Will NEET 2018 be tougher or easier – what is the prediction

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, commonly known as NEET, is the flagship medical entrance exam of the country. It is a mandatory exam for taking admission in MBBS/BDS courses throughout the country, except in AIIMS and JIPMER. More than 1 million candidates appear for this exam every year to a seat in the best medical institutes of the country.In this article you will get to know will NEET be tougher vs easier with last years? Read Paper Analysis for NEET 2018

NEET 2018 held successfully on May 06 in Pen and Paper based mode. Click here to check Answer Key

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Since it is such a big exam, there are always some speculations regarding the changes which can be expected, the difficulty level, examination pattern and many other things. As far as the difficulty level concerned NEET might be difficult from last two years, throw some surprise elements Candidates also tend to try to project some kind of expectations regarding the exam.

Will NEET 2018 be tougher vs easier

Making predictions is not always a very good thing but candidates must have the knowledge of past trends and recent happenings regarding the exam. Today, we bring you the answer to the question ‘Will NEET be tougher or easier when compared to previous year?, according to the past trends and latest happenings around the exam. So let us continue: –

NEET Trends

Before jumping on to what we can expect in NEET 2018, we must take a look how things are going to with NEET, at least for last two years. So let us analyze some past year NEET papers – NEET 2017, NEET 2016 2nd Phase and some others. Here we go: –

NEET 2017 attracted a lot of criticism from state government and many test takers.Debacles  include allegation of paper leak and varying  difficult level in idiomatic language.Keeping this setback in clear view CBSE is expected to take corrective measures.

Overall Difficulty Level

A general trend of increasing level of difficulty level has been seen in NEET papers. Although NEET paper is mostly of moderate level (easy-moderate, but more close to moderate) but NEET 2017 was a bit difficult than NEET 2016 (2nd Phase). However, NEET 2016 (1st Phase) can be ranked equal to NEET 2017 in terms of difficulty, while NEET 2015 was easier than all the papers that we have talked about so far.

This way, we can say that NEET is raising its difficulty level.

Sectional Difficulty

In NEET 2017, Zoology emerged as the most difficult section, much to candidates’ surprise. It was followed by Botany and Physics. The chemistry section was the easiest. The difficulty levels of sections varied quite considerably this year, although in general the difficulty level of all the section remains same.

In NEET 2016 2nd Phase, Botany was the toughest, with other three sections being quite close to each other in terms of difficulty.

Similarly in NEET 2016 1st Phase, Chemistry was the most difficult, with all other sections being very close to each other.

In 2015, none of the sections was on the tougher side. All of them were quite close to each other and of easy-moderate level.

Weightage of Class 11 and 12 syllabi

The weightage of syllabus of class 11 and 12 has remained more or less same in all NEET previous year papers. A ratio has been very close to the perfect ratio of 50:50.

The division of questions was exactly the same in NEET 2017 and NEET 2016 2nd phase, where the total number of questions is concerned. In both these papers, 88 questions came from Class 11 and 92 from Class 12.

Important topics

Well, on this front as well, not a lot of changes have been seen. The importance of topics has been dipping or rising by 2-3 percentage points, but the list of important topics has remained more or less the same.

In Physics, Mechanics remains the hot favorite of CBSE. Around 25% of the physics section has been covered by this topic in both the previous papers. The next two important ones are Electrodynamics and Modern Physics.

Talking about chemistry, the importance of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry has been close to perfect ratio of 1:1:1. Topic wise, Chemical Bonding has always remained the most important topics. The weightage of all other topics keeps on fluctuating slightly.

Between Botany and Zoology, the ratio has remained 50:40. In Botany, Ecology, Genetics and Plant Kingdom have remained important topics. In Zoology, there has not been any clear pattern, but Human Physiology, Animal Physiology, Bio-molecules and Bio-technology have been some of the important topics.

Examination Pattern

The pattern also has not gone through any change. NEET has been coming with 180 questions carrying 4 marks each. Number of sections has remained 3, with Physics and Chemistry carrying 45 questions each and Biology having 90 questions. The time allotted has 3 hours and all the questions have also been objective type.

Expectations NEET : What to expect in 2018?

NEET 2018 is going to be a crucial paper as some very important decisions have been taken regarding the exam. One important decision is that NEET will have exactly the same paper across all languages, which poses a slight uncertainty regarding the difficulty level of the exam.

Till now, no official news/notification has arrived regarding the examination pattern of paper. However, we expect that the examination pattern is going to remain the same. Now why we are saying this because probably it is the last year for CBSE to conduct NEET (no official news has arrived regarding this, but it almost looks certain that NTA is not yet ready to take over NEET), and from next year onwards, we can expect NTA to conduct this exam. Therefore, CBSE might just decide to keep it smooth for this year, and would allow NTA to introduce some changes next year.

Talking about the level of difficulty, we can expect the level to rise a bit. As the trend of difficulty level is like an upward sloping line, we can expect at least some rise in difficulty level, if not much. The decision of keeping same papers across the country can also contribute to this, as CBSE was criticized for making a difficult paper for regional languages last year. If the difficulty level falls, then it will be a real surprise for students.

Some experts also say that NEET 2018 might get conducted at some international centers as well. So far it has no international recognition, and CBSE also has not said anything regarding this.

Will NEET be tougher or easier this year, can only be known on the date of exam. However, by looking at the things that have happened in past years and this year, it seems quite inferable that NEET will be slightly tougher than last year’s paper. However, the very nature of these competitive exams is to surprise candidates every year. Whatever the paper is going to be, those who have studied deeply and consistently, will be able to go through it with flying colors.

Good Luck!