian medical colleges namely, AIIMS, Christian Medical College and so on. Approximately, 355 medical colleges and 125 dental colleges consider NEET scores for admissions. Hence, NEET exam is not to be taken lightly, as it requires more than enough determination and preparation to crack the exam and come out with commendable marks. Most of the students go with the motion of choosing the best NEET coaching centres for themselves so as to get external help to their insistent studying.

However, most of the classes or NEET Coaching Centres that students will go to are not always up to the mark and therefore can miserably hinder the progress and education of the student.

  • It is important, therefore, to a better class, one which is not only good but guarantees that you will go out of it learning something substantial.
  • A student needs to have a comprehensive guide on this topic, where the ones appearing for this exam knows which ones are the best NEET coaching centres not only around India, but also the ones in their areas.

NEET 2021 exam date is likely to be one of the dates from May 2021. As nothing is certain so before diving into the list of NEET Coaching Centres, let us first read more on NEET 2021 and the current scenario of the exam, especially during such trying times.

NEET 2021 – Everything you need to know

NEET is an entrance examination, especially designed for Indian students, who want to pursue undergraduate medical courses or even dental courses, i.e. MBBS and BDS in any of the Indian medical and dental colleges, whether it is a government or a private one.

List of Top NEET Coaching Centers in India

NEET Coaching Centers in Delhi
Aakash Institute Pace Coaching classes
YVS Institute Takshila Institute
Ahead Academy Competition Shepherd
Trump and Gates Indraprastha Institute
NEET Coaching Centers in Varanasi
Aakash Institutes R.S Tutorials
Career Point Mastermind Classes
Gurukul Academy
NEET Coaching Centers in Kolkata
Aakash Institute Elite Institute
Allen Academy Sahil Study Circle
NEET Coaching Centers in Hyderabad
Aakash Educational Services Ltd. Zims Tuitons
Venkat Reddy Medical Academy Vidya Prangan Educational Society
NEET Coaching Centers in Mumbai
Resonance Toppr
Allen Aakash Institute

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Best NEET Coaching Centres in India

Aspirants can go through the details of the following best NEET Coaching Centres in India:

Aakash Institute:

  • Aakash Institute first started in the year of 1988, founded by the talented J.C. Chaudhary, with the one and only goal of providing quality guidance with the help of coaching to those who aspire to become doctors (and engineers) by cracking the respective examinations.
  • They have been in this coaching scene for more than twenty-five years, meaning that they have experience of the same tenure in this field and therefore, have coached a lot of students till date.
  • A lot of their reliability and trustworthiness rests on the fact they came in the field when not all believed that external coaching is necessary to crack NEET 2021. They proved everyone wrong and therefore, is the best NEET coaching centre in this list and can increase the chances of your passing considerably well.
  • In fact, more than 1,50,000 students claim it to be one of the most amazing and best NEET coaching institutes in India, especially for the medical entrance coaching.

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Allen Career Institute:

  • Allen Career Institute makes sure that your career is on the right track.
  • One of the best NEET coaching centres around, it was established in the year 1988 by Sri Rajesh Maheshwari.
  • The students with whom he started with were just eight in number, but he was determined enough to start and he did.
  • Nowadays, more than 7.5 lakh students are taking admission and passing out with flying colors.
  • The institute has more than 28 years of experience in this field and can help you pass the NEET 2021 exam quite easily.
  • In fact, only around 54,235 students qualified for the NEET conducted in the year 2017; however, the low number of qualifications was not a problem, since most of the students turned out to be toppers that year – as they always seem to be, more often than not.
  • Be assured that you will not go wrong with Allen Career institute when it comes to cracking the NEET 2021 exam.

Rays Education

  • Rays Education provides coaching not only for Class XI as well as XII, but also for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, AIIMS, and obviously for NEET examination.
  • Rays Education has an amazing infrastructure with a capable faculty able to teach to the students perfectly.
  • Ray’s education strives to be the best in whatever they do and provide, including the separate doubt clearing classes every day and provision of getting these classes for the hostelers in their own hostel itself.
  • The coaching institute also is the owner of a public school – named Rays Public School –which is known for merging the regular school board syllabus with the competitive exam coaching.
  • A library – with more than 9000 books, primarily on Medical entrance exams – is provided to the Rays Education students, along with a cafeteria as well as a medical facility with sick rooms.

Motion Education:

  • Motion Education is well-known for its extensive and intelligent courses that they provide and the fun way that they coach the students for the competitive exams, primarily NEET.
  • Along with NEET, Motion Education also provides coaching for IIT-JEE, JEE Main as well as Advanced, along with AIIMS and NTSE examinations.
  • The teaching methods that they employ include the usual lecture, along with the inclusion of video lectures, eBooks, proper study material, mock papers as well as a comprehensive assessment approach, with providing solutions soon after.
  • This coaching center doesn’t see many students coming here, leading to a better student to teacher interaction and connection.
  • Students have left the coaching institute with perfect marks in NEET examination and proudly smiling faces.


  • Founded by R.K. Verma – an IIT Madras alumnus – in the year 2001, Resonance has been spewing out capable NEET students consistently for the past 19 years.
  • Verma opened the institute with the aim of establishing an amazingly skilled place where today’s talented students will be transformed and shaped into tomorrow’s successful individuals.
  • The institute has numerous study centers, including Bhopal, Chandrapur and Rajkot, to name just a few of the places.
  • The institute offers a whole lot of courses, including the much needed and important one, on NEET exams. Resonance believes in wholesome development of students, which means NEET students will definitely be getting wholesome educational support.
  • Anyway, as long as the success of NEET appearing students is concerned, more or less 3000 students qualified the NEET examination in the year 2017.

Career Point:

  • Career Point came into existence in 1993, put forth by Pramod Maheshwari.
  • This coaching institute came with the goal of providing education – and quality education at that –to the students who are preparing for the numerous competitive exams that are out there, including the NEET examination.
  • Career Point, in fact, has been one of the most dynamic and responsibly successful institutes to have been listed here.
  • It is the quality of the education that they provide that has been convincing students to choose them in place of others.
  • More than 25,000 students are known to pass from their coaching institute – with better grades – in the NEET exam.
  • They make sure that the students are not only just passing, but also have high ranks in the exam.

Narayana IIT Academy:

  • The Narayana IIT Academy is a beautiful addition to the list, having been in the game since the year 1979.
  • It is, in fact, one of the largest – and also one of the most preferred – coaching institutes in India, which makes sure that the students from all corners of the nation get equal opportunity for passing the NEET exam.
  • In fact, many of the NEET aspirants who learned from Narayana IIT Academy are almost always on the top hundred list.
  • What makes this institute great is the faculty, who are not just understanding and friendly to approach, but also experts and specialists in the subjects they teach respectively, not to forget the individual attention they bestow on the students while teaching. Students in this institute can benefit a lot for their NEET 2021 exam.

Elite Academy:

  • Elite Academy has been around as a prestigious coaching institute since the year 1988.
  • You can be assured about the academy’s reliability, since almost all of the students have given more or less positive reviews about the place.
  • Excellency is what Elite Academy strives for, and that is exactly what they achieve each year, when they coach the students for their NEET exam.
  • Along with the provision of the perfect faculty, there are also other things the Academy does to keep the students motivated to study.
  • Almost all of them who appear for NEET from this academy pass it with flying colors, which is made possible with the help and motivation of the faculty and the institution in itself.

Rao IIT Academy:

  • Rao IIT Academy started as a small academy, established by a Research Scientist and a Technocrat, DR. B.V. Rao, an excellent teacher.
  • The Academy has successfully created careers of hundreds and thousands of students, with the help of their comprehensive syllabus and unique teaching methods.
  • Though the name suggests it mainly focuses on IIT, the attention to medical and NEET examination preparation is better than anywhere else in the nation.
  • All of this is made possible by a team of skilled, talented and highly experienced faculty, who are not only expert in what they teach but are also fully dedicated to what they impart to the students.
  • The environment is as unique as it can get, as the students claim, with ample attention given to the students and their progress.

Pace IIT and Medical:

  1. Pace IIT and Medical was established in the year 1999, starting with just a bunch of students, with an extraordinary hope to make it on top.
  2. Within just a short span of time, the institute soared to success, providing best education for preparation of Engineering and more importantly, Medical entrance exams, including NEET.
  3. The vision that they carry is to be the best in the coaching field, churning out successful students so as to make them capable doctors in the future.
  4. A dynamic and versatile education system is what they provide, through which the Pace IIT and Medical ensure the students are getting the education and preparation tips they need to pass NEET exam. The students of this institute passing this exam easily is proof of that.
  5. The institute has actually become a students’ favorite, a preferred choice of them, as the claims of building a strong foundation in the medical field by this institute is perfectly true.

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How to know which Coaching Institute meets your expectation for NEET examination preparation?

There’s no one factor to check when fixing a coaching class, especially for NEET examination – in fact, there are more than just one. Given below are some of the few expectations a student should keep from his or her NEET Coaching Centres –

Demo Class

A demo class is the primary thing that coaching institutes conduct in order to tell new students about their institute and if possible, get them on board. If you know that any one of the coaching institutes (listed above) are conducting a demo class sooner rather than later, sign up for it as soon as possible. A demo class has the ability to tell you about not just the class, but also about the teaching style and NEET 2021 syllabus covering methods.

Flexibility and Reliability

If you go admit yourself in a class and later find out that they don’t cover up your missed syllabus, because you were absent for a few days due to your illness, would you be able to trust that NEET coaching institute? Your answer is definitely going to be no. When deciding an institute for your NEET 2021 preparation, check whether the classes would provide you a brush up lecture afterwards in case you miss any of the lectures, so that you don’t miss any topic or chapter, least of all an important one.

Traveling Distance

You have to find a NEET coaching institute that is not that farther from your house. It doesn’t make any sense if you get admission in a coaching institute which takes more than an hour to reach. You are going to surely be exhausted by the time you cross the traveling distance – is there any way you will be in the right state of mind to attend the class? Make sure, therefore, that the coaching institute is easily reachable from your place, so as to make it even more convenient.

Is it a big coaching institute or a small one?

Big or small NEET Coaching Centres are not on the basis of physical presence or the extent of popularity – it is more or less about the strength of the faculty. Often, in the smaller ones, only two to three faculties are present – and sometimes, even one or two – leading to causing a thorny problem if any one of them is not available or has taken a temporary leave. When it comes to bigger institutes, since they have a better strength of faculty, it doesn’t matter if someone is present or not.

Talking to seniors:

Talking to the students who are already studying there, or better yet, contacting the ex-students can get you a lot of intel on the NEET Coaching Centres, including the things you wouldn’t normally notice or hear. Since they have experienced their time in such coaching institutes, they would let you know whether you should go for this institute or not.

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NEET 2021 Online Coaching

NEET 2021 preparation can also be done at the comfort of our homes by using the facility of online coaching. It spares the aspirants from the extra efforts of travelling and saves time too. This facility also provides one-to-one learning experience. Students have access to an array of study material, practice papers and so on. Let us highlight the benefits of online coaching.

  • Live classes – Online classes give us the benefit of being in our own comfort zone and cut down a lot of travelling time and expenses. Online platform connects the student and teacher via computer, laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Qualified Tutors – NEET 2021 Online coaching removes the geographical limitations and helps the aspirants connect with qualified teachers from all over the country. Quality tutoring makes your NEET 2021 preparation more effective and helps you fetch higher scores.
  • Varied study modules: NEET 2021 Online coaching centers offer various options to the students. Ranging from crash course to as long as 2 years program, students can choose any module as per their preference.
  • Unlimited access to study material – Online coaching has one more perk. Students get the benefit of full-time access to all the notes, mock papers, practice papers, etc. Your NEET 2021 Revision plan becomes easier too. Everything is digitalized and can be opened with nothing but a click.

Tripura State Government’s Super 30 Programme

As per this scheme, the state of Tripura will sponsor the fee of 30 deserving students from both medical and engineering students. The candidates must have a family income of less than 30 lakhs. From among 20 SC students, 30 ST students and 50 general candidates, these NEET and JEE Main aspirants will be shortlisted.

  • The candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their board examination scores.
  • Candidates appearing for Class 12 examinations by Tripura Board will be eligible. Scores in the science stream will be taken into consideration.
  • Shortlisted candidates can study from any coaching institute as per their preference, in the nation.
  • The total amount that will be given away to each candidate is 2.40 lakhs a year, amounting t0 72 lakhs in total.

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What are the opportunities after passing the NEET 2021 Exam?

Post cracking the NEET 2021 exam, students get a varied number of courses to choose from in the medical field. We have tabulated a number of courses in the table below:

  • A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
  • P.T (Physiotherapy)
  • D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  • S.M.S (Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery)
  • Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
  • H.M.S (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
  • Optometrist and many more
  • B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
  • U.M.S (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery)

NEET is more than just a big deal; it is – for the students who have decided to become doctors in the future –the only way for them to realise their dream career. Once they have passed this prestigious exam, they have a lot of options, including going for Pharma, D.S.,B.B.S., Physiotherapy and a lot more. With the COVID-19 pandemic lying as an evil shadow on humanity, the doctors have achieved kind of a godlike status, as they are the only ones who can save us from any ailment, including this impending coronavirus. This national level NEET has, therefore, become more than crucial and consequently, so is the passing of this National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. One should take the decision prudently.