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How to prepare for NEET 2018?

The NEET exam will be conducted on May 6, 2018 for admissions into various medical and dental courses in the government and private medical institutions across India. Since there are only few months left, all the candidates must be working rigorously to prepare for the exam .You will get Preparation tips for NEET 2018.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) every year in the centralized manner in various cities across the country. It checks the basic eligibility of candidates aspiring to opt for an undergraduate course such as BDS and MBBS, or a postgraduate course such as MD and MS.


The level of NEET competition is very high. Over 11.5 lakhs students appear for NEET in 2017 for just 52,715 seats in 412 medical colleges across the country. You must prepare well to get a seat in one of the top medical colleges in India.

This article discusses about the various preparation strategies that you may follow for the preparation of NEET 2018 in the limited amount of time.

Some important Preparation tips for NEET 2018

  1. Make a time table and follow timely.
  2. Solve last year question paper.
  3. While studying focus on important questions and least questions according to exam approach.
  4. Keep practicing on topics.

Factors Affecting NEET 2018 Preparation

There are multiple factors that affects NEET preparation and may bring down the rank of candidates. The primary factor is that often students do not follow a rigorous time table for their preparation.

Many students tend to leave unprepared many important sections, which cover the maximum number of questions. Then students also do not go through the exam pattern before starting the preparation. Some students also leave class 11th syllabus for preparation even after knowing that the questions are picked from both class 11th and 12th syllabus.

Students also do not go through the mock tests that give them the idea and feel of the real exam. Many students rely too much only some specific books for their preparation. There are total 13,000 concepts in the NEET syllabus from which you must target to prepare well as many topics as possible.

Some students study hard throughout the year. But ignore to revise regularly before few months from the examination. The last minute revision confuses them and they do not make through their best in the exam.

Students also often ignore their health while preparation of entrance exams, which much not be done. They often mix-up their NEET timetable with class 12th studies, which should be managed separately.

Strategy for Preparing NEET 2018 in Limited Time Frame

There are just few months left for the NEET 2018. So you should follow some strategy for your preparation. Following are some tips that you may adopt to give your preparation a boost and improve your ranking in NEET 2018.

1. Formalize a Feasible Timetable

Students must prepare a feasible timetable based on their strength and capabilities, and strictly follow the same. Such a timetable may help you to stay focused on your goal while preparing for NEET. Note that you should divide time for each subject on a daily basis.

Since the syllabus comes from the study of entire two years, you keep in mind while organizing time distribution for various topics. However, you should also be open to modify your time table based on the requirement.

While preparing the timetable, you must keep your strengths and weaknesses into consideration. Then students should study for not more than three hours at a stretch. It is important for you to have short breaks of 10-15 minutes in between.

You should start the day’s study with Physics as it requires a fresh mind. While preparing for Chemistry, you should prepare notes and charts listing important reactions and conversion process in Organic Chemistry. In Biology, you should carefully study the diagrams to understand the labeling of the parts.

2. Start from Scratch

You should not just start studying the complex topics right at the beginning. Your fundamental must be cleared before you move on.

You must note down your notes and important formulas. Point out important chapters from which maximum questions are asked and prepare those very well, and then move to the lesser important sections.

You may also go through the online study material for NEET preparation. You can watch the online tutorials, mock tests and study tips available on the various educational blogs.

3. Regular Practice and Revision

Your preparation would not be as useful if you do not practice it regularly. Once your theoretical concepts are clear, you must practice as much questions as possible from each of the chapters to be perfect.

You should go through the NEET papers of the previous years and sample papers. It is good to follow multiple books for covering as much problems as you can, but you should also avoid the reference of too much books.

4. Attempt Full Length Mock Tests

It is very important for you to attempt complete mock tests once your syllabus is covered. It gives you an idea how to manage your time while attempting the real NEET 2018 exam.

The mock tests taken on regular basis builds your confidence and stamina for attending the real test. While going through the mock tests, you get a real feel and experience and analyze the test once it is over. You need to assess your score and see improvement over the series of tests.

5. Understand the Exam Pattern

While preparing for NEET, you must have a clear understanding of the exam pattern. This gives you a clear idea about how should you prepare for the exam.

NEET 2018 will be paper and pen based. Candidates will need to attempt 180 questions within the duration of 3 hours. The questions asked will be objective type and cover topics from four subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

Each of these subjects will be of 180 marks, so the whole exam will be of 720 marks. For every correct attempt, the candidates will be awarded four marks while one mark will be deducted for every incorrect attempt. The question paper will be in 8 languages that are Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Telugu and Marathi.

Well to conclude, you must be on your toes right from now for preparation of the NEET 2018 exam. It is suggested that apart from following the tips mentioned above for preparation of the NEET exam, you must also give little time to relax your mind through any mode that entertains you.

These may include listening to music and talking to your friends. But at the same time, do not over consume your time. All the best!