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Read Expert Tips: How to attempt NEET exam in second time

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to crack the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test(NEET) in the first attempt but if we consider this from a different perspective, it can be stated that not everyone is fortunate enough to get a second chance in their life. For the people who are getting a second chance to appear for the NEET examination, they have adequate time as well as resources to cherish their preparation and they can reach their desired goal at this attempt. But one should understand that when they are opting for a second chance, they may be facing a large number of constraints these constraints may be the constant criticism by the family and friends, inability to grasp the new concepts and waste of resources. The candidates need to make sure that they need to overcome these barriers in order to attain success in their endeavors. Through this article you will know how to attempt NEET exam in second time. 

Expert tips to attempt NEET exam in second time

As mentioned earlier, a year gap is considered to be a waste of time and resources and this reflects the norms of our society. However, a candidates needs to focus only on their preparation as they have every required opportunity in hand which should be well utilized. The following expert tips can help the candidates to ease their critical situations:

  • Identification of the shortcomings

When it is the second time, it is easier in comparison to the first attempt because the candidate will now be able to identify their shortcomings. Luck factor does not work in competitive examinations, this is why one needs to focus on preparation. For all the second-time candidates, it is easier for them to analyze their own past performance in the NEET examination and according to that, they will be able to frame a new set of strategies for them. Also, the identification of the strengths as well as weaknesses is always recommended.

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  • Begin with a new zeal

Most of the candidates who are appearing for the second time in NEET examination, a trend has been noticed that they tend to gain negative energies from all possible aspects which lead to an anxiety whether they will be able to crack the exam in the second attempt or not. However, this should not be the approach. We need to realize that whatever happens in our life is for our well-being. A second attempt is a fresh start which is why the candidates should also begin their preparation with a new level of enthusiasm and zeal.

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  • Manage your time

According to the feedback received, it can be stated that most of the candidates are confused about how to go ahead with time management in their first attempt for NEET examination. This is because there are huge volumes of the syllabus and there are a lot of concepts which one need to grasp in order to crack the examination and often it has been observed that the candidates are unable to even make a basic timetable for their preparation.

However, the case is slightly different if we consider the repeaters. These are the set of people who are accustomed to the panic and stress of the NEET examination and they will now have an idea how to deal with the same. It is quite obvious that their approach towards time management will be more proficient than the freshers. The candidates can build their convenient timetable and they are well acquainted with the fact that how much they need to study in a single day to crack the examination.

  • Focus on the smart study

No one can deny the huge volumes of the syllabus which one needs to prepare for the NEET exam. Not only preparation, one needs to appear for multiple mock test also as this will the ultimate guide towards the evaluation of the performance of the particular candidate.

From the first attempt, one must have understood that smart study is required to secure a proper position in the All India Rank list. This is the major plus-point of the repeaters, they know the syllabus extraordinarily well and they have already realized that hard work is not enough to fulfill their dream.

  • Good study material

It has been observed that most of the freshers get confused about the study material they need to use. This is because there is no dearth of the study materials to prepare from and due to excessive competition in the market, they fail to identify the worthy one. The candidates who are attempting the examination for the second time, they must not face any difficulty as they are already habituated with this problem. This is why the repeaters will be able to gather all the worthy study materials and this is why no one can stop them from attaining their goal.

How to attempt NEET Exam in Second Time

  • Revise regularly

This is perhaps the common agenda for every examination. Practice is always necessary to improve and revision is the best way to ensure that. One needs to revise multiple numbers of times from various previous year question papers, sample mock test and much more. After each mock examination, the performance needs to be evaluated and according to that, the next strategy should be constructed. This is a fact that one does not have infinite time and within a fixed span of time, he/she needs to complete the preparation.

Considering the repeaters, this may be common that they will be facing issues such as boredom or other discouraging vibes from their surroundings but one needs to realize that they need to build their own life and career and in order to do that it is better to remain focused on a single goal that is cracking the NEET exam.

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