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Why NCERT Books are important for NEET Exam?

NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is a well-recognized and reputed entrance examination, conducted for providing admission into MBBS and BDS courses after class 12th. It is conducted by NTA(National Testing Agency) every year and this year it is scheduled to be held on May 3, 2020. In this article you will know Why NCERT Books are important for NEET Exam?There are a number of reasons that makes NEET a must-sit-for exam for MBBS/BDS aspirants. First of all, it prevents Private Medical Colleges and Deemed Universities from holding their own set of entrance test, which reduces the pressure on students to prepare for numerous entrance tests to get into a good medical college. As a NEET aspirant, you don’t have to worry about seat blocking scams and getting admission in a prestigious medical college totally depends on your NEET Score.

Now once you have made up your mind to sit for NEET, then the next question arises, ‘What study material to use to prepare for NEET Exam? Which books will help you ace the exam? What strategy should you follow?’ Here we have tried to answer your questions and help you secure a seat in a good medical college.

There are a numerous number of books available for NEET Preparation. But out of so many books available in the market and online study material, it can be really difficult to select the right study material. NCERT Books are really important for NEET preparation as more than 50% of the questions are from NCERT Books. So let us have a look on the importance of NCERT Books for NEET Exam.

Why NCERT Books are Important?

The basic eligibility to sit for NEET Exam is to successfully pass class 10th and 12th exam from science stream with Biology as a main subject. In class 12th NCERT Books are used for board preparation and it is very simple and easy to follow. Concepts are explained very simply and students find it a great book to clear all their basic concepts. Now, NCERT Books are also very helpful in cracking NEET Exam, it follows NCERT Books to design the question paper. Mentioned below are a few reasons as Why NCERT Books are important for NEET Exam.

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Clears the Basics and Gives Clarity

NCERT Books are written in lucid and simple language which is easy to understand for every student. These books are direct in their approach and no complicated language is used to confuse students and therefore it makes it easier for students to understand the technical aspects of topics easily.

Why NCERT Books are Important

Also NCERT Books are very good for clearing the basic concepts. Students who have a weak base in any subject should go through the NCERT Book and their basics strong. When these basic concepts are substantiated by proper practice from other practice books, concepts become clearer and stronger.

Direct Questions

Another great benefit of NCERT Books for your preparation is that NEET Authority follows NCERT Books for designing the question paper. So, the questions in the exam are either directly fetched from the book or follow a very similar pattern. Even the numerical based questions of all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) are influenced from NCERT Books.

Approximately 70-75% of the question paper comes from NCERT Books. The rest 20-25% of the questions, if your basics are clear and you have practiced enough, you will be easily able to attempt the remaining questions.

Diagram Based Questions

Biology’s NCERT book comprise of diagram based questions which are very helpful in understanding the subject and be in sync with the pattern of the exam. Out of 90 questions of Biology in NEET Exam, most of them are diagram based and hence, NCERT books come in handy while preparing for these types of question.

Further, NCERT books also have lot of flowcharts which helps students to effectively remember the biological processes, as it is well proven fact that remembering pictorial flowcharts is much easier than remembering a paragraph explaining the same thing. Therefore, diagram based questions of NCERT books are very helpful in understanding the subject easily.

The importance of NCERT Books can be understood well from the above facts, but NCERT Books are to be substantiated by some other practice books, if you want to score very well and get into the best medical college.

NCERT Books will sure clear you concept and make you well prepared to pass the exam, but with the increasing competition and fewer seats, you really have to be the best to study in the best college. So practicing questions is also a very important part of NEET Preparation. Mentioned below are some objective books, other than NCERT, that you should refer to for preparing for NEET Exam.


  • Objective Biology’ by Dinesh
  • Trueman’s Objective Biology
  • AIIMS Explorer by MTG publication
  • NEET 2020 Biology Guide – 5th Edition by Disha Publications


  • Physics for Medical Entrance Examinations by D.C Pandey published by Arihant Publications
  • Complete NEET Guide by MTG Editorial Board
  • NEET 2020 Physics Guide – 5th Edition by Disha Publications


  • Objective Chemistry (Volume 1 and 2) by Arihant Publications
  • Bull’s Eye Chemistry NEET 2020 Edition by Seema Saini & K.S. Saini
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

You can select any of these books for every subject to practice along with NCERT and you will be able to ace the exam with flying colors.

Preparation Strategy for NEET

While preparing for NEET, there are a few things that one must keep in mind. NEET is a very famous and important exam for all medical aspirants, so besides coaching, self studying is also very important part of preparing for NEET.

Students often struggle in preparing for both NEET as well as Class 12th Boards exam at the same time, as both are of equal importance. So preparing for both separately can be difficult. But if you keep your class 12th boards preparation the basis of your NEET preparation, then it will be much easier that way.

As NEET authority considers NCERT for designing the question paper, so undoubtedly, NCERT Books give an excellent head start for NEET Exam. However, besides NCERT Books, students are also advised to keep the following things in mind.

Make Educated Guess

As NEET is an objective type paper, your major focus should be on practicing MCQs. You can refer to above mentioned reference books that contain enough objective type questions. Learn to eliminate options and making an educated guess, as it can help you increase your overall score in NEET Exam.

There is a huge difference between ‘Guess’ and an ‘Educated Guess’. In Educated Guess, you are sure about the guess you made, which can be very helpful in elevating your score. So learn to make educated guesses, not guesses.

Practice makes you Perfect & Fast

Another very important thing to ace any exam is to know the exam pattern well. Therefore, besides going thoroughly through NCERT Books and clearing your concepts, one must also solve lots of previous year AIPMT & NEET sample papers to get a clearer picture and a complete idea of pattern, type and the way questions are framed in NEET Exam.

Make it a point to solve one paper every day after finishing your preparation as it will not only increase your familiarity with the questions but also increase your speed to attempt questions. Also take mock tests once in a week to keep a track of your preparation. Both past year toppers and coaching authority advice aspirants to first complete the topic from NCERT Book and then solve questions from past year question papers.

Go Beyond NCERT

Undoubtedly, NCERT is the best head start for NEET preparation. But in order to crack the truly elite ranks you would have to go beyond NCERT Test Books. First remember & understand thoroughly every page and topic and concept given in NCERT then refer to other books and solve questions.

If you are thorough with NCERT (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) Books of class 11th and 12th and solve previous year question papers, take mock test along with practice from reference books, your maximum preparation is done and you are good to go.

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