NEET 2017 Topper Tips to get success

Navdeep Singh, the topper of NEET 2017, secured the All India Rank (AIR) – 1 and Percentile – 99.999908 by scoring 697 out of 720 marks. He shared his Topper tips for the aspirants of NEET 2018.

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Navdeep shared very useful strategy that you can follow for cracking this prestigious entrance Exam. Eighteen-years old Navdeep scored full 180 by 180 in Physics, 175 by 180 in Chemistry, and 342 by 360 in Biology (Zoology + Botany). He took NEET coaching classes from the Helix Institute in Chandigarh.

Navdeep now aims to study at the Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) in Delhi. NEET 2018 exam will be held on May 6, 2018. With the limited time frame left, all the candidates must be working rigorously to prepare for the exam.

This article covers the various tips shared by Navdeep Singh that you can follow to score well in the NEET 2018 exam.

Topper Tips

When there are just few months left for the NEET 2018 exam, the candidates preparing for it must be on the toes. Many students might be worried about the correct strategy to be followed for the preparation of the entrance.

Navdeep relaxed such candidates by sharing various preparation tips of the NEET 2018 exam. The below listed headings discuss about such tips from Navdeep.

1- Formalize a Timetable

Navdeep shared that the aspirants must prepare a timetable based on their strength and capabilities, and strictly follow the same. Such a timetable may help them to stay focused on their goal while preparing for NEET.

Students should also divide time for each subject on a daily basis. They should also be open to modify their time table based on the requirement. While preparing the timetable, they must keep your strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

Navdeep suggested that students must not study for more than three hours at a stretch. It is important for them to take short breaks of 10-15 minutes in between. They should start the day’s study with Physics, as it requires a fresh mind.

While preparing for Chemistry syllabus, they should prepare notes and charts listing important reactions and conversion process in Organic Chemistry. In Biology, students should carefully study the diagrams to understand the labeling of the parts.
Topper tips

2- Pace-up Gradually

Navdeep shared that just bringing a set of good books will not make students clear the NEET exam. However, they will need to be very clear on the concepts explained therein.

Also, students should not just start studying the complex topics right at the beginning. Their fundamentals must be cleared before they move on. It is always good for to start from the NCERT books.

Students must note down their notes and important formulas. They must point out important topics from which maximum questions are asked and prepare those very well. Then only, they should move to the lesser important sections.

Students should also go through the online study material for NEET preparation. They can watch the online mock tests and study tips available on the various educational blogs.

3- Regular Practice and Revision

Navdeep clarifies that the preparation of the aspirants would not be as useful if they do not practice it regularly. Once their theoretical concepts are clear, they must practice as much questions as possible from each of the chapters to be perfect.

He also suggests to go through the NEET  previous years papers and sample papers. It is good to follow multiple books for covering as much problems as the students can. But, they should also avoid the reference of too much books.

4- Attempt Full Length Mock Test

Navdeep tells that it is very important for those preparing for NEET to attempt complete mock test once their syllabus is covered. It gives them an idea how to manage their time while attempting the real NEET 2018 exam.

The mock test taken on regular basis builds the confidence and stamina of the students for attending the real test. While going through the mock tests, students get a real feel and experience. They need to assess their score and see the improvements over the series of test.

5- Stay Away From Social Media

Navdeep told that during his preparation, he focused entirely on the NEET exam. He did not use WhatsApp or Facebook for 2 years. Navdeep feels that these modes just waste precious time of the students for no value.

Instead, students may go through other less indulging physical games for entertaining and relaxing their mind. For example, Navdeep used to play cricket in spare time during his preparation.

6- Keep Faith in Yourself

The most important tip that Navdeep shared is that students must keep faith in their self. He said that you would not be able to score without self-confidence, even when you have covered the entire syllabus.

All the best!