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NEET Preparation: Government appoints educators to help students

The Tamil Nadu government has established coaching centers for training talented NEET aspirants from the state. These coaching centers are free of cost for the selected students. The government is also administering the services provided at these coaching centers. Government appoints educators for NEET Preparation. It is ensured that only the educators available at these coaching centers are providing the best faculty services to the students getting trained.

Additionally, no out of the calendar holidays are allowed at these coaching centers, not even on Sundays. Then video conferencing services are also made available at these coaching centers for enabling remote-lectures on some topics by some expert faculty members.

The teachers of these coaching centers are given specialized training before start teaching there. They are also given special incentives and allowances by the government to encourage them in putting up their best efforts for preparing students for the NEET exam.

Special English medium classes are provided to the students who are not that proficient in understanding the Tamil language. Students are also provided free accommodation and free meals, so that they could concentrate completely on their studies.

Students appear very enthused for leveraging these golden services provided by the state government. Around 72,000 have already registered for just the 2,000 seats available at these 412 coaching centers for the next session of NEET preparation.

These training centers offer comprehensive one year, as well as short-term crash courses for the students depending on their requirement and availability at the specific coaching center. The NCERT syllabus is used as base for picking up questions of the NEET exam.

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So it was observed that the talented students from the Tamil Nadu state board were not able to crack it without joining expensive coaching institutions. Therefore, the primary idea behind establishment of these government-aided coaching centers was to groom such candidates who could not afford the fee of the expensive private coaching centers.

Government Appoints Educators to help Students

Earlier, K.A. Sengottiyan, the Education Minister of Tamil Nadu, had discussed with the Central Government to exempt the Tamil Nadu students from appearing in NEET for getting admissions to the MBBS and BDS courses at various medical institutions across India. The decision on that provision is still under discussion.

So for the time being, the state government has made all the required arrangements for training 2000 eligible students for the NEET exam. The Government hopes to increase this number with time.

Eligible candidates are required to clear a screening test to prove their eligibility as the selection criteria. Once selected, they are provided with all the required coaching and facilities for preparing for the NEET exam.

These coaching centers would definitely materialize the dreams of many students from poor economical background to becoming doctors. The fee of the most of the private coaching institutions for medical entrance examinations is out of reach for such aspirants.

Not every family is capable of paying such a big amount for sending their children to the coaching classes. This demoralizes the aspirations of many meritorious candidates who actually have the potential of proving their mettle, if provided with the opportunity.

Earlier, there used to be only two such coaching centers in Tamil Nadu, which were reserving some seats to provide free coaching to the aspirants of the NEET exam. The government has now tied-up with these two institutions, and also established 412 new coaching centers in Tamil Nadu for training students on the NEET syllabus.

The government has released a budget of INR 19.80 crores for the establishment of infrastructure and setup of these coaching centers. The screening test is supposed to be conducted through a video conferencing.

The coaching classes of some courses the selected candidates is arranged on the weekends, so that the studies of students appearing in the upcoming 12th class board exams are not affected. These coaching centers are administered by the Panchayat Unions.

Every coaching center has at least eight experienced Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs). The teachers from the central government, state government or private schools are screened before joining these coaching institutions for training the students for the NEET exam.

The teachers at these coaching centers currently cover the NEET syllabus only in the Tamil and English languages. There are provisions of adding up more languages to the course in future. These coaching centers are connected centrally for coordination and management.

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