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7 Common Mistakes You Cannot Make In NEET 2020

NEET, by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is set to be conducted on September 13, 2020. The exam is rescheduled for the second time owing to the pandemic of COVID-19. The postponement has given more time to aspirants for NEET Preparations. The students can utilize this additional time and secure better scores in NEET 2020 Result. Read the following artice to stop yourself from making 7 common mistakes while preparing for NEET 2020.

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The fact that NEET is the only medical entrance exam for admissions to more than 66,000 MBBS and BDS seats across India, it one of the most competitive one as the competition raises the level of exam increases. In order to cope up with the level of exam, it is necessary to work smart during NEET preparations rather than working hard. However, there are mainly 7 common mistakes which the majority of the students make resulting in bringing their score down. Therefore, it becomes the first priority for each and every aspirant to be aware of these 7 common mistakes and work upon them.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET Preparations

7 common mistakes to avoid in NEET 2020 Preparations are listed as follows. You make these common mistakes unconsciously and hamper your preparations. Knowing about it will make you aware in the course of your study.

Preparing Without Schedule

Students often tend to ignore this strategy and go for random study which at last results in incomplete work. Having a proper schedule not only helps students to work in discipline but all improve their overall performance. Making a proper schedule i.e. distributing time with a proper understanding of high priority things helps students to invest time in a proper sense without leaving any portion of the syllabus for NEET.

Preferring Many Reference Books Over NCERT

While studying for a particular topic students tend to refer to too many books which at last lead to confusion of that topic. This mistake is often done by students going to coaching classes in spite knowing the fact that 80% to 90% is from NCERT Books. The NCERT books cover all topics clearly as per the Exam pattern and are a perfect guide for all students. However if one wants to use reference books with NCERT then instead of using 2-3 it is better to stick to only one reference book, this not only avoids the confusion but also helps in clearing a doubt much more efficiently.

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Not Giving Time For Self-study

This is the main reason behind a student’s selection. Yes, it’s difficult to get time for self-study after studying 5 to 6 hours in coaching centers and completing 2-3 hours of college. But self-study is as important as any of these. Studying a topic taught in coaching or college again by oneself helps to understand much more clearly and also boost up self-esteem and improves self-confidence. However the fact that there is only a 2% of coaching contribution in a student’s selection rest is what the student makes from self- study.

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No Self Analyzing Of Preparation

Self-analysis is the most powerful way of getting answers for all confusions and the best way to figure out the aspects which need to be improved. There are many students who escape self-analysis in the race of knowing more and more. It is necessary to keep in mind that only studying and not remembering anything will not help to score. Self-analyzing can be done in many ways but the best way is to solve sample papers and analyze the mistakes. Making a note of mistakes and working on them helps in not repeating the same mistakes again and again. Also practicing papers gives the analysis of the areas in which students have to work more.

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Not Focusing On High Weightage Chapters

In the race of completion of the vast syllabus students don’t realize the importance of certain chapters. As the same agency conducts exams, there are certain chapters that have higher weightage as compared to others. Higher weightage means more number of questions are asked from those chapters as compared to other chapters. While studying it is necessary to complete all chapters as at least one question will be asked from each. However, while revising it is necessary to make a proper sequence of important topics with higher weightage ones at the top and accordingly. So that the chances of losing marks gets minimized.

Not Preparing As Per The Exam Pattern

The NEET is an MCQ based exam. Therefore it becomes necessary to practice according to the NEET Exam Pattern. While filling the OMR sheets one should be aware of the question number and accordingly, the answer must be filled as once filled can’t be changed. Keeping a track of time and speed is a must in such competitive exams. All this comes with practice. There are many institutes providing mock tests and helping students in practicing well before exams. NTA also provides the facility by organizing mock tests all over India.

Not Taking Enough Breaks

Preparing for an exam such as NEET can put you under a lot of pressure. Stress-busters help in reducing the anxiety and stress level. Students tend to drown themselves in books, which actually has a negative impact on their NEET Preparations. Therefore, one must take sufficient breaks in between studying.

These are the 7 common mistakes that can be avoided by students while preparing for NEET and working on these mistakes will certainly help students to increase their score and overall performance.