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Top 7 Tips for NEET 2020 Last Minute Preparation

With only a few days left for the country’s biggest medical entrance exam – NEET 2020, it is just the right time to take a look at some handy tips for last-minute preparation to make sure that all the efforts gone in the preparation until now get transformed into a strong performance on the day of the exam. Final days are not only about “the revisions and the mock tests” but are also accompanied by continuous anxiety. This article brings in some key tips specifically for NEET 2020 aspirants so that they stay fresh on the exam day and give an effective final push to the preparations.

One of the foremost things to understand is that you cannot start learning at this stage, but the careful use of this time can be instrumental in your overall performance in NEET 2020, as on revision you can create a firm grip over what you have studied. Also, most of the toppers suggest focusing on the weak areas, in the last days of the examination for improving their sectional and overall scores.

Practising questions, Revising Syllabus and Taking care of health should be the top priorities in the last weeks leading up to the exam so that the mind functions properly.

NEET 2020 to be held on 13th September 2020 in Pen and Paper based mode. Click here to check Answer Key

Don’t begin with new topics

Last few days should be spent on revising the topics and chapters done earlier, instead of starting a new topic from scratch. One can also spend time as felt appropriate on strengthening the weak but already studied areas instead of beginning with new chapters.

Speed and Accuracy at the same time

Speed and accuracy are the most important factors in any examination and as per the NEET Exam Pattern, you will get 180 questions. Out of these, you must attempt the exam questions in the provided time limit of 180 minutes, but the attempts that you make must be accurate. If you use guesswork and mark wrong answers, you have to pay by the means of negative marking of ‘-1’ for each wrong attempt

Therefore, when you practice previous papers or mocks test series, you must set a time limit for solving them. Make sure you must go for accurate attempts.

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Clear your doubts

In the last days, while studying if you face any doubt or query regarding any of the subjects, you must consult and clear your doubts with your teachers or friends, who have proper knowledge of the respective subject.

Getting all your doubts cleared is one of the important tips for NEET last-minute preparation because before entering the exam hall, you must not have any confusion left in your mind.

Revision is Must

The moment you realize that you are now remaining with not more than a week, you can sense that the rapidity at which the time goes on, has increased and made you feel anxious about NEET Syllabus you haven’t covered yet.

But, this is not the time to start a new topic and prepare it from scratch. Rather, you must concentrate on revising the notes that you have prepared at the time of preparation.

Avoid All Distractions

You have only a few days to be in the elite group, hence, you should plan and dedicate all your time for the preparations. Avoid all the distractions and get into your shell. Try to stick to your planned schedule and achieve all your daily tasks. Don’t go overboard or take the stress. Just try to complete each step completely at a time.

NCERT should be on Fingertips

NCERT is the official NEET textbook and it is important that aspirants should study from NCERT in order to obtain good marks in 12th board exams.

Counsellors claim that to clear NEET exam, NCERT textbooks should be thoroughly read and the problems raised at the end of each chapter in the textbook must also be solved.

Physics section consists mainly of numerical problems and numerical which need daily practice. Daily revisions and practice will help to improve pace & precision that play an extremely important role in entrance examinations such as NEET 2020. There are some reference books by which physics section can be prepared better.

Revise previous years’ Question Papers

It is extremely necessary and the best way to prepare aspirants for NEET. Meritorious scholars claim that when two different years of questions were compared, many subjects were more or less about the same topics with slight differences with how the questions were answered. It is a pattern that always succumbs to the question paper.

Based on previous years question papers will aid in test mocks while improving your accuracy and pace at the same time. Scholars will also be provided with some insight into the trend of the problem paper and the different problems that should be addressed in NEET 2020.