5 Preparation Tips to Strategies Biology Exam: NEET 2018

Now a days, various students takes’ a dream in his mind becoming a successfully Doctor. Every year lakhs of medical aspirants want to make their dreams come true by participating in NEET Exam. NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is conducted by the CBSE for admission to MBBS/BDS courses which is offered by the top medical and dental colleges across India. For getting admission in the top colleges is not possible by only cracking the exam but you also need to crack NEET Exam with good rank. Now you have only few months for preparation, it’s not happening by just late night preparation, it will be if you follow a proper strategies plan. Here we are listing 5 preparation tips to strategies biology exam.

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5 Preparation Tips to Strategies Biology Exam

Follow the Preparation Plan

Three type of questions exist in every exam:

  1. Easy Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Tough Level

Student need to prepare a proper plan for covering these all type of questions.

Must Follow the below given Topics

Candidates need to follow and attempt this type of questions:

Cell Structure, Photosynthesis, Biotechnology, Genetics, Plant Morphology, Evolution, Cellular Respiration

Prepare very Well

Candidates must go through these topics which will give you the chance to score very well.

Digestion & Absorption, Animal Reproduction and Development, Breathing & Exchange of gases, Ecology, Biological classification

Try to solve them if you have enough amount of time

The section contain: Animal Kingdom, Animal Tissues, Anatomy of Flowering Plants and Plant growth & development. This is only section where you need to prepare very well because it is time consuming where you have wasted your most of the time. From class 11th Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology, and Bio-molecules the given topics are too important.

Candidates need to go through with past year question papers for preparing very well these sections.
5 Preparation Tips
Genetics section covers lots of numerical questions so you need to practice a lot of questions. You should have good conceptual knowledge on Biotechnology and ecology.

To perform very well, Practice a Lot

The only thing fir achieving success in the numerical sections as well as understanding the basics of the topis is most important things. Candidates need to practice each and every single questions after competing the syllabus from the preparations.

When you finished your preparation, Candidates need to check their preparation. How can you calculate your preparation?

Candidates can solve a lot of previous year questions papers as well by attempting mock test which will be given by the CBSE in the official web site. By doing this you will get the complete information about you preparation. What are topics where you now strong and what are topics where you need to preparation.

Don’t try to prepare only one section for cracking NEET Exam candidates also need to prepare physics and chemistry very well.