NEET Mock test-Practice here

With just few months left for the NEET 2018 exam, you must practice for  NEET mock test which is available offline or online both. The purpose of the mock test is to make you familiar with the layout or the user interface of the exam.

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It is likely that candidates who are appearing for NEET for the first time may get confused during the exam. It may also not clearly understand all the options which will be available during the exam. Therefore, to eliminate this confusion you can go through the free mock test available online that provide you an idea of the NEET exam pattern.

If you go through such NEET mock test, more chances that you may score better marks in the NEET 2018 exam. Most of the mock test available online contain high quality and latest pattern questions.

The NEET 2018 exam will be held on 6 May, 2018. This article covers the information related to the various free NEET mock test available online that you can practice for boosting your preparation.

NEET Free Online Mock Test

CBSE has not released any official mock test for NEET 2018. However, there are many websites and webpages that help you appear in some promotional free mock test for the preparation of NEET 2018.

Below is the list of such webpages that you can go through for attending various mock tests for NEET 2018. 

 1. Embibe NEET Mock Test

Embibe is a website that allows you to take NEET Mock Test for free. These mock test are formulated by experts after carefully study the NEET papers of the previous years.

No important topic from the NEET syllabus is left while developing these mock test to ensure that each of these are similar to the actual exam in all aspects. This makes you stronger in all the areas with time.

Web Link:
NEET mock test

2. Career Orbits Mock Test

Career Orbits ensures to boost up your scores with their online test series that contain only selected and important questions from the NEET pattern. It covers all the concepts of the NEET entrance standards.

These mock test allow you to take repeated practice for your weaker areas in which you score less marks. The website allows you to register for the free trial through which you can attend a series of mock test based on NEET without paying even a penny.

Web Link:

3. Gradeup Online Test Series for NEET

Gradeup test series for NEET 2018 are designed by the medical experts for delivering high quality and latest pattern questions on the NEET entrance. These mock test contains questions from the best books of Biology, Physics and Chemistry covering the whole syllabus of NEET.

Each mock test offer a complete package of full length and sectional part test. These free test available with detailed solutions, performance analysis and video report to improve your speed and accuracy.

You can login for attending absolutely free mock test of NEET test series pack for first few attempts. This would help you know your status of the exact performance and you may plan your preparation accordingly.

Web Link:

4. Allen NEET UG Mock Test

Allen institute for medical coaching offers leader online test series for the NEET-UG 2018 preparation of candidates. These mock tests are designed to help you to get familiar with the paper pattern and the type of questions that you may face in the actual exam.

In addition, the website real time testing and analysis will allow you to evaluate your performance with your competents across the country. The test series focus on the fact that no preparation is complete if the candidate does not evaluate performance on a regular basis.

Allen offers first few mock test absolutely free for the candidates registering on their site. You may try those for evaluating your current performance for the NEET 2018 exam.

Web Link:

5. NEET Pathshala Mock Test Series

NEET Pathshala offers over 300 mock test series for the NEET preparation from which first few are absolutely free for the new candidates who register. You can use those to maximize your chances of facing the NEET 2018 exam.

The mock test are full length and NEET syllabus chapter-based for each subject along with their explanations. They also cover the previous year’s NEET question papers and mock test based on those.

The NEET Pathshala mock test series contain more than 15,000 NEET questions based on the syllabus and pattern specific to NEET. These mock test use world-class performance tracking system to analyze your performance at the subject and chapter level.

Web Link:

NEET Exam Pattern

Before attending the mock test for NEET, you must have a clear understanding of the exam pattern along with the NEET syllabus. This gives you a clear idea about how should you prepare for the exam.

NEET 2018 will be paper and pen based. Candidates will need to attempt 180 questions within the duration of 3 hours. The questions asked will be objective type and cover topics from four subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

Each of these subjects will be of 180 marks, so the whole exam will be of 720 marks. For every correct attempt, the candidates will be awarded four marks while one mark will be deducted for every incorrect attempt. The question paper will be in 8 languages that are Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Telugu and Marathi.

This article must be useful to you if you were seeking information related to the NEET mock tests. In case you practice with full dedication, you will definitely crack the actual exam through the real paper on May 6, 2018.  

Wishing you all the great luck!